Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is going to be another one of those rambling things. Just some observations that have been collecting like leaves in those little corners where the wind always whips them around. Every once in a while you have to rake them out or they pile up. Entropy...or something like that. With a couple punches to the groin, thrown in.

I don't normally take lyrics home with me. That is to say, outside of Lennon, lyrics to songs are just rhyming sounds to my ears. But a few times I have caught myself identifying with a phrase or couplet from a popular song and can't get it out of my head.

An old "Animals" song was one of these. "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood". I like that.

Someone once said that graveyards are filled with good intentions. I like that too. If these supine ex-people could speak would they tell tales of the Edgar Lee Masters variety? I think most would reproach themselves for what they didn't do in their few moments in this reality. I know I would, even though I am not in the marble orchard yet.
As I have stated here before, I am an embarrassment to my family because of this site. Ok. I don't mind. At some point after I am permanently planted, perhaps my views here will be vindicated. Or maybe they will come out with a new FDA approved wonder-drug that will alleviate the symptoms of my affliction, and my descendants will just tsk...tsk in their pity for the small notoriety that great-great-great grandfather achieved by way of his mental disease. Who knows.
All I know is that I can't feed that animal that is my base instincts...and retain any kind of self-respect. Popular culture pulls us to do just that. I happen to look beyond that culture for the perpetrators of such advertisement. And more often than not...well, you know who it is.

A lot of ink has been spilled recently about a pornographic video called "2 girls, 1 cup". Many are heralding it as the proverbial last straw in the moral decay of the West. I disagree.
I refuse to link this video(perhaps a little rebellion on my part), unlike so many other sites. I refuse to be part of the refuse that furthers it's message. Although apparently it is OK to do so. I don't understand that. But I don't understand a lot of things about the judaic "popular" culture.
Anyway, like I was saying...this video to me is not the last straw. Not by a long shot. Firstly, this cinemagraphic masterpiece has been around a long time. It is not the worst of it's phylum. It is merely typical of the jewish mentality that insists on publishing such anti-human garbage. Do you want to see what raising a child to hold nothing sacred, with no moral compass or regard for human dignity produces? Do you want to see what the outcome is of raising a child to believe that other human beings are it's purchased playthings? Do you want to see the inner jew? don't.

There are many videos on jewtube of people watching this film. Their reactions to it, somehow have become a subject of interest. Maybe that's a good thing. Watch a couple. Look into the clash. Look into the eyes of decent people as they witness all that is brought to our species by a "chosen" the span of a few minutes. There is usually only a flash of horror(and a struggle to keep their lunch down) on their collective countenance, replaced immediately with the laughter of embarrassment, which I have discussed earlier here, though few took note, I think.

This is what you bought. And this is only an up-tick on the graph depicting our decline. It will get much worse. For us...not them.

This film depicts the sordid details of the filth that is jewish. The clip was produced, directed and distributed by jews, as are most all of them in the pornographic/sick genre. There is no denying it, or need to in the eyes of those that understand the big picture. And yet, as absolutely sub-human as this display is, it cannot hope to compete with the same disregard with which the jewish war-machine slaughters millions of innocent humans ...but there are no jewtube "reaction" clips posted about that. Perhaps because there would be no laughter...and we all know what is on the screen.

If you care to live in this world that "they" have designed. If you care to participate like good little animals being kept for their pleasure, then you better get to like this sort of thing and get in touch with that "animal" in you...or you won't fair well in their world.

Don't let me be misunderstood.


Orpheus made them weep in Hades said...

Yeee that guy on the porch is getting punched in the nads! Never heard of this two girls thing but I couldn't tell ya any of todays vulture culture harlots and heroes. I'm so glad I'm not missing anything. Have heard of the big brouhaha over Larry Fishburnes daughter going porno. They said she had a bunch zits on her ass or something. Bwahaha enjoy the collapse get some laughter out of it if you can.

Timster said...

Orpheus...descending - That guy? I post a heretofore unpublished, exceptionally RARE photo of James Dean punching Rock Hudson in the nuts...That GUY?...hahaha
I'm talking to children here...

Thanks for the comment, anyways!

Orpheus Pt. II said...

Ima child of the 70s Timster. Try to keep my pop culture references at least back to the 40s. I didn't recognize Rock & J.D. that is rare! It must be from a movie set. Saw a page the other day that had pics of James' wrecked Porsche Spider it looked like a folded up soup can. He is still hip and cool and will be forever and is from Indiana! Keep on rockin' in the (formerly) free world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Timster, with you on the Lennon thing, but, think about this tune from Pink Floyd...... "Mother" fact, think about the whole album ( the wall) it sums everything up perfectly, we are all so paranoid about ourselves it is unbelievable,so unreal that sadly we are raised to question our own persona instead of questioning what is really happening around us. We do not see ourselves as the controllers of our own destiny, we see ourselves as the result of some other entities bidding. Pink Floyd again.....Dark side of the Moon....... Us and Them, how apt in this age we are in...... forward he cried from the rear, and the front rank died, and the general sat, and the lines on the map, moved from side to side (who is the general) The way I think is, If we only pass this way once, then nothing matters, but, if we return for a second innings, then, there is gonna be hell to pay, and pay they most certainly will. Lets be honest here, if they thought this life was all there was, they would not put so much effort into what they do, they know we are all gonna return, and quite frankly..... they are shitting themselves, because they know that ppl like yourself are gonna be their undoing, when that eventually transpires, we can all sing "Don't worry, be happy" That time is near Timster, very near.

Steve B

The Eagle flies at night said...

Great photo of the Rebel. Misunderstood. As to the rest, the degradations that class of people are determined to subject others to, and even more disgustingly, get enjoyment from it all is a condemnation in and of itself; and there is more, much more they are guilty of.

They have wrought great damage on the minds of the peoples wherever they have placed a foot.

Timster, if you suffer from some mental disease? I'm hoping they won't cure you. Just sayin...

Keep it rambling. & thanks.

Timster said...

Orpheus-haha...I'll try. Yeah, it's from Giant. He hated Rock. The little bastard got his though.

Timster said...

Steve - Thanks...Very well put!

Timster said...

Thanks Eagle...even if they do find a cure in my lifetime, I ain't takin it.