Monday, May 24, 2010

I Don't Get It...

We all know that in the U.S. there is "special justice" for "special people"...but this takes the cake.

This piece of human garbage(over there on the's hard to keep up with all of them, I know)
has gotten away with rape of over 30 underage girls. How did he do this? Reading this latest article has blinded me with legalize. I have never read so much legal mumbo-jumbo or seen so much judaic slight-of-hand in my life. I have been following this case kind of halfheartedly over the past year since he was escorted to his "prison" term. But this one even baffles me.

The billionaire ass-wipe somehow copped a deal with his jew-buddies on the bench and in city hall that, to the best I can figure out goes like this: If he plead (which he did) guilty to two of the most minor charges leveled against him, then he would not be prosecuted for all the others. All the other charges have to go through civil suits...which means he doesn't get any real punishment, he will just have to pay any awards. Well, that's fair. Money for rape. Kinda like prostitution. I rape 30 underage girls, I can get the same deal? SWEEEET! What?... I can't?... I have to be a billionaire?... What does that have to do with it?... I have to be jewish?... I knew there would be a catch. I don't want to rape anyone anyway.

Unlike Roman Polanski that stated "we all want to screw little girls", I'm going to have to disagree. I don't. Perhaps I had the wrong upbringing, but I find that a bit sick. Of course, Roman too will get away with the however many rapes he committed ...because of his bloodline.

These are just the high-profile cases. I shudder to think of all the rapes and murders of children that connected members of the tribe have committed that never came to court.

The list of such bar-mitzvah boys that bought their way out of disgusting misdeeds is endless.

And then there is this. This jewish judge is seeing the guidelines for sentencing those that view kiddie-porn, as too severe. Too severe? In his opinion, those(I wonder how many jewish ones)brought before him that have hard-drives fu
ll of children being raped, just need some counseling, not to be thrown in the slammer. It's his contention that these scum don't really keep this vile industry vibrant by demanding more and more of it. Huh? Perhaps His Honor understands something of which I am incapable? It must be a hebrew bagels or those silly-ass little curls they wear. But in my experience, anyone that defends an "industry", must somehow be a part of it.

So how long are we going to take this? Where and when will it all end? Where in HELL is the outrage? These are CHILDREN we are talking about here! Why do the American people not storm the houses of these gutter-rats and string them up? Why aren't the mothers of the children they abused leading the charge?

Money, it seems. The universal lubricant that salves all wounds. For now. But things are changing.

I envision a world where money buys nothing...where decent human values are the only currency. A world where vermin like this are relegated to the sewers in which they belong. It is coming.


76-water said...

"Where and when will it end?" That depends on when the Isreali regime gets exposed for what it is. The big lie or missconception of the (holahoax)becomes apparent. "Where is the outrage?" Thanks to our zionist controlled MSM, it will be minascule if at all. OH did I mention money, lots and lots of money.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..My colleagues and I are working with a support group for an aussie father who has been sentanced to Life in prison for beating the shit out of a 21 year old jew that sneaked into his son's bedroom and sexually assaulted him. The judge; in Brisbane, Queensland, stated that the act of assault was a case of "taking the law into his own hands, and so, far worse than the crime of sexual assault that preciptated the assault"! Guess which tribe the judge is a member of? Is that fucker reading from the babylonian talmudic law or the westminster system of law? What d'ya reckon?

Bring on the revolution now!

Fuck armageddon, let's just do it!


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,.. I've just noticed the bags of cement to re-build a home in Gaza. I filled in all my details a couple of days ago but I still haven't received any info or embed codes or links yet, how long does it take?



Timster said...


Well, mine was right away...but that was before the flotilla took off, so it might take some time now.

I'll join your support group. Give me a link. Always glad to slap the tribe.

Anonymous said...

amen to that.