Friday, July 9, 2010

And Furthermore...

Some people have asked me that of all people, why I would defend Mel Gibson. I would think that would be obvious...but...

I have an actual "research" piece in the offing(if I ever get it finished...research is a lot like work). It's subject is the "Rebels of Hollyood"" and it will attempt to cover all actors/directors that have rebelled against their jewish masters to practice their craft. And although the material for this subject is hard to uncover, what I have found in my diggings alone could fill several books.
From Errol Flynn to Mel Gibson...the list is huge. Many have bucked their restraints, only to find that public shame, injury and even death await them for their disobedience.
I am not about to sit here and tell you that I find Mel's entire body of work to be classic or even that much out of the ordinary. He is and always was a screen "pretty boy". Not much more. His foray into Shakespeare was laughable, and his "action" movies for the most part were masculine soap-operas(if there is such a thing...oh yeah..."The Godfather"...forgot that one).
If I was a Christian, I would sing the praises of "The passion of the Christ", for it was very well directed, and I have to admit that "Apocalypto" was one hell of a film in it's brilliant examination the human condition and exceptionally watchable.
But it is of course, Gibson's clear rejection of the jewish culture that draws my praise. He, like Brando, over the years has played the jew-hollyweird game. And with those faces, they both shot to the top(although Brando's unparalleled ability as an actor didn't do his career any harm). However, they both gained enough power to be able to publicly criticize their ashkanazi bosses, and live to tell the tale. That alone is worthy of praise.

You may say that the motion picture industry and all it's crap and hype is in essence, trivial and hardly a worthwhile battleground on which to fight the truly horrid behaviour of the jew in our world. I would tend to agree, but I would also note that it is the most popular arena in which to shed light on this hebrew animal and it's lack of decency. Everyone sees the slowly eroding ethics as portrayed in jewish-backed film since this, the "age of the jew" began in Occident some 75 years ago. I find it a highly visible means of pointing out the vile mindset of this tribe, and how they have directed the Gentile actors and directors, in front of and behind the lens.
I have also found in the research that I have completed so far, that it has always been the opinion of the jewish PTB in that town that "they create these stars and if they step out of line, they will destroy them". As if somehow these jews believe the actual PEOPLE are the parts they create for them to play on-screen, and therefore belong to them. So they can promote or destroy them as their copyrighted property.
And they have in countless cases. Without publishing my piece on this yet, I can tell you that from Errol Flynn's supposed rape of underage girls, to the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, Gentile actors have paid a dear price for their little rebellions.
And as you have no-doubt witnessed over the past few years, Mel Gibson is suffering the same phony indictments for his refusal to knuckle under to the hebrew hand.
Believe me, whether or not he is "guilty" of all this trivial crap of which they are accusing him, they will not rest until he is either dead, in prison....or both.


the last of the V8 interceptors said...

Bravo Mel! Middlefingers to all the Mel haters. I'm going to get out all 3 Mad Max dvds and watch them tonight! The only stinker was that ra-ra recruiting office crap of we were soldiers and that scene in one of the lethal weapon series where the chevy truck tears down the beachfront house. Oh well you have to suspend disbelief to enjoy movies. An industrial park nearby has the mad max car for sale! I must have it.

Mystic Beaver said...

Agreed, Timster. Mel is a big target, and he doesn't really need them to work, or have his movies sell. I am sure the lose sleep at night over him.

Timster said...

Yeah. Well, he may be an a-hole, or he may be being victimized. I don't know...and more importantly, I don't care. I am just sick of hearing about every word he says, as if it was news?
It's obvious that a LOT of jews have it in for this guy. He seems an easy target, he stepped on the wrong toes and he is going to go down...and we ALL have to watch it....even out here...hahaha.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Almost on the money re; Mel: His father is an authority on scriptural doctrine and a genuine member of the faithful, I have an email relationship with Gibson Snr. He is a good man and totally the apotheosis of defiance to the zionist NWO: That he is a catholic is incidental to his dedication to truth and justice, regardless of one’s personal opinions of religious dogma. I am not a catholic and neither are any of the ashkenazim eastern-europe born members of the apartheid knesset HEBREWS! Yet they are attacking Mel because of his father and the influence his father wields. I support Gibson Snr for his stalwart scriptural position which is anathema to the filthy yids and their deviant murderous aspirations. As an all consuming BLOB of hate and destruction; any field of the illicit endeavour of these filthy jew fuckers is fair game.

Fuck hollyweird!

I have recently taken a swipe at that fat child-molesting pig that owns Fashion TV. I think any shot in their general direction will help to foment the stress they should be made to operate under ALL THE TIME!

Excellent, keep up the pressure.


Timster said...

Yes, I read your piece. Very good.
So...without getting into "he-said, she-said" or wanting to become a gossip columnist...what is your take on Mel himself? Is this shit staged, as I suspect?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Having been through a messy divorce - I experienced a great deal of stage-managed arguments; most of them in public, cafes, friends dinner parties etc. I was even recorded screaming at and abusing my then wife – during an international Cricket series I was trying to settle-in to watch a Cricket match one night, when the shrew began sniping me from the kitchen, no amount of reasoning would salve this shrew from her antagonism – well after about an hour of her provocation, I blew up - she had a video camera rolling in the cupboard and the rest is history. (No-one ever saw more than three 2 minute grabs of that 67 minute tape - bitch).

That Mel has been entrapped is obvious to any man that has been the victim of staged conflicts.

'Entrapped' would be a more accurate term for Mel's predicament; to describe the shit we see in the jew media as 'staged' is however, appropriate.