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I am beginning to question whether or not my focus is too narrow here. Or whether I am being too arrogant about my views on the judaic. Or indeed, whether I am being clear about what I believe.

I also wonder at times if I am the only one that sees this "age of the jew" quite like I do. From comments and mail that I get, it would seem that there is a much larger readership out there than I had thought, that have some pretty wacko ideas. Those are of course th
e ones that categorize the jewish crime syndicate right alongside their other pet-peeves and prejudices, as if this is just another "race" to hate. I have to say again, that I am not about that. And although I hesitate to make to make this appear to be only about "me" ...

Let me make it simple again and for the last time(I hope):

Jews are not a race. They are simply Caucasians that have been raised to believe that they are better than all others, by virtue of their bloodline and disgusting religion.

Jews are not "inherently" anything but human. Good or bad. The way they have been raised(as it is with ANYONE) is the only thing that sets them apart. And far apart they are. I hold that this world that we see around us and all it's insanity is due, for the most part, to this horrible cult and it's followers.

I do NOT hate anyone because of what they are. I hate what people DO. I believe that is allowed under the new hate sanctions? If a jew, by way of being reared in an amoral home, then believes that they are not accountable for their actions to anyone but their own, then I co
ndemn that, and them.

I have no other "hatred" for any group of humans...that I can think of. I am not a racist. I do not believe that because of the color of my skin, or my religion,(or lack thereof) or my background...that I am any better or worse than anyone else on this rock. As a matter of fact...

I am of the school of thought that there is no such THING as "race"...which was a philosophy put forth a few decades ago, and has seemed to vanish in this age of wa
rs and prejudice.

In my view, there is very little to complain about in this world...or at least nothing that can't be fixed...outside of the hebrew influence that we all see infecting most nations. I am very much in agreement with Henry Ford's observation th
at "if you corral 50 of the world's wealthiest jews, there will be no wars". If he understood that, 80 years ago, and was essentially "forced" to capitulate his statements to that effect, don't you think that it is still true today? And of course, even more so?

It baffles me to no end when I hear those white amerikans of meager intelligence or education, complaining that this group or that one, are the problem. They feel that Blacks and Mexicans commit all the crime, Wall Street execs are just Banksters or schemers that will get their due. The tea-partiers are only interested in the almighty buck while their rights swirl down the drain. Has this country suffered a stroke? Do they have collective brain damage? Why can't they focus on THE one VALID reason that they are i
n this boat with no rudder? Is it so difficult to understand that when you have a group of people that are told from birth that they are "chosen", and anything they do to further that myth is okey-dokey...and members of this group grab hold of the media and the reigns of the federal government and the monetary system, that what you are going to get, is what we got?

Perhaps, we out here that CAN focus on the true causes of our world's problems are much fewer than I imagined.

Sometimes people amaze me...

Which will bring me to the subject of my next post..."this ain't TV"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Open Letter...

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon's eagerly awaited second installment of "Goodbye, America!" has been posted over at The Occidental Observer.

I agree with it "almost" wholeheartedly. I have a few reservations, to which I have invited the good Doctor to respond. They are included in the "open letter" that follows:

Dr. Darkmoon,

I read your second installment to Goodbye America! with much interest.
Having "heard the call" myself, of awakening people to the evils of judaism and answering it
with the ruminations on my website, I bow to the clout that your opinions have
on the internet. For the most part, you do us all a great deal of service with your eloquent style
and no-BS dissection of the jewish philosophy. These are all things the world needs to hear.
In particular, you have lifted a few veils with your revelations concerning the
Frankfort School and their disgusting influence in the world.
This is important stuff. Congratulations and thank you for getting it out there!

However, to my mind, you can undo all the good you are accomplishing by
pursuing this thinly veiled racism and bigotry of "white European" culture in America, that you
proudly taut as the ideal. Your inclusion of black versus white crime is not worthy
of your obvious intellect. It is the gut reaction of someone that, as I pointed out in a recent
article(and DAMN I hate quoting myself as Ayn Rand was wont to do), spent their
childhood in an exclusively white neighborhood and succumbs to such nostalgia for
a world that never really existed on the whole, outside of their childish memories.

The fact that jews are almost wholly responsible for bringing the African people to our shores, for
their short-term profit IS important to note. However, how they have used this in their
designed racial tension must be clearly seen as what it is: destruction of unity against them, through engineered racial
strife. Period. Our racial barriers are encouraged and accomplished mostly by the jew himself through his
media,not neccesarily by any inherent natural disharmony.

