Sunday, May 2, 2010


Interesting interview...although I am sure it was heavily edited...from Joni about the thief/fake Zimmerman. I have been saying this for years!~ And I love her take on Hendrix.


Mystic Beaver said...

HI Timster, me again, the Beaver. I read the article you posted and I did like the hell raising Joni Mitchell was doing. However, I did not know she was suffering from "Morgellons" disease. I don't know much about the disease itself, but I hope she gets better. Now, to the point, Joni said that Hendrix complained to her people wanted to see him burn his guitar after Monterey......well, she would be telling the truth, I remember seeing an interview with Hendrix long ago where he did say all the show tricks he did was not him, that he just wanted to stand there and play. The second time I saw him, that was what he splits, windmills,etc, and it did not matter. Ok, thanks for looking, I just wanted to back her story up!! SOrry I can't put up a reference!!

Timster said...

Thanks for the story. I am a witness. I saw him 5 times. He was more than any theatrics.

brianakira said...

This miserable sow Mitchell said that only Jews, Queers Woman and Black people should be allowed to make music, and that the reason "the music industry" is so bad today is because it's run by straight Whites.

1. That's not why.

2. It isn't run by "straight Whites"

3. Fuck her.

Timster said...

C'mon...don't mince words. Tell us how you really feel. Isn't that tirade a tad judgmental?

I posted it because 1. I have always lover her ORIGINAL music...and 2. Because she is one of the few that has outted "Dylan/Zimmerman". I don't particularly agree with her assessment of Janis, but I don't call her a "sow" because of it. I would have to ask that we keep the invectives down a bit?

brianakira said...

There's no such thing as "Morgellons Disease".

It's just a trendy catchall term for people who are (a) narcissistic and/or hypochondriac and/or attention-seeking; or (b) people with unexplained or inconsistent genuine skin problems, who are frustrated with unclear diagnoses and chronic problems, so they latch on to some "Internet self-diagnosed condition".

Mitchell clearly fits into the first category. A narcissist, an attention-seeker, a depressive personality, self-pitying, and with a life-time of drug-abuse that must be causing all sorts of dermatological anomalies, dis-functioning liver, etc.

Timster said...

I don't remember Joni being on my site.
Do you have anything positive to say? I have been accused of being arrogant in my life, but you take it to a whole new level. I suggest that you.1.Get a hobby. or 2. go somewhere that thinks that flaming everything and everyone is some sort of artform and where you can feel important?