Thursday, April 1, 2010

A suggestion...

The symbol to the left is a "copyleft". It is a play on the word "copyright" which as you know brings with it the concepts of "intellectual property", lawsuits and that whole slippery slope of ideas.

In this day and age of money-grubbing taught to us by the judaic...
this symbol placed on a piece of work, by the creator grants free reign for anyone to copy, alter and use his creation for the good of whomever wishes to use it. It is an actual "legal" symbol, and I think should be used MUCH more freely.

the idea of copyleft is to grant subjective libre freedom to users of otherwise copyrighted material.

I am not presumptuous enough to believe that anything I write or create on this site, is in any way shape or form, artistic. However, I hereby grant anyone to use anything here for any purpose they see fit. The symbol will remain clearly visible on my front page from now on.

I think all of us out here (save the Mikey Riveros and the Alex Jones' types that are - you guessed it-in it for a buck) the blogoshpere/alternative new-site arena should take to using this symbol on their pages to let everyone know that we have more noble purposes for our work than snitching for zionists or making a damned dollar.

I copy some ideas, images and news items from time-to-time, off of other valid alternative sites and later always worry whether I am about to be sued. Aren't we above all that?

I am ALL in favor of giving credit where credit is due, and always do, to the best of my abilities. However, this concept of copyleft protects us all in our common goals, I believe....AND it might be a bit of a litmus-test to apply to those sites that refuse to adhere to it's principles.

I think it is time for all of us out here to share the info and thinking that we have with one another freely, in a concerted effort to fight the same crowd that came up with the "copyRIGHT" idea.

Just a suggestion. Let me know what you think.


steve said...

Well said about mikey and alex(greed) who have tried my patience for the last time with their "antichrist" drivel,I never signed on to the jones site and deleted the rivero site yesterday when his constant spew of anti Creator nonsense overflowed my tolerance level.
Your "copyLEFT" trademark is pure genious and will become standard on all my future writings even though i have never profited monetary from any of my right verses wrong ramblings.

Timster said...

Thanks Steve. We're all in this together.

Dublin Mick said...

So far so good. I never link to those two either.

Some of these I fluffed up and some not.