This has ALWAYS been a multicultural nation. And I believe we have all benefited by it having been so. If you can't see
that, then I am afraid you are playing into the hebrew trap that has been set for you.
The amount of horrible white-on-black crime that has gone on in this nation for 200 years unreported is, as I am sure you
will agree,much larger in comparison and could easily be cited by someone with an entirely different point to prove.

But that isn't the point. What is the point, which you DO make, is that
jewish influence has purposely stimulated such race violence and discontentment.
Divide and conquer. This along with the myth that jews are a "race" (that the ashkanazi love to use) are
difficult weapons to overcome. Let us not muddy the waters with their type of deceptive and
simplistic assertions. Do not fall prey such obvious machinations. You are too talented
a writer and thinker to sink to that level.

I won't touch your views on religion, as I do not agree with them, but that is an entirely different discussion.
Suffice it to say that I don't feel that our divergence on that topic is important here.

Yours Respectfully...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Resisting Temptation...

Fear porn. What is it?

In this day and age when well-founded
fear saturates the everyday lives of many, in pockets of the world, the rest of humanity is preoccupied with the fear that they will be next.

This is of course a commodity...this fear. This pornographic base-metal is traded on the stock
exchanges and hoarded like precious gems. You can purchase most anything with it. It slips easily into your pocket...and can yield unbelievable interest. It beats hell out of any country's common currency. Everyone trades in it. Everyone "fears" it. Everyone also needs seems.
As with common currencies, this sexual asset demands
demand. It will not brook recession in it's value. It needs you. You need it... you believe. And it is so gloriously tempting to fall prey to it's wiles. It calls to you with promises of vanity and adventure. It feeds on your most basic instincts. Like the drug that it is, it is controlling of it's junkie. It marches the young off in uniforms to kill. It makes placards and banners to carry. It sells products that are not needed or wanted. There are few that are immune to it's spell.

Those few, are of course the purveyors of these goods. They spend nigh
t and day churning out new models and accessories and upgrades for their dated horrors. They produce them out of thin air, so their profit is unimaginably huge. And we buy. We buy because it is a thrill that we need, to envision the worst that man can do to other men. We don't purchase these goods foolishly with a cavalier "pig-in-a-poke" attitude either. We demand to see samples beforehand. And those that trade in these atrocities are more than happy to show us what we will receive...especially if we balk at the transaction.

This of course is a simple and seedy busin

ess to be in. It would be more easily resisted if it was not for the franchising that goes on around it. Anyone can be a distributor. Sign up now...for your own outlet of hatred and death and misery. You can be an authorized agent for this corporation. You of course will sell a different model than the home office, but your version will guarantee to produce the same results...and in YOUR area. Tailor-made for your own clientele.

The new home-office of manufacturers of this sensual-fear mongering is now located in an otherwise peaceful nation that they acquired in a hostile corporate takeover, some 60 years ago with real currency and weapons supplied by their then latest acquisitions in the United States and Britain. But they guarantee the public that these relocations will not effect the quality of their brand as it has been perfected over the ages.

Are any of these fears well-grounded? Of course. As in any traded currency, it must have something backing it...or the illusion thereof. The more fear-porno the
manufacturers produce, the more true destruction and mayhem must be accomplished. The vacuum salesman brings his own bag of dirt to spread on your carpet, to sell you the method of cleaning it. It's ad infinitum, where the truth is lost and the market for these goods is confused with the samples of the goods themselves.

There are few that can resist these filthy temptations. These few that are celibate in their quest for truth are the fear-mongers worst nightmare. They do not have these products hidden between their mattresses. They don't buy the need for something they cannot fathom. They will refuse the franchise and continue to search for the nobility in humankind. They are aware, they are bright, they are awake and they are we.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Check Your Luggage, Mr. Cohen?"

There is "chatter" out here. How much of it is fear porn, I don't know. When "it" will probably be like the image above. I won't add to the chatter equation by telling you the specifics of dates and circumstances. You are smart enough to figure that out by what's being published out here. Suffice to say, it will be another false flag that a certain terrorist encampment, inside a peaceful nation, will pull. They are known for their "flags". They are ALL false.

Ah, irony.

