Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Special Relationship...

As Robert Gibbs said..."we enjoy a special relationship with israel".

What is that syndrome where the victims grow to feel protective of their captors? Stockholm syndrome? Is that what he means?

Although Mr. Gibbs repeats the above phrase, as have all Washi
ngton politicians since Truman, ad nauseum, I don't know what it means. I guess I don't understand international politics very well.

When they say "we", to exactly whom are they referring? And what do the
y mean "enjoy"? See, I am dumber than a lug wrench when it comes to translating these highly technical and political terms. With lack of any guidance here I am just going to make a stab at this... When they say "we" they mean we the public of the United States. So "we" give israel 3 billion plus dollars of our tax money per year, and we get what in return? Trouble? We are seen in the eyes of the world as supporters of these...I hesitate to use the term, people. "We" are supposed to enjoy this then? This just doesn't make sense. We are not getting our money's worth the way these definitions play out.
We the people would be getting screwed royally.

Ok...let's try different ones then.

Let's say the "we" means politicians. I mean, they ARE the only ones that use that statement. So the "special relationship" could mean just about anything from kidnapper-victim, gunman-hostage, lovers, blackmailer-blackmail-ee or that special relationship you have with the cute little redhead that works down at the 7-11.

But for now, let's try on "gunman-hostage". That would fit. Israel has lots of big guns...we should know, we make them and they are our biggest customer(cue american
tax dollars).

That won't work either, because we are AMERICA. The most powerful nation on earth. We wouldn't cower in front of a shitty little state no bigger than Missouri. Especially the way these animals behave in the international community.

Or...or...maybe this is a "blackmail" scenario that we are talking about. Ok, so they "have" some
thing on our politicians. They know where the body is buried? And since politicians are known to take junkets(cue another cute little redhead) to that special land...that too would fit. I would certainly enjoy a vacation in a nice arid, sunny land with a cute little thing by my side.
The only problem with these cute little things, is that they usually come with cameras and recorders in tow. But I digress.

Or maybe they are somehow threatening them? Well then our leaders need to be rescued from this explosive situation...someone call the police! I'm sure our fine representatives didn't sign up for this when they decided to run for office. They were forcibly dragged into this criminal enterprise. Ya think?

Whatever the words mean,(maybe they refer to all of these scenarios) I
am sure of one thing. This is an "unhealthy" relationship.

I always like to gauge the common-sense questions that Helen Thomas has been firing at lying politicians for about a hundred years, with my own thoughts. If she asks a question, then it is probably one that everyone in the press "wished" they had the cahones to ask.

By all indications, she doesn't understand that phrase either. Maybe I ain't so stupid as I thunk.


Liz said...

Very well said...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,... This gibbs cat is real tosser; I wonder if he went to the same Strip Club that our Aussie PM Mr Potato Head went to? Just prior to become the PM elect I might add.



chuckyman said...

I think a good analogy would be that of an S & M session. The slave can whimper futile utterances and will receive a good whipping in return. Unfortunately the gimp also enjoys this part of the role.

Not my cup of tea, Timster. It would be great if, for a change, the whip was taken away by a disgusted bystander and shoved up their a$$ sideways.

Timster said...

Thanks. Oops again...someone's comment vanished as I was moderating. Sometimes I HATE technology! Shit...it was a good one too! any you folks that didn't get your comment published...please re-post it...

Anonymous said...

...Because Israel is Rothschild's own personal nuclear fascist thug genocidal demolition front country.
& Rothschild own over half the world's wealth. They designed the money system & control events by using their license to counterfeit money out of free air to bribe, blackmail, threaten, bankrupt, silence, scapegoat, maim, torture, aggress, & kill in order to keep control.
the blood of millions are on the hands of these people...

Timster said...

that about sums it up.