Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Buddha and The Jews...

The wife likes to watch PBS every once in a while, so she'll record a program and watch it after dinner...preferably without me in the room.

Last night I came downstairs and she was watching a documentary on Buddhism and the life of the Buddha. Kind of innocuous, I suppose...on the surface. So I wander in and sit down to spend a few minutes looking at the tube because Buddhism interests me. I met the Dalai Lama a few years ago.

It wasn't through some pilgrimage that I had pl
anned or anything. And I didn't just happen to run across him at a mall.

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center. They were holding a "chantra" against the war. I says "ok". So, during a break in the prayers( I LOVE the throat-singing, which is mainly why I went in the first place) held in a huge air-conditioned tent, I go outside to stand in line right behind His Holiness, at the porta-potty. I know, I know...not a very ceremonious location to meet the top man in the entire Buddhist religion. Kinda like meeting the Pope in a whore-house. But it certainly afforded a very "human" backdrop to the meeting.

He was an affable fellow. So was his brother who was standing on line next to us. They both smiled and laughed a lot. I liked that.

Anyway, I am watching this documentary, and every minute or so the film goes to a talking head to explain what we just saw, because we don't have enough intelligence to figure that out. They even went to the extreme of subtitling the Dalai Lama, when he speaks English perfectly well. I have always said that PBS is for those with I.Q's ABOVE 100...but not to exceed 110 or so...and regular network tv is for the rest.

First, a wester
n-looking woman starts talking about the all-enthralling importance of the Buddha...and I happen to notice her name posted below her head...and you guessed it...a jewish one. Ok. No biggie. After all, they own the network. The next jabbering face we see is an effeminate gentleman with tiny glasses, a huge nose and curly dark hair, explaining some shit in the whiniest, most annoying voice imaginable. Of course the named flashed below his huge mug, was cohen or epstein or some such ashkanazi moniker.

I am quickly reminded of why, firstly, I don't ever watch television(what the hell could these western jews possibly tell me about Buddhism that a Tibetan couldn't impart with MUCH more authority?), AND secondly, why I never watch television around the wife.
Almost involuntarily, I raised a rather rude invective along the lines I mentioned, and was told in no uncertain terms to hush.

She, of course understands my point of view about jewish ownership of the media, but she was applying a "filter", to enjoy what she had tuned in to see, as one has to do in such instances. Regardless of the subject matter, what you are going to see in the MSM in amerika, is from a hebrew POV. Or you are going to have to endure them, whether you like it or not, as the authorities on all subjects, while genuine authority is minimalized or excluded altogether.

It's such a shame, really. Not that the program in question was in anyway slanted...just kind of McBuddhism. If you want to learn about anything in this day and age, you have to use the ancient technology of "reading". We have this potentially wonderful teaching tool in television and it is totally wasted. Wasted by the jews that own it, programming to the lowest common denominator to make a fucking dollar. It breaks the heart.

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Saint said...

The Dalai Lama is a High Masonic globalist.

He himself promotes the "McBudhhism" you decry.