I have to agree with
this prediction however. I am of the opinion, as many out here are, that in this "Age of the Jew" as I dub it, these types of events have run their course. The Gentile world will not purchase any more huge lies purporting Arab terrorism. 9/11 and the disbelief that it has generated on a worldwide scale, was the last big hoorah for the tribe. They have been "overplaying" their hand with assassinations, plane wrecks and knuckle-headed financial manipulations, as they are want to do throughout history. Hence the long list of pogroms previously brought upon themselves by their own deeds.

The veil is falling away. People are seeing this group of nation-wreck
ers for what they are, and this tribe is tipping it's hand....badly. I almost feel compassion for what is going to happen to them.


But if you think that they are going to don the orange jumpers and be led quietly to their prison cells, you don't understand the psyche of the ash-can-nazi. They are going to go out with a bang. And they have the "bucks" for it. They will not "go quietly".

When I postulate this to friends that are even anti-zionist, they always indicate that the tribe's "cooler heads" will prevail concerning the possibility of another huge false flag. I disagree.

These vermin are like cornered rats. They are beginning to panic and they WILL stand up on their hind legs.
The only responses to this growing transparency are, one: just continue as they have been...patiently and methodically threatening everyone that disagrees with them, while reports like this and this and this are coming across the mainstream wire. (This is of course to say nothing of the real internet hatred toward that shitty little country).

Or two: Say they are terribly sorry for all the grief they have inadvertently caused the world. Withdraw their terrorist state from Palestine. Cease the buying of politicians. Sell all their interests in the media and all go out and live on a farm somewhere and labour in their fields, while raising a bunch of kids and eating gefilte fish.

Or three: Go for the big one. The final push that they foolishly believe will bring to fruition, the protocol plans of global dominance.

Which of these options do YOU think they will choose?

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anger and Nostalgia...

There is a lot of anger in the world. That is just what they have planned. They have also planned pride. Pride in one's race, gender, religion, sexual orientation...hell, you name it. If it's worth doing or being, it's worth marching down main street to demand your right to do so. Divide and conquer.

I think we ALL know who the "they" are.

People of well ...shall we say, limited intelligence play into this. It's a way to feel special, viable or even human. And it requires no effort, to be white or Catholic or black or gay or female...or just plain stupid. It comes naturally. And you get a t-shirt.

It is becoming more and more difficult to separate the nut-jobs out here, from those with something profound to say. You see, the nut-jobs borrow. A LOT.

I just came from a site that shall remain unnamed, that has vids posted screaming about the jewish influence in the media, banking, politics...yada..yada. Things we all know, but are good to see constantly exposed. Upon watching a few of them I notice that they, like others I have seen elsewhere, begin with the idyllic images of the way things "used" to be. Then after they have jerked enough salt-water, they go on to show you how the joos(and the blacks and the gays and the Mexicans) have wrecked the memories of our childhood(and they us
ually throw some kind of patriotism in the stew), with pornography, wars, miscegenation ...etc. That is always a portent for the "white- pride" thingy to come. They, the white-supremacists or whatever they call themselves nowadays, quite clearly troll and pick up facts and figures from those out here that are doing the work, fighting judeo-supremacists, and scuttle off with their treasures to plaster all over their cause of neo-nazism, or whatever ridiculous skin-head cause they have. Oh great, now we have to fight a two-front war...

The disservice they do is immeasurable. And although it has been prov
en that most of this borrowing of facts and figures about the disproportionate hebrew influence in the world, is being done by agent provocateurs to discredit the awakening of the Gentile psyche to such goings on...there REALLY are jerks out there . Numb-nuts that believe the white-identity crap, usually lump jews and blacks and Hispanics together as the eternal antagonists. As a matter of fact, ANYONE that isn't Caucasian-Protestant is suspect in their eyes. You know the type.

I had always hoped that I would never have to say this here but, (and at the risk of insulting
the intelligence of my regular readers) these types are NOT welcome. Period. Bye-bye now. Go away. If you think that the color of your skin, your nationality or your religious beliefs, or the nostalgia that you feel from having been raised in an insulated little neighborhood of all white Christians, somehow sets you apart or above or automatically validates your existence on this planet, or that such circumstances align you with my way of thinking....don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

There. That's taken care of. Perhaps I should have stated this more clearly from the beginning, but I took it for granted that anyone that could absorb the facts and figures and my opining about them on this site, could have seen my sociological leanings. And perhaps they do. Maybe I am being paranoid. It's just that anti-zionism and anti-jewish religion (I'll call it "anti-asshole-ism), can so easily be misconstrued as prejudice. Of course the "anti-semite" screamers don't help matters(intentionally).

