Friday, July 2, 2010

Do You Think This is a Game?

Do you think these people are kidding? Are you under the delusion that this is a two-dimensional screen where you blast as many bad guys as you can before all of your 'lives" are spent...then go have dinner?

Well, that's what I thought, way back when.

In the 60's it was kind of a fad to ruffle the establishment's feathers by talking about peace and love. At first. And I got caught up in it. But I learned quickly that it was not a game. The opposing side had weapons and they protected their profits like a lion protects it's cubs.

But that was then. This is now. It hasn't changed for me, but there is a newer generation doing the same thing we did, and are going to be taught some hard lessons.
I was talking to a fellow blogger the other day about my little "incident" at Heathrow. I was more or less joking about it to him and he seemed to have no control over his jaw-bone except to keep repeating "your kidding me!". "They actually did that to you?".
It was then that I saw the disconnect. And how some people out here, adding their voices to dissent appear to think that they are somehow guaranteed the right to do so. And that all they have to do to defeat the bad guy is to carry placards and scream on the net, and he will cower back into the dark corner from which he came. If only it was that simple.

The truth about having social conscience and standing up for others is that in some way, are gonna get the shit slapped out of you. It hit home with me when a cop, the size of a Buick, literally picked me up and "threw" me across Pennsylvania Avenue, face-first into a curb, during the Viet Nam moratorium in '69. I realized with much pain, the power of jewish money and how it is protected.

It was around that time I was just beginning to follow that money trail and do one of those twirls where you say to yourself " Wait a minute...this all ain't what is seems to be". I had jewish friends out their in the streets with me...but after the protest, they went home to their parent's cushy homes and I hobbled off to my one-room basement apt. Something wasn't right. It really began to dawn on me when one of my girl friends came out of a dark classroom in high school crying hysterically over a film that was compulsory for all seniors to view as part of a history class.

The film was "The Twisted Cross". It was one of the first attempts of the tribe to push their lying agenda on an unsuspecting vulnerable public. When I finally had to sit through that piece of garbage, it was like a light being turned on in my brain. The dots were there to connect. And over the years I have found that it was "they" that paid that cop.

The holocaust is a lie. That statement that I publish here(as it does the author of the linked article), makes me a wanted criminal in, what?...a dozen or more countries. Wanted for "inciting racial hatred". They protect their lies and they know who attempts to expose them.

So if you have any illusions of being anonymous here on the net or marching down your local streets protesting the interests of the tribe, forget them.
You are threatening their money/power interests. You will pay. Ask the parents of Rachel Corrie...ask Ernst Zundel, Fredrik Toben, the families of countless dead Palestinians and a slew of others that have tasted their lash. Then ask yourself if you want to live in their filthy world, and if you have the courage to reject it.

I have kept away from serious reprisals over the years to the point that at my age, I really don't care anymore. Bring it, I say. What are they going to do? Jail me? Piece of cake.


nice pants said...

You can be anonymous on the web by running a proxy server on a linux box. The gov has the CIPAV spyware though that no spyware detector can detect. At least not domestic spyware detector software. There are probably some users who still have no clue what an IP address is. I almost feel sorry for them. If i use anonymous as my nickname it means I'm hidden? Uhh no not really.

Timster said...

Yeah. I tried going "deep web" a few times...but the people there, are...I dunno...creepy. Not exactly the audience I want to reach...haha,

Oh...and nice pants btw!