Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are We Doing Any Good?...

I read a lot of stuff out here. It ranges from outstanding prose written by people that missed their calling and in another time could have been a Steinbeck, or a those of us who would find it difficult to sleep at night if we didn't just at least make an effort.

What I mean by making an effort,is to add your voice to the rising protest of talmudism and all the destruction it renders. For some reason people DO actually read the many efforts out here. Especially from the anti-zionist point of view. I think it is like sexual repression in a lot of ways. That which in polite company is not spoken of, becomes extraordinarily read. It is an unveiling of sorts. A stripping away of mental bondage to acceptance of the zionist propaganda.

However, aside from the conscience-clearing that it affords,it is not for the most part self gratification, but a celebration of knowing that what is wrong is wrong and stating it clearly. These writings are not a matter of scoring talking points, really. They are more the voice of the effort to preserve basic morality in the world. It is the voice we all want to find in ourselves, and yet we know that criticizing the "jew", has a negative connotation if it is not done in these back alleys of print. It is so easily seen as "hate". That is how they want it. And that is how it will remain, unless we define our terms and point out that the hatred is coming from them...not us.

It has always been thus. All revolutions begin with a pen.

I also read a lot of the MSM tripe. "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer".
"They" have a huge presence the forums, and the comment sections. Some call them trolls. Whatever you call them, they have an agenda. And they give it away by, as the Bard would have it "protesting too much".
When thoughtful people out there wish to make a comment on one of the MSM's slanted articles furthering THEIR agenda, and try to point out that perhaps the article isn't the final word on the subject and that there is room for another they come. Replete with their talking points, they assail even the most innocent of criticisms.
I don't much participate in those arguments. Even though a gazillion times more people would read my comments there than here in this little space of mine, it is pounding sand in a rat-hole. They have the home-court advantage and I refuse to fall into a trap in which hundreds of paid trolls spend 8 hours a day, blinding and derailing an issue to a point at which they feel they have won something if they can outlast an opponent.
They will lose in the long run. Reality speaks much louder than "talking points". True hatred is always visible.
A recent comment to my posts stated that "i will not hate them, but i will hate what they do". That is important. Not only was this reader able to ferret out what the hell I am talking about here, he stated it with clarity. We need more of this.

We are not the ones carrying rifles. We are not the ones poisoning the minds of, and killing children. We are not the ones frantically defending our despicable behaviour all over the world. We don't have to. We are defending common sense.

So are we doing any good? Yes. You cannot fail when you criticize murder and oppression. Good will out.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Three cheers for Timster: "Hip Hip, Oy Vey; Hip Hip, Oy Vey; Hip Hip, Oy Vey!"

Well said that man.

Love Light & Peace Brother.


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