Monday, July 12, 2010

Just As You Knew it Would Happen...

Well, Roman is free. Yay! And what a surprise, right? Who would have thought that common decency would finally prevail in this decades-old persecution of the cinematic genius, Roman Polanski. Apparently, the Swiss have finally come to their senses and ended, once-and-for-all, the persecution of this brilliant man. Uh-huh.

It appears that in this gossipy mess that has drug on for what seems to be eons,all sides of the Roman Polanski/rape issue have been covered...over and over again. And all of Hollyweird and the jewish press have taken their sides on the topic(most on Polanski's side).

However, since he skedaddled, then paid his victim off and she has refused to be a party to his further prosecution, the item has been decided in the pages of the tabloids and not a court of law.

To me the case against the polish/jewish/director is very simple. He drugged, raped, sodomized and forced fellatio on a child. A serious crime in any society. When found guilty of these charges and awaiting sentencing and on bail, he illegally left the country and has been gone ever since.
There is no debate about the fact of the crime. There is no debate about his skipping bail and running. He is and was found guilty as charged.

He is a CRIMINAL folks. That is everyone's definition. There is no debate. Somehow, however, it is debated.

Some say that since the case is so old, and that he has had to live outside the US of Israel for so many years that he has been punished enough. Some say that is was a minor offense, and that there was no real victim. Some say that because of all the wonderful films(if you have never seen "Chinatown", his capstone film... do so...that will reveal this miscreant's mindset to you) that this man has directed, before and after the incident, that his contributions to society should outweigh any punishment that should be meted out for his crime. Some say that he suffered so much because of the Manson murders, that we should just leave this now, old man alone with his suffering.
ah...there's the right one...I think

oops...wrong jewish criminal
I say...bullshit. I also say that all the hoopla surrounding his case is nothing more or less than a publicity stunt to sell his image and his cheesy movies. His middle finger sticking up the ass of our judicial system is so typically jewish in nature as to make anyone with even the most rudimentary intelligence want to gag.

This is how far they, the ruling Khazars have come in our western society. If you think for one moment that any Gentile could pull off what he has accomplished, think again.

What boggles the mind though, is that when arrested, Mr. Polanski was reported to have stated to police(and I am paraphrasing here...the actual quote seems to have vanished), that everyone wants to fuck little the police want to...the judges that will try me want to...and the prosecutor that had me arrested. We all do, but when I actually do it, I am a criminal. you think that with that kind of attitude toward children, that he had ever done it before? Do you think that after being caught red-handed and discovering that with enough jewish money and connections that he could get away with child rape, that he would do it again? How many times do you think he performed this kind of thing on other children and wasn't caught...before and since? And what kind of highly popular message does this send? And this is all OK?

You goes a little deeper than tabloid headlines and how Woody Allen feels about it.

Good luck, Roman


Anonymous said...

yep sick ..neil

Rudy Rooster said...

I heard Woody Douchebag and Roman Puke Shitbag did some good work in movies. I'm still trying to find this good work. I'll let ya know if I find some cinematic masterpiece. (sound of crickets)

Timster said...

well, woody DOES do a great impression of Bob Hope. As a matter of fact, you might even call it theft. Other than that...get back to me will ya?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...nice shoot'n Tex. Further to that case I told you of some months ago, regarding the 21 year old yid molesting the little boy; the father then kicked his arse all over the garden and got sentenced to life imprisonment by a yid judge for the offence of “taking the law into his own hands being worse than the alleged sexual assault on the child”- Gone - no media coverage – no announced court dates; all gone, the police will not allow anyone near the family or the paedophile. It looks like the father will/is do/doing a long stretch for bashing the filthy jew that sexually assaulted his 11 year old boy. An informed source has also suggested that the yid child-molester has applied for ‘criminal injuries compensation’! I shall keep digging and let you know what I find.


veritas - in denial of the holocaust in a most aggressive anti-schlemitic manner.

Timster said...

Thanks. Keep digging and exposing the worms. You should have been a detective!