Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Are We Breeding?

I me old fashioned. I can't get these images out of my head.

And I am probably going to get some hate mail from the female portion of my readers, but...what kind of feminine animal is the world crafting.
I won't go into a Henry Makow rant about the "good old days" when women wore skirts and stayed at home to raise their babies. Really I am not a chauvinist...I don't think. Unless that definition includes one that once held the belief that women had more common sense than men. I always looked to women for grounding. You know the Jane Darwell type of female model that can always provide the big picture to us males. The character that sees things in perspective and allows for human frailty. I long for that female that is patient and not given to male endeavors of war and politics and are not swayed by the foolishness of men, but provide us with guidance through our journey here, be it mother, wife or daughter. How have we perverted that female human? Is she still here? Why is she no longer on our pedestals, but now seem to exist to do our bidding only,or mimic our male mindset of thinking no further than our stubborn noses?

Or did I dream this kind of woman?
It's pretty well accepted that the liberated woman is a touchy one. You can't point out for example that the ERA legislation was merely a khazarian stroke of genius to instantly double the tax-base. Or that even way back when...the Women's Temperance League and suffrage movement that brought about prohibition was merely jewish oil interests trying to outlaw home production of alcohol because it would compete with their fossil-fuel sales for autos. Or that it was perceived easier to impress a female voter with male candidates. This pulls the rug from under their imagined emancipation. And I can understand that. For eons, women have been used in one way or another by men. If they were not forced to play the "sexual object" role then they were coerced into emulating the male one. Pushed and pulled, often never seeing from where or from whom. I can understand their "touchiness". They must be constantly pissed off. I don't think I would want to be one.

Maybe I am making much ado about nothing. Maybe I place too much importance on the difference in the sexes. Maybe we aren't that different. That appears to be what the jewish media would have us believe. Perhaps women should be regarded as just smaller men. No smarter, no wiser... no more liberated. I dunno.


Anonymous said...

I think we are chemically altered in unforeseen ways that will have some very nasty outcomes for life and not just consumption either. Certain behavioral traits like the instinct to protect the young seem to be missing. How else do you explain stupid parents who let their kids go off to kill for strangers? What kind of cowardice is it in men who think its normal for women to fend for themselves while raising children alone while working for less pay in a Darwinian economy? Also emotions like compassion and shame have become virtually nonexistant.

Timster said...

hmmm...interesting thoughts. I feel a bit out of my depths with this subject. Guess I need a feminine pov.

Anonymous said...

yep thats what has happened round our way too,they all act like blokes..neil

Persephone_42 said...

I don't think you sound chauvinistic at all ... there does seem to be a disconnect. Gender lines are quickly vanishing. BUT it depends on who you ask, too. Personally, I am not offended by anything you have written in the post, but then I am biased ... and a bit odd. Unfortunately, the days of gender "characteristics" are fading quickly ... if not already gone ... and I am betting these same "lines" may be on the verge of completely reversing to some extent. It isn't that you are placing too much emphasis on the differences between the sexes, nor is your assessment off. I am beginning to think the media/commercial/societal "pitch" is a bit more devious than male/female or a blending of the gender line. Most people unwittingly aspire for the false persona ... ideals, essentially. And you know this. Your pedestal remains in tact ... it's just the females/ladies have been replaced with an Ideal; one which No Woman could possibly live up to ... hence the constantly pissed off mood ... with most. They seek too much to please others without once actually Looking at the reflection in the mirror. Seeking equality as a goal, they've Way overshot ... to the point that it is no longer a contest or destination. Upon emancipation's back is saddled a completely tattered relic known as common sense, identity, etc (which conveniently plays into Their hands anyhow) ... and unfortunately, the girls growing up now don't have a clue. Totally ill-prepared for the trip ahead. I would venture to say that the female readers who take offense to what you have written here are probably the same ones who strive
for the Ideal ... but then, I am not one to judge. Just a guess.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...If I were God at the time of Creation: I’d have one REALLY important decision to make - more important than all the others - creating the earth for humans and the other life-forms I created is akin to building a rabbit hutch - it has to be sturdy and water resistant, without drafts and easily maintained. No dramas there.

So, what’s the BIG deal?

Well, ensuring the longevity of my new creations is entirely dependent upon their own inherent ability to successfully procreate. Yesssss? (scratching my divine chin) The gestation of the foetus and the nurturing of the juvenile...mmmm?

What sort of creature do I create and entrust the mortal responsibility of gestating the foetus? The answer to that question is academic really – the creature most likely to see the period of gestation through successfully. This creature will have an ability to discern threats and counter them. This creature will be resourceful and diligent. This creature will also need the ability to nourish the new-born juvenile independently of external resources and a selfish desire to sustain its own life in order to protect the foetus.

This creature will be essentially cunning, patient and reasoned when exposed to stressful situations. This creature will be called the Mother,...mmmm? This Mother creature will be vulnerable when carrying the foetus as it gestates and also during the period of nurturing the juvenile. Ah!

I will create a creature to protect the mother, a ‘protector’: Mmmmm...this other creature will have to manifest character traits opposed to those of the Mother; this creature will need to express an inherent motivation to protect and provide for the mother and baby unselfishly. This ‘protector’ creature will be called the Father.

This Father creature will be expendable due to the necessity for self-sacrifice – Fight or Flee – the Father creature will fight; the Mother creature will flee with the off-spring to seek and remain patiently in a secure discreet hiding place until the danger passes.

Whew! So far so good...a little tweeking here and there and...

Now: Creatures - Go forth; shoo, go on, shoo, flyyyy be freeeee!

On the other hand: If I am a hook-nosed anti-creator bent on destroying this species: I need to contrive a situation between these two complimentary creatures that causes such an imbalance between roles and responsibilities that the resulting confusion and conflict compromises the probability of procreation and dramatically endangers the best case scenario for the survivability of the juvenile and hence - that species.

I need to cause chaos.


Timster said...

All outstanding viewpoints, and way beyond my grasp of the subject!

coletteonice said...

yes..and the phenomenon that these girls who have not even had their first sexual experience, profess themselves as bi sexual.. the ultimate fashion statement.yes i would say ...mission complete.bloody tragic!

save the males said...

WTF is going on in that first picture?! Maybe I don't want to know. Hey I'm not a chauvinist I support homosexuals when both chicks are hot. (hee hee)

Dublin Mick said...

The Rothschild Goldman Sachs criminal network has launched an attack on Lake Michigan.

Timster said...

Save the males, I think it's madonna frenching some woman...Hell, I dunno. It's all disgusting to me. Little girls see this? As Colletonice sez...mission accomplished.

Thanks for the link Mick...YIKES that is getting close to home!

aferrismoon said...

Try a video by CELTIC REBEL called 'DON'T GO WEST' PART 2

From JFK's assassination onwards has been a slow , inexorable push to effeminise men and masculinise men.

And they're starting younger and younger - case in point KICKASS! with its 11-yr old vengeful murderess HIT GIRL [??? Hit Girl ???]. Also LEON went down the path of sexualising sexually immature girls via relationships with assassins.

Also try LENON HONOR's viseos about DISNEY