Saturday, May 29, 2010

Narrower and Narrower...

I don't know about my reading audience, but my views and the sites that I visit are getting pretty skinny. Wasn't it some jewish comedienne that said "you can't be too rich or too thin"? I dunno, that sounds jewish. Maybe it was some Duchess or other. Anyway, my vision is narrowing seriously if not my waistline. I don't have the patience I used to have.

I used to read a lot more books and blogs/sites than I do now and when they would post an article or link with which I disagreed, I would say..."oh well, I'll overlook that", usually because the general content of the site appeared to be on what I would call the right track. But it doesn't take much to lose me as a reader anymore.

I remember my Aunt(that u
sed to encourage me to write) would periodically ask me if I was still reading this or that author, and when I answered that I wasn't, she would always tell me that it was a good thing that I investigated them for the time that I did...and more importantly.....moved on. It was her contention waaaay back then, that I would continue to do this. The only author she had come across in her lifetime of reading, to whom she would always return for "grounding"...was Shakespeare. At the time, I thought that was kind of a narrow view, even though I had a healthy respect for the Bard at an early age.

Now, in my...well, shall we say...declining years, I find that she was very right. Of course I still read constantly. But I will give an author less and less of a chance to prove themselves, before they lose me forever.

As I have state
d here many times before, I have this "jew-filter" thingy. It's horribly prejudicial and anti-semitic and unfair and reprehensible. It's like a growth in my brain that dictates to me that if I see the name cohen or goodman, or shitberg or shapiro, or any other common jewish name, before I listen/read a word they have to say, I look them up. If they are identifiably of the "tribe", I refuse to listen or read one word. I don't think I have missed's still all the same rubbish.

I know...I know, it's terrible. But "they" caused it. I have(as we all have)been on the receiving end of their bullshit for so many years of my life, that at some point, even with as little intelligence as I have, saw the "cry wolf" dynamic in their constant haranguing in the media...and said "ENOUGH". I can't take it anymore! Hence the natural occurr
ence of the "filter". It's automatic. It's retro-active. No grandfather clause. No statute of limitations.

So when more recently, I read this opinion, or that one...from otherwise intelligent gentiles that ground their opinions in something that a jew has said, I have begun to dismiss them as well. Sheesh...pretty soon all I will be reading is Shakespeare, Les Visible, Persephone42...and me. Pretty arrogant, eh?

Well, it's not that bad yet. But it is getting pretty point of view. It's as if I am increasingly looking for bigger crayons to draw bigger more simple pictures for people that are getting dumber and dumber by the minute. I blame the
stly television, for that. But that's not fair.

At least not fair in the sense that I have
n't actually sat down and watched a tv broadcast from a commercial network...for, what....25 years? Not that I don't have a general idea what is being produced on that thing. I get the message of that medium. But I want to be fair-minded.

I am going to force myself to look at the devil for an hour or so, to confirm my suspicions that this grotesque weapon in the hands of the ashkanazi is truly at the root of all evil in the world. I will take some Valium, or other calmative (so that I don't put my foot through the screen at any point) and see for myself what jewish cr
ap passes for entertainment and information.

This is going to take all the courage that I can muster. For who will look the Medusa in the eyes? Maybe I'll use a mirror. After all, I am no Perseus. And my eyesight is getting as narrow as my opinions.

I'll let you know how it works out. If I survive. I'm goin in!


Anonymous said...

I always have a read,good stuff,nice


Timster said...

Thanks Neil

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..right on the money mate, as usual. Like you, I only swing past the odd unknown Blog nowadays, generally because it is mentioned or listed on a site I have respect for. I too use the idiot box as a benchmarking tool, if an issue is getting fluffed on the box, it rates a certain point-score, ranging from "I knew it was shyte", to "that'd be right" - meaning; skewed, limited coverage bordering on lies, lies lies. At the point my meter reaches the latter indication, I have to switch off the box lest I hurl the nearest object whilst raging loud expletives.



Timster said...

your a better man than I. I can't make myself push the power button on the thing.