Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Resisting Temptation...

Fear porn. What is it?

In this day and age when well-founded
fear saturates the everyday lives of many, in pockets of the world, the rest of humanity is preoccupied with the fear that they will be next.

This is of course a commodity...this fear. This pornographic base-metal is traded on the stock
exchanges and hoarded like precious gems. You can purchase most anything with it. It slips easily into your pocket...and can yield unbelievable interest. It beats hell out of any country's common currency. Everyone trades in it. Everyone "fears" it. Everyone also needs it...it seems.
As with common currencies, this sexual asset demands
demand. It will not brook recession in it's value. It needs you. You need it... you believe. And it is so gloriously tempting to fall prey to it's wiles. It calls to you with promises of vanity and adventure. It feeds on your most basic instincts. Like the drug that it is, it is controlling of it's junkie. It marches the young off in uniforms to kill. It makes placards and banners to carry. It sells products that are not needed or wanted. There are few that are immune to it's spell.

Those few, are of course the purveyors of these goods. They spend nigh
t and day churning out new models and accessories and upgrades for their dated horrors. They produce them out of thin air, so their profit is unimaginably huge. And we buy. We buy because it is a thrill that we need, to envision the worst that man can do to other men. We don't purchase these goods foolishly with a cavalier "pig-in-a-poke" attitude either. We demand to see samples beforehand. And those that trade in these atrocities are more than happy to show us what we will receive...especially if we balk at the transaction.

This of course is a simple and seedy busin

ess to be in. It would be more easily resisted if it was not for the franchising that goes on around it. Anyone can be a distributor. Sign up now...for your own outlet of hatred and death and misery. You can be an authorized agent for this corporation. You of course will sell a different model than the home office, but your version will guarantee to produce the same results...and in YOUR area. Tailor-made for your own clientele.

The new home-office of manufacturers of this sensual-fear mongering is now located in an otherwise peaceful nation that they acquired in a hostile corporate takeover, some 60 years ago with real currency and weapons supplied by their then latest acquisitions in the United States and Britain. But they guarantee the public that these relocations will not effect the quality of their brand as it has been perfected over the ages.

Are any of these fears well-grounded? Of course. As in any traded currency, it must have something backing it...or the illusion thereof. The more fear-porno the
manufacturers produce, the more true destruction and mayhem must be accomplished. The vacuum salesman brings his own bag of dirt to spread on your carpet, to sell you the method of cleaning it. It's ad infinitum, where the truth is lost and the market for these goods is confused with the samples of the goods themselves.

There are few that can resist these filthy temptations. These few that are celibate in their quest for truth are the fear-mongers worst nightmare. They do not have these products hidden between their mattresses. They don't buy the need for something they cannot fathom. They will refuse the franchise and continue to search for the nobility in humankind. They are aware, they are bright, they are awake and they are we.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,.. brilliant, another enigmatic crypt-tome, your work is always interesting and informative.



Timster said...

I don't know what that means....but thanks!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..Yeah, I made the word up, I figure if TPTB can manufacture terms like 'Islamist' I can combine cryptic and tome to suggest a cryptic story, it probably only works for for me, a bit like self-medicating; justaposing words for experiment sake is a precarious endeavour at best.

Namanatha or Maraste (grin, that's Nameste and Maranatha, Whatha?!)


Timster said...

hahaha...I like it!