Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stew and The Minority Experience...

I guess the whole idea of fear and hatred of foreigners never really "took" on me.

It's a funny thing, the war/conflict business that has been around for thousands of years. It reminds me of the clothes fashion business. TPTB decide what is "in" this season, but more importantly what is "out".

In case you have had your head in a hole the past year or so, the burka is OUT. Hmmm...I wonder why that is? This is one of the few times when the fashion industry and the war industry seem to align like Virgo rising in the moon of Sagit
tarius or something. Since it is my contention that both businesses are of the kosher variety, that would make sense.

But of course it goes deeper than that.

In the 60's, as I am apt to menti
on ad-vomitorium, I was a freak. What most would remember as a "hippie". No, I am not going to drone on and on again about that chapter in my life. But an experience in the early stages of this personal choice to be outside the "establishment" while living IN the establishment, taught me something. In the first part of the "60's", teenagers having long hair and wearing bell-bottom jeans and sporting love-beads, stood out in middle America, like the proverbial injured digit. And that is a big part of what we wanted. Rebellion. It's what that time of life is all about. THUMP...THUMP..."DIE MOTHERFUCKER, DIE MOTHERFUCKER!! " You know all about that from the car next to you at the stop-light.

Well, I won't get into the value of any teenage rebellion here, but for the first time in my whiter-than-white existence , emerging from the "50's", I was discriminated against. Wow, I thought, "this is COOL!". "That waitress refuses to serve me because of the way I look!", I pondered. "So THIS is what it's like to be a minority". Well, it was only a mere taste, but I was getting the idea. And it kinda stuck with me over the years.

But I digress. The p
oint, is coming....hang in there.

Maybe it's time (things DO change, y'know) that all of us white-ass Americans see what it's like to be the minority. Y'think?

I read constantly that this is the fear of ALL red-blooded patriotic Americans. That white Americans are afraid that within the next generation, they are going to become a minority in their OWN country. Yeah? So what?

Think of the benefits. You can clamor for your "rights" without sounding like stupid rednecks. You can march on Washington without looking like spoiled children that have all the top jobs and suburban mortgages....a la "tea-partiers". You can even drag out that old "Don't Tread on Me" flag. Y'know, really GET INTO your own minority.

The world to me is a stew. I have learned more about the human condition from those of different cultures, than I could ever have learned staying in my white Euro-American pantry. But of course that is NOT what "they" want. They want to stir the pot. They want to agitate. They want to spread over their media that everyone should be PROUD of their heritage, skin color, background, or whatever. Be proud of those things about yourself that require no effort to attain. And once that pride is instilled in you...go out and FIGHT to keep it! Just another of their biggest. I think all this, at least American, multiculturalism that jews are engineering, is going to backfire...big time...and the only "culture" that is going to be found to be disgusting and worth fighting against is theirs.

But you know this...

Just sayin.


reenie said...

game on :)

Strawman said...

Was about to get all indignant about this one 'til the end in which I had to nod my head, "Yup!"

Timster said...

Thanks. I think it's important to know where this multicultural engineering is coming from. The thing the tribe is forgetting is that the various cultures that they are encouraging to relocate here are not sleepy white amerikans...and they WON'T be trifled with ain't in their "cultures" to do so. It's GOING to backfire.