Monday, May 31, 2010

Mad Dog!!

I remember as a kid, that hydrophobic dogs were a lot more prevalent than they are today. Probably, thanks to preventative medicines.

It was one of those many childhood fears we all went through...that that mongrel that lived down the street in the house that's lawn was never mowed, would someday attack us, foaming at the mouth. This fear was reinforced by my having seen such suffering beasts a few times. Our parents and other authority figures dealt with these unfortunate animals the only way you can. They put them down. It was a shame, but the dogs were essentially dead before they were shot. And the responsible adult that stopped them, was committing an act of mercy...for the dog, and the community

I always rested assured that if the dogs could have communicated to us in their state of extreme aggressiveness, fear and pain, in some sane way...they would have begged us to do what we did. Stop them. This whole scenario was very well documented in Harper Lee's classic novel "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Late last night during the early hours of this, memorial day 2010...such a dog attacked, killed and wounded innocent people. That dog is israel. The world now MUST know what israHELL is all about. How many times does it take?

It seems that we had no equivalent "preventive medicines" for the hydrophobic terrorism of this violently ill cur that set up it's territory
in Palestine back in 1948.
We also appear to have no responsible adult figures to mercifully "put it down".
It has roamed the middle-east and most of the word, infecting this nation and that, with it's disease of fear and aggression. And no one will get the shotgun out. We pity this mongrel because it has been shunned by all civilized peoples of the world and our pity has allowed it to infect us all.

This dog begs to be stopped...and after each bite that it takes out of humanity, we turn our heads and run from it. Why? Because we were bitten by it ourselves, long ago. We are feeling the disease starting it's course through our own veins. We have yet to, even though there is still time, take the "cure".

When will we inoculate ourselves and the rest of the world community by putting this beast out of the world? When indeed.

I had purchased cement that went on that boat for rebuilding Palestine. Then came this mad-dog attack. I imagine that the cement will be used to build a new swimming pool for some Tel-Aviv organ thief or child-molester now.

The world needs to get the rifle out of the closet and protect its children from this insane animal...NOW!


chuckyman said...

Well said Timster. It’s a pity so many of our self appointed role models have already caught the same affliction.

Mystic Beaver said...

Where is Atticus Finch when we need him? Great reference Timster!! If Finch or someone with his character was in the White House, I wouldn't be writing this comment. Unfortunately, Finch lived in a writer's mind. There is no one in DC that would be worth searching the rubble for except to apply the coup de gras!! I think that's what happened in Poland!!

Timster said...

Thanks. I have been up all night with this thing. I don't even know what I'm typing anymore...I need a shower...

chuckyman said...

There are still 2 vessels left – The Irish ship, the MV Rachel Corrie and one other. I believe that they had been the object of Israhelli sabotage and that caused them to be lagging behind the main flotilla.

It would be a great development if the Turkish navy decided to tag along for safe keeping.

Either way, take a break Timster and catch a few hours sleep if you can.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Great piece, I forgot all about the cement bags, shit, I wonder if I've financed a jacuzzi in the settlements? I just want to see some arse-kicking, someone has to give these gollums a flogging.



Timster said...

oh...they will get theirs. You can take that to the bank...