Sometimes people amaze me...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get...

Sometimes, as Alice discovered, things aren't always what they seem.

As I have stated here before, I don't know everything. I know that comes as a shock to most of you. However, after meeting an old flame from high school again recently and hearing her say "you are still as arrogant a bastard as you used to be"...I would have to agree, that not only don't I know half as much as I THINK I know, but I am arrogant about it as well.

So the "Tea Party Movement" has me a bit baffled. Not that it's that important to me, but still...

When I see something like this take hold, I gotta wonder...who's buyin? I mean, in my experience, I have never seen anything get organized this quickly and efficiently(as in $$$) that doesn't have some...well...jewish money behind it. From fraudulent "election" campaigns to the latest blockbuster POS movie, or war for profit, nothing generates mainstream excitement in this country, without it has zionist backing.

Even in the small mud-western community that I have called home
most recently, there have been "Tea Party" gatherings downtown. I look at these people and the placards they are carrying and I see that they are frustrated with their Federal Government, yes. But there is something else there. Something unwritten on their signs, and in their pamphlets. A kind of blind anger. Could this be the beginning of the revolution that all of us out here have predicted( or hoped for)? Starting innocently as a polite tax (I hesitate to use the word) revolt, and culminating in the gutters running with the blood of tyrants?

I doubt it.

Although it has the color of true social revolution, it is too well financed and scripted. If indeed this has been calculated by the left hand connected to the right hand...what is the purpose? What do they want with this civil disobedience? Do they intend for it to get out of hand and turn violent, or is this a mere relief valve for more rape to come?

In my estimation
there is only one more "dot" to connect with this en-mass protest of tax-rape/bail-out sentiment. Of course the last dot is to look at the names behind the financial frauds that abound. Will they, the Tea-Partiers, follow the obvious next step in their finger-pointing and conclude that the Blankfeins and the Bernankes and the Geithners all share a certain "ethnic" background? And that maybe, just maybe that has something to do with all this fraud that is taking their jobs and homes and threatening their very dignity? And is that the intent of the up-till-now anonymous
backers? Is it another "I scream in agony as I stab you in the back" invitation to a new wave of anti-semitism to extract even more "poor jews" sentiment? I don't know.

I am not hearing anything in these protester's rhetoric about stopping wars for israhell, that is taking the biggest tax-dollar chunk of their money. Nothing really about the end of their constitutional rights. Not to mention they are all dressed too well. When it all boils's ALL about the "money". That should be a tip-off.

When I hear "we are folks just like you", I think politician. When I hear "politician", I hear jewish "ka-ching". Something is abound and I have yet to read anything out here that analyizes this movement with anymore insight than what I have just said. It is such a shame that we don't have those people around....oh, what did they used to call them? They had that "integrity" thing, and they used to write stuff...and they were willing to be jailed for their cause of exposing truths. The name escapes me for the moment, but we sure could use a few of them on the landscape today. Things are moving pret
ty fast and furious right now. The direction that fingers are pointing looks ominous for the ones that I suspect of being behind the whole thing. Could this be the end of Rico? Is this the vision of karma coming full circle? Have the Gentiles of this country finally had enough of the jewish scamming after only 214 years? Hope springs eternal, but I smell a little hebrew dormouse at the party.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spirituality, Knowing the Trick and Divine Purpose...

I have a back problem. I have had, ever since I was a young teenager...and it has only gotten worse over the years. It has caused me a lot of pain. But life IS pain, I guess.

The problem with my back is that it won't, no matter how hard I have
tried, bend.
I cannot bow at all. This can be a horribly debilitating malady, especially in today's world. I see people bending like pretzels everywhere. At the drop of a hat they can genuflect to the oddest things. Even those that I admire, demonstrate to me how easily they can subjugate and fold at the waist, signifying their lower position, to some(to my way of thinking) rather silly, and potentially dangerous things. Like "spirituality". H
ere is a list of some of the words/concepts, that perhaps through some genetic disorder, have absolutely NO meaning to me at all:



Perhaps, like my back, my eyes are somehow dysfunctional as well. I cannot see things, that other seemingly intelligent people can. I look at a flower or a new-born infant and I see biology. I look at a beautiful sunset and all I can see are lovely colors. No god-hand, no spiritual manifestation that makes my back buckle in awe. I guess I am just a nuts-and-bolts kinda guy. I spent a few hundred years as a mechanical engineer and in that business, it just didn't seem plausible to pray that any little gadget that you are designing should work as you intended it to. You just had to figure it out on your own. Maybe that's why I never really cared for engineering all that much. There was nothing intrinsically "divine" in it. Kinda boring. If this gear turns this way, then that gear will turn the opposite direction. Yawn. I always longed for some magical intervention. Some light from the sky and a choir hitting that note, that makes everything ok. Didn't happen. Or if it did, I was probably in a meeting or something.

