Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Think Piece and a Little Math...

I always liked those words..."think piece". It's a journalist's label for an article that dissects a news event to show a deeper meaning. Maybe I like the phrase because when heard, not read, it can be "think peace". No, I am not going to wax all peacenik on you(I always hated that word...too jewish).

It's easy to be blinded by the speed at which things are happening recently. It's hard to keep track. To pick any one of them and try dissecting is like chasing lost currency in the immediately focus on the one-hundred dollar notes, trying to retrieve the most valuable and lose sight of all the 20s swirling around your feet. Perhaps that is the way "they" want it. While focusing on the Gulf debacle, the Senate just green-lighted their yiddish master's bid to bomb the shit out of Iran. While focusing on the lost cause of 9/11, the immigration issue got lost. Looking closely at a jew smearing a noble black woman, another filthy-rich, filthy jew buys his way out of punishment for raping dozens of children. While concentrating on an israhell-firster joining the Tea-Party, the UN is just beginning their under-publicized investigation into the slaughter that jews there orchestrated against "peaceniks".

As our heads are constantly being snapped this way and that, trying to keep up with all the stories swirling around us, it is difficult to focus on the breeze that carries them in their spirals. There are few out here that are grounded and locked into watching the wind currents, and not what is being blown around by them,vying for our attention.

I have found a formula that works for grounding me. Many out here have also found it, but like most truths, it isn't pretty. When I use this formula, as my HS chemistry teacher was wont to say, I just "chug and plug". It always resolves. The correct answer is always there. And it is always the same.

For those of you that hate math(myself being one) this is not necessarily about numbers. Although it can be. There are quite a few constants in the equation : "Cui bono", "Follow the money", "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", "The Merchant of Venice", "Blood Libel". And there are many more, but they are interchangeable and all have intrinsically the same value in the formula.
So when I hear that Norman Finkelstein said this or that, or a suicide bomber kills sixty innocent bystanders...I plug it in and keep chugging through the equation, to the answer. It always amazes me how this formula is flawless and always produces the same correct conclusion. And as you were taught to check your math by taking that answer and working always works.

That constant answer is always: JEWn where the value of JEW is zero and the power of same is seemingly infinite, assuming that all other elements remain static.
In another way of interpreting this answer, one could say that without resisting the actions of the jew, his power over the inert Gentile will increase ad infitum.

As I said however, this answer like most cold calculations, isn't necessarily pretty. No frills. That milk-of-human-kindness thing is absent. We don't want to think about it. So we are reticent to believe the equation's answer. Our natural abhorrence to classifying an entire group of people as being "evil" makes us reluctant to accept such a mathematically correct conclusion. We tend to use words like zionist and neo-con to divorce us from believing that one particular religion and culture could hold such a disgusting value system that we witness being foisted upon us. But numbers and constants don't lie. That is the fair of the hebrew in contention of these facts. They do indeed murder and rape children in their jews-only state and around the world. They are in fact the owners of the world media and that media lies in protection of them constantly.

So the simple equation produces another simple conclusion: IF IT IS IN THEIR MEDIA, IT BENEFITS THEM. QED

We have in our human history, used this simple calculation before. And we have acted on it's inevitable conclusion. There have been pogroms. There will be another. But the coming one may be the last. The jew has introduced another element to the formula recently and that is guilt. Guilt for the pogroms of the past, culminating in "political correctness". However, this value is being questioned as we speak and no matter what faux integers are thrown into the mix, we will return to the unforgiving nature of pure numbers...and think... and do the math.


Anonymous said...

In the great war to end all wars renamed in retrospect to WW1 beause it became an embarrassment to war mongers everywhere who could,nt get the job done, we have one Ernie Schicklegruber running messages along the trenches. Later after a stint in London doing god knows what he shows up in Vienna aka Adolf Hitler living a bohemian life painting postcards. Hmm Lee Harvey Oswald got shot live on TV Back when the news said Live at Five and it was.I also remember seeing a viet cong get his brains blown out live on TV so the dominos would,nt fall. I used to painstakingly set dominos up just for the fun of watching them fall.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Excellent.


Timster said...

Thanks...I didn't care for it myself.