Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salieri and McNews...

In my last article, I accuse the MSM of tailoring it's news-bites and slanting it's leads into them, to fit their agenda. What I have yet to mention, is that I do the same thing.

Everyone has an agenda. When political bloggers tell you that they have the facts of the case...whatever that case may be, they too wish to convince you to follow their line of thinking and use subtle and careful word placement in their prose to do just that. If they are good.

I am not. I use a blunt instrument, where true writers will use a scalpel. I bludgeon the reader with invective ranting and little of the true journalist's ethos of careful referencing and methodical manipulation. It is my view that either you get there with me( where ever I'm going in a piece) or you don't. And I will haul you over the side if you can't see the destination that I do. Some say these are merely two types of writing. I disagree. I am not a competent writer. But that doesn't mean that I cannot recognize the genius of truly gifted writers out here with which I align myself philosophically. I merely attempt to add my voice. It's more a "conscience" thing than one of false vanity.

If I had any even rudimentary public speaking abilities, I would be ranting on any stage that would allow me to tread it's boards. I don't. I have taken many classes in creative writing...back in the day. Enough that I can communicate somewhat effectively, but not eloquently. So scribbling is the thing. The fact that I will not be quoted, doesn't bother me in the least.

I can recognize genius. In that respect I feel much like Peter Schaffer's Salieri. If you have seen his story of Mozart's climb to modest fame(Amadeus), and his arch-enemy's adoration/jealousy in the person of Antonio Salieri, then you will understand how I feel when I read the treatments of that which I politically agree, written by genuinely talented authors.

Although "Amadeus" was highly fictional, it was a great story. It allows the audience to empathize with this character whose only dream is to be able to write music as beautifully as does his sworn enemy...Mozart.
The divergence to this scenario, for my that I don't curse those with the gift of writing, I curse the MSM for their utter destruction of such.

Journalism no longer lives in the mainstream. There are no more writers there that can separate fact from the opinion of those that pay them...editorializing or simple reportage. Both have become prostitution. It's much as if Mozart were made to write only the popular vaudeville in place of Don Giovanni.

With the jewish/zionist owned media, news and commentary has been reduced to bland chicken-McNugget fair. Tiny bits of slanted vaudeville with no content other than quick jabs of agenda-driven distraction. Over and over again, as Bernays prescribed.
This "journalism", this writing, will be remembered for what it is. Social more, no less. Authentic news and commentary that now resides here on the internet only, will be recorded as was Mozart, and it's followers will long outlive the missives of spinning whores that haunt the current media outlets.

I only hope to be a Salieri in this mix. One that writes merely in concert with the first chairs of this endeavour to take back the written word from our jewish masters and in so doing, help to defeat them.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion. I have no respect for the MSM. Not after 9/11, and not much before that.

Timster said...

you're welcome to it...such as it is.
Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

At some point everything you say can and will be used against you turning the 1st amendment on its ear.The internet is an intelligence gathering arm for the NSA which of course a wholly own subsidiary of the Rothschilds.Your ravings only indict you and you are no threat to their plans and dreams of genocide with your flouridated addled brain.

Timster said...

whew...that's a relief

Anonymous said...

timster nothing wrong with your writting abilities,keep up the good work..neil

Yo-semite Sam said...

Hey Timster,...On the money once again mate! After leaving the Army in the eighties I studied journalism (why did I bother? It's all scripted for ease of use nowadays).

I remember what a struggle it was to establish myself; submitting my freelance efforts to the only ‘Broad-Sheet’ in my home-town: I was not interested in the Tabloid medium. That Broad-sheet Newspaper no longer exists as a result of a merger with the local Tabloid; a merger sold to the community as an economical compromise to the alternative of losing the State’s flagship Newspaper due entirely to the financial travails of the “recession that we had to have” (quote Paul Keating Treasurer of the incumbent government of the day).

This merger was actually part and parcel of the dumbing-down and centralisation of editorial control of the Print-media world-wide. This ‘economical compromise’ manifested itself as a “Blob’-like consummation: Suffice it to say the former was not discernable amid the latter’s pages of cheese-cake smut, Sport reports – controversy on the playing field and Players wives reacting to allegations of infidelity and titbits of Big-screen celebrity rumour and innuendo. The international News page was never more than one or two pars devoted to plane crashes, bus crashes and train crashes and assorted natural disasters – floods and famines (if there were Australians on-board or in-situ).

I was there the day the sun went down on journalism and I have not seen it rise since. Murdoch’s preeminent tabloid take-over during the eighties was a coup détat: In place of the ethos of interesting and informative reportage based upon an objective analysis of the facts; the stock-in-trade of the Media has become politically engendered glossy heartlessness and shallow sentimentality.

If you haven’t already read it, you should find yourself a copy of ‘The Sebastopol Sketches’ by Lev Tolstoy: Arguably; the first example of genuine War-reporting. During a stormy short-lived career in mainstream journalism, seventeen years all-up, I was an accredited war-correspondent for 11 of those years and always aspired to essay-style feature writing – I achieved a modicum of personal success with this regard, unfortunately I was born too late to develop my craft and now I have been reduced to a Blogging with anger rather than passion. Woe is me.


An itinerant scribbler.

In Vino 'veritas'

anonymous won't hide your IP address said...

Haven't watched tv or read a birdcage lining corporate presstitute newspaper in years and am so much better for it. An internet killswitch won't be enough it is worldwide and like a fire. It probably was started for surveillance but has grown into something else.

Timster said...

veritas, Don't give up. Your better at than me! We need good writers...

Yes, I have read it.

Timster said...

won't hide,
There is always "deep web". Like hacking, there will always be a matter what switch they throw, I think.

Thanks again, Neil

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Thank you for those few kind words of support. 'Anonymous won't hide your IP address' - so true though I just wondered how it felt to have a false sense of security, being anonymous was fun for about six seconds. Also, I rather like the handle, heh heh heh.

Oh, by the by; orthodox jews in israhell teach the strict use of an inverted 'T' rather than the use a of the ‘+’ symbol because they refuse to acknowledge the symbol of Christ. How fucking anal can these child-molesters get?!

Hence: 2 'T' 2 = 4. In an orthodox school in israhell.

They also refer to our pagan ritual, known to us as Christ's mass (which was actually a missive, or dismissal of Christ at the culmination of a Mass), or Christmas; which they propagate for their profit as xmas, and for christian they write xtian - for the same reason they won't allow the use of the '+' symbol in mathematical equations.

They are nucking futs - all and sundry. Even those jews that fear the inevitable krissjun reprisal and admonish their own kind. Jews like Norman Finkelstein; whom I admire for his intelligent arguments and his tenacious courage.

It is a shame that the zio-nazis will precipitate the brutality and aggression that will soon break like a storm on the universal shores of all mankind and bring about unwarranted reprisals on Norman Finklestein and his ilk – I believe the world war that the zionazi yids are pushing for will result in their ultimate demise; not their goal of world domination.

Anyway if you are a jew and not given of the sense and compassion required to divorce yourself from the lumpen juden: Tough times ahead; better stock up on gefelte fish and matzos!