Of course, I don't think it ever HAS happened...or ever WILL. I would align myself more with the Richard Dawkins/Deek Jacksons of the world than, say... the Pope. No matter how nice a guy he is. I just see what I see, hear what I hear, and say what I think. How dumb is that?

Anyway, my lack of experience in the ethereal aside, I think there are a lot people out there that think like this. Unfortunately, quite a few of these folks with a certain "spiritual" dispensation(or lack thereof) use this viewpoint to get up to all manner of nasty hi-jinx. They, like I, don't have anything spiritual about them, but understand those that do. They understand them just like a carny understands that the rube walking down the midway towards his booth, has got some money in his pocket, and how to separate the two. And that is their trick.

The Ashkanazi and most of their descendants see our earthly plane like I do. For that, I will give them a thumbs-up. What a lot of them do with this view of reality, bundled with egos the siz
e of Buicks, and nasty-assed dispositions, I condemn them to the eternal fires of Hell itself...if I believed in such a place. But I don't. So my only option, is to tussle with them on this very real plane. I am not going to wait for divine retribution to halt these people in their tracks.

Wait a minute! just hit me. A bolt from the blue! Finally...a Divine Realm. I see it all now. There IS a spiritual purpose after all. I have been charged with the Holy task to smite the Semite! I shall smite him and cause him soer pains and see him in bankruptcy court...and remove his riches and cause him to labour in the fields as the Gentile.I feel my back bending even now...

"Faith is believing something you know isn't true" - Mark Twain

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ramping It Up...

PBS showed a new and improved version of "The Diary of Anne Frank" yesterday.
The fact that this forgery is still being foisted on an unsuspecting public as "non-fiction" amazes me. It has been proven many times that the diary was rewritten several times and bears little if any resemblance to the original journal kept by Otto Frank's daughter.

The book in question was even found, in a court of law, to have been written for the most part with a ball-point pen, which during the years that it was supposedly penned, could not have been available to this young girl. Otto Frank, Anne's father, was sued and lost a civil case to the man that first "rewrote" the book for publication. Upon reading the doctored version, it is obvious to anyone that has ever met a teenage girl that the writing goes well beyond the experience possible to a girl at that tim
e and age. It is a no-brainer.

And yet, it has been swallowed, hook line and sinker, for many many years, as a poignant portrayal of young jewish girl's thoughts before she was to have died a horrible death in an evil Nazi concentration camp. I would like to have read it before Otto and his cohorts decided to make a buck off his daughter's death. I am sure it was charming. Or perhaps it should have never been read in it's original form. After all, isn't that one of the principles behind the tradition of diaries? It is meant to be just for the writer. Not to be splashed around and altered to suit someone else's purpo
ses. Which begs the question of HOW her own father could do such a thing...just for money. What kind of squirming organ does one have in his skull that would allow him to deface the memory of his own child with these lies, just for a few shekels? I also would like to ask the question why Rachel Corrie's diary seems to be of no interest to our public television stations? It would appear that they are VERY interested in the diaries of young girls that were murdered by Nazis, yes? Hmmm...maybe they have never heard of Rachel....ya think? Or perhaps Rachel's story is a bit too "real". Or perhaps it is because her name wasn't "Rachel Cohen".

I know, I am harping a lot on PBS lately. It just seems that they are joining this recent up-tick in "the poor jews" bullshit that is being spread p
retty thick in the
commercial media in the past few months. I used to think that PBS was supposed to be rather more politically impartial than, say Fox or talk radio. Of course, a casual perusal of the names of the powers that be in the Public Broadcasting Service(to whom?), should have told me that a certain tribe took that one over too... along with NPR.

I am wondering why the increase in this propaganda. Anyone else smell another war for Israhell? I would think that someone that watches the MSM, would feel a bit like a cow being fattened for the kill. I remember just before the ramping-up of the attack by the jews on Lebanon, that the online MSM was rife with "poor jews" stories. It even went so far as showing "Exodus" on tv the week before the invasion. War...and rumors of war.

