Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, Why Didn't You SAY So!....

"That's the horse of a different color, that you've heard tell about"

It is now official. Ehud Barak and Benjamin Nutty-yahoo thought they were directing a movie! Is there no end
to this jewish irony?

According to several recent article
s and an interview with none-other-than the whiny "FINK" himself, (the biggest sell-out propaganda tool since Noam Chomp-skedaddle)...the two head jews in the israhelli government were under the impression that they were filming "Raid on Entebbe...part II" when they planned the bloody commando raid on unarmed civilians.

Well, that's DIFFERENT! Why didn't you SAY so! That makes it ok then.

I'm sure that all of us out here will und
erstand and condone an honest effort like this to bolster a sagging box office. If they had only known that this was a scripted movie plot, I am sure that the dead activists would have studied their lines or at least taken time to comb their hair. I guess they were going for that "documentary" style film with real action.

For those readers that have never seen the "first" Raid on Entebbe movie, it is a sorry-ass attempt at jewish propaganda depicting brave israeli soldiers overcoming the evil forces of ...yada...yada...
You get the picture. Well, it wasn't factual or entertaining. It was anothe
r hollyweird spin-treatment of one of the first false-flags in that shitty little country's short history.

It is now known that the commando attack on the Mavi Marmara
WAS indeed completely scripted and it has even been hinted that each commando had a list of particular people to kill. I don't know if that's true, but it is certainly modus operandi for these turds.
This news should add fuel to the fires of outrage around the world, as more and more people are disbelieving any jewish lying about anything they do.

This terrorist encampment inside Palestine is now being shown as living on a lunatic fringe where they see themselv
es as some sort of heroes in a major motion picture. The type they invented...with all the gore and staged heroics. The problem with this type of delusion, is that at some point...the movie ends. Hopefully without too much more bloodshed, we will hear the last swell of the sappy score and see the credits scrolling
up, ending "Israel"... a movie/country that never should have happened....


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..."Author, Author!" I guess you guys should lay a couple of 'Stars of Daoud' into the hollywierd side-walk...I hear an Academy Award is in the offing.


PG(Parental Guidence recommended)

Timster said...

thank heaven it's being panned by the critics...hey, WE are the critics! Two thumbs down!