Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's a Shame...

This is a one-time deal. To my regular readers, I must make an apology for a few "viruses" that I picked up lately. The remnants of which may still be lingering around the site. I am doing my best to "clean it up" since the infection.

When I posted the "This ain't TV" article a week or so ago, I had no idea that my request for more comments...good or bad...would open the door to such a vile infection.

I guess abuse would be the best word to describe these guys. It seems
to have been their mission to disrupt my site, with long hateful diatribes, biblical scripture quotation and insults.

Yes, I have do
ne the "unthinkable" and deleted some of this garbage from my posts. Accuse me of what you like(but not here), however, this is MY site, and I will impose moderation from now on. Kinda like a dictatorship. It's a shame that I have to do this, just after some of the comments coming through were so encouraging to my humble efforts here. Oh well, humans...we all know what stinkers they can be.

I often wondered why the "moderation" function is turned on at most of the best sites out here. I was naive...now I know.

So, in future...any SANE comments are welcome....however, I clearly need to reserve the right to decide their sanity. If you feel the urge to cure me or my readers of our evil ways by pontificating about your various religions...or are driven to insult and defame us all...take it somewhere else. It won't be published here. I am sure these "commenters" have been removed from other sites. I guess I should thank these guys for reinforcing my opinion that there ARE a lot of wing-nuts out here with nothing better to do(get a job, perhaps?). And to the rest of my visitors, my humble apologies for even giving these people the time of day. And please do not allow this to inhibit your rational commentary and discussion.

This type of disruption won't happen again. Sometimes people amaze me.


chuckyman said...

In a strange way Tim you’ve just made the big league. It’s a great way to tell when you have stepped on someone’s pet frog. It is a perverse form of negative feedback and it means you’re on the right track.

Well done mate (grin)

Mystic Beaver said...

Hi Timster......your site, write what you want, I'm behind you all the way.

Timster said...

kinda like "they only go after the one with the ball", eh?...
I hope you are right.
Thanks guys!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,.. The sayanim are back in our Mall. I never go to Malls other than to video these evil bastards; the factory these twats use to mix and package the sand and oil products belongs to a long since evicted Palestinian and is on stolen land, what isn't in Palestine, having changed the name of their Dead Sea sand bullshit from 'Seacret'(Mmmm?)to 'Jerico'(Mmmmer!). Their appearance always seems to coincide with heavy duty hacking and interference with working online. Perhaps you should hold your nose and check out your local Mall to see if there are any conscription age yids hocking crap from stalls. Aside: When I was a Foreign Correspondent living in Bangkok I met and fell in love with a beautiful Israeli girl - would preferably cut it off nowadays - we talked a lot about soldiering, I served in the Aussie Regular Army; it became apparent to me that she and her brother and his mate with whom she was traveling were still in the army, this would make an extended backpacking holiday in Asia highly unlikely were it not sponsored! They were all very very good with IT and demolitions lingo, truly it makes me shudder now knowing I was once close enough to strangle three of these murdering scumbags.

Your Blog is excellent BECAUSE it's your Blog and I for one support your judgment.



Timster said...

Thanks. Wow. Interesting stuff about your Israeli friend.