Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blackmail, Aquiescence or Standing Your Ground...

I just read an article about how WASPs have lost their power in U.S. politics. It is commentary about an observation of Noah Feldman in the NYT concerning this subject and I will have to agree with it. The assessment...not the original jewish piece. In essence, if you don't want to read Kevin MacDonald's post(and you may miss the point of my post here if you don't),it is that Feldman indicates in his article that White Anglo-Saxon Protestants have willingly, as their religious convictions demand, given up their power structure in politics and the business world. He posits that this is inherent in their nature to relinquish their hold over, and representation of, a nation which is comprised mostly of WASPs. MacDonald disagrees...but I think, for several wrong reasons. I think this whole subject has little to do with a change in the western racial landscape...and should have NOTHING to do with "white" representation in government.

First, the original article's assertion isn't true. While Protestants and Catholics(i.e. Christians) have ruled in our government and courts with a majority until recently, it is not in the nature of any society or religion to hand over the reigns of rule to any minority...willingly. Nor is it in human nature. There is another force at work here.

It is the jewish influence in western society, that by having NO ethical willingness to defer any power withing their grasp, that has brought the Occident to the ruin we see today. Under the guise of supposedly balanced "multiculturalism" the jewish power structure has attained an unfair representation and rule.

Of course McDonald swings the white-patriot axe in his review of this jewish celebration of power. And of course, again I must disagree, and state that it has nothing to do with white rights or black rights...or rights at all. It has to do with and infestation of one teeny-tiny minority that assumes that ALL rights belong only to them.

So how did they, the jews, get to this point? It is in some part by applying guilt to the general public. Guilt about our long history of oppression, as WASPs in power in the west, on minorities. That is a very valuable tool in the hands of those that control the press, which they argument there. So we the loudest protester. However that tactic works in tandem with the blackmail which they also practice on our politicians. For the most part, anyone that strives to attain political power has a personality disorder to begin with. When they DO attain it, they are automatically beholden to those that put them there. That would be the jews that control the media and the monetary system. From that point on, it is a simple matter for the shadow-jew to dictate what this defective human will or will not do in office...which always lies upon the hebrew party lines.

That is the way it has been for many many years. But it is changing. These amoral vermin that have been pulling the strings of WASPs that they put in office, have now decided in their hubris, to "cut out the middlemen". THEY are going to rule directly, and you are going to like it.

This of course has been a slow process in the "get your government wholesale"...but it has arrived. With Kagen's imminent appointment to the Supreme Court, the ashkenazim have wiped out every WASPy looking and acting member of this, the highest court in the land and have a majority there now that will vote the way they want. This, along with literally filling the white house with their minions to the point that most official talking heads from that shitty building simply don't act, speak or even resemble the average WASP, is going to add fuel to the fire of discontent over jewish financial and war-mongering hi-jinx.

Without knowing it yet, the common western WASP is rebelling, and will continue to do so, against the jew himself. As lines are drawn in the sand and focus narrows, it will become more and more apparent that the true enemy of the west, the WASP and the entire world is these Khazarian descendants under the flag of Rothschild. We are ALL going to learn to stand our ground against this will become as natural as breathing...and just as life-sustaining.

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