Monday, May 31, 2010

There Is Always a Price...

Along with many other rational people of the world, I am calling for international sanctions and a boycott of anything "israeli" due to their latest butchery. But I'll go it one further.

My call extends to boycotting and sanctioning ALL jewish people. Do not patronize them. Do not befriend them. Do not do business wi
th them. And for heaven's sake keep your children away from them.

Too harsh you say? I don't think so.

For every action there is a reaction. We all know this. The trick here is to make it a "measured" reaction. One that gets things done. One that does not sink to their level of violence.

When you sign up for a political philosophy...say, like zionism, you have to go all the way. You have to, as "Bibi" just stated "stand behind" the actions of that party.
Israhell is and always wanted to be a jew-only state. The latest massacre, along with their entire 60+ year history, proves that this is how they intend to achieve such a country...through violence. Therefore unless you "reject" all things jewish and are not aligned with their vision of such
a religious "democracy" for your people should pay the price.

If you as a jew, do not, however agree with killing unarmed civilians in the
ir sleep...then I think it's time to make a choice: Your religion(as secular as it is already), or your conscience. It's just that simple. Leave your jewish cult/religion and denounce all that it allows your politicos to do to decent human beings...or suffer the consequences of being ostracized from the rest of humanity.

I'll wait here while you decide...


Mystic Beaver said...

Got my vote. Boycott all of them, in all the businesses they are in.Remind politicians they will be outed and voted out too. On the strength of them associating with these monsters.

Timster said...

if only...