Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fear and The Silence...

After the murderous raid on the Freedom Flotilla, the world stood aghast. Then it took a quick breath and started shouting. Then(in case you weren't here on the planet)the spin started.
Then the silence. Silence in the MSM. Silence in the World News section of your local paper. Nothing now can be heard but the hum of the stories being wound around themselves
till even those that endured the raid are probably wondering at times, what really happened. There is very little footage or photographs to back up the stories of those attacked that night. The jews made sure of that. Most of the survivors agree on what they remember from being awakened at 2am to thugs with rifles. But their documentation of the incident is lost forever.
So, as in the aftermath of most israeli terror operations, the witnesses voices are muted until it sounds like a conversation coming from another room to which you are not a party. And israel goes on. The world goes on. Up to 16 humans murdered by state terrorism and they are going to get away with it. Again.

They are going to investigate the incident. Like "they" investigated the murder of Rachel Corrie. Like "they" investigated the USS Liberty. Like "they" investigated 9/ goes on and on as long as we let it.

We stand out here with our mouths open in disbelief, our throats sore from protest, and NOTHING has been done. I repeat... NOTHING.

Had this incident happened anywhere else in the world...even off the coast of "Gilligan's Island" would have been taken as an act of war. And dealt with on those terms. But when it is perpetrated by the jew
s in israhell.....nothing. Why?

What are we as a WORLD population afraid of? This tiny little country full of ego-maniacs? This shitty little terrorist encampment that could be taken out by two army divisions? Even we out here in the REAL world...are moving on. On to other stories of jewish fraud, murder, theft and lies.
What happened? This should have been the straw....we HAVE them. They did it. It is proven...fuck the spin, they are guilty as charged. Complete culpability. No hebrew plea-bargain. No house arrest. Everyone knows this. And yet...nothing. They are afraid.

I keep saying it here, and it seems few take note. It's really rather simple. The media.
As Gil Scot Heron noted many years ago: "The revolution will not be televised". Aside from the fact that that is true, let's understand this statement. Grass roots/real people have NO representation in the media. I wish people would get that through their skulls. If you see it on tee-vee or read it in the paper, it is NOT genuine. It is a LI
E. How many times does this have to be proven?

I have told everyone for years to turn off their media...turn off the only power that they have over you. They w
ill have you believing the most skewed view of reality that they wish to manufacture. No matter how many stories you watch from them in your living room or in a dark theater about the underdog fighting the system and is a is living vicariously. We need an injection of reality here...not reality tv.

They tell you day-in and day-out that the internet can't be trusted and is full of wing-nuts that are out of control. That is so true. These "nuts" are real people out of THEIR control. Can't you see that?
WE have the power here under our little fingers... we have the power in our un-media-ed little brains to REALLY fight the Rothschild monster. The trick is to "silence" him first. We have millions of hackers out there...stop hacking and spamming each other...hack the monster. We have millions of techies out there...stop working for the jew and start working against him... throw technological wrenches into his media. Shut it down.

Silence THEM...forever.

Before they silence us...

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