Letters, We Get Letters...

I would say that a good 95% of the comments I get here on this site are positive. Maybe I am preaching to the choir...maybe not. Maybe we all are out here. But we gotta keep trying.

Occasionally, however, I get a public comment from someone that disagrees with my point of view. Good. I welcome it.
As Elwood P. Dowd once said: " shows that everyone is participating in the conversation and no one is left out".

Heaven knows, I don't know everything, and I am not perfect. I know it. All too well. So I enjoy it when someone calls me on a point that I try to make here.
I get these from time to time, usually directly to my email account from the user profile thingy. Some of the negative ones are just silly and require no response on my part. Other negative ones are just ranting, like I do, about a point that I have tried to make, and I have engaged them in meaningful conversations. These email conversations, I think, make us both come away from the dialogue benefiting in some fashion. I like that. That is why I started this thing in the first place. An exchange of ideas on a few of my pet interests.

And I always try to
acknowledge all of the positive response I get( and I get a LOT). I certainly appreciate that input as well. It lets me know that I am not the only one out here that sees through the bullshit.

But there are some comments(rarely in the comment section itself) that prove one of the main points that I am trying to make in my modest efforts here. Here is such and example.
For those of you that didn't see it(it was a co
mment on my "Schindler's List" post), I will reprint here:

" the way...dumb ass fucking moron, it's OSKAR Schindler. Not ARTHUR, you stupid, ingorant, Jew hating shitheads could at least get your propaganda right. I guess it just goes to show that you have no fucking idea what you're talking about. Shalom you racist prick."

In this comment we see what? I got OSKAR Schindler's first name wrong. I bow to this reader's point. I did. I changed it. My bad.
What else do we see here? We see exactly what I have shown happens, whenever criticism of jews or their occupation of Palestine is introduced. The critic goes for the jugular. He doesn't care to debate the issue at hand, but attacks the writer/speaker personally.
As a critic of jewish control of the media and hollyweird(an intentional misspelling) epics and THEIR propagandizing, I have revealed myself in this reader's ey
es as a "stupid, ingorant(sic) jew hating shithead", a "dumb-ass fucking moron" and a "racist prick". To say nothing of the fact that I don't know what I am talking about. All this because I got a name wrong? I think not. I believe I am touching a nerve.

Well, I thanked him for his heads-up about the first name thing, but thought I might use his comment as a sample of how NOT to carry on a conversation or make a valid comment. And I thank him for his example.

I am sure that other sites of like mind get these kinds of trolling jabs all the time, but I have not received one like this that is such a textbook-correct example of the IDF's course on countering criticism online.

Of the few things in this screeching attack on which I will comment, I would have to answer that:

Firstly, I am not stupid. I am igNORant of many things in life, but almost never about the things I try to cover in this blog. I usually reference most everything that isn't common knowledge.

Secondly, I don't "hate" anyone because they happened to have been raised in a jewish home. I DO hate bullies, zionists and anyone that places themselves above their fellow human beings. I HATE what people do...NOT what they are.

Thirdly, I am NOT a racist. Jews are not a race. Judaism is a religion. A particularly disgusting one. If you still believe that jews are a race, skip on over to the ADL website. They will explain it to you. So to hate zionism and the jewish religion and all that they allow humans to NOT racism. Anti-Asshole-ism, perhaps.

Whether I am a prick, a shithead or a moron, could be debated, I suppose. But I don't think this is the forum for that.

Why, after going through many posts chronologically(I wrote the Schindler thing over a month ago) did this reader choose to comment on that? Perhaps, he cried through Spielberg's fictional extravaganza one too many times? I dunno. I like to think that it was the ONLY mistake he could find among my many posts. But that would be vanity speaking.

At any rate, thank you Micheal.Eitan for demonstrating that the oppressive forces out here are genuine, albeit not too smart.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Plain Does it Have to Get?

The latest lying jew news out of occupied Palestine is that they refuse to attend the nuclear summit, because they are afraid that Turkey is going to challenge them with the fact that they indeed possess nuclear weapons, but are accusing Iran of trying to obtain them.

Hello???? My mind reels at the hypocrisy. In a real world, where logic prevails, anyone or his sister-in-law would call bullshit on this one. How do these murderous yiddish assholes get away with this shit? Why does the world as a whole not literally wipe them off of the map that they ass-and-elbowed their way onto? They do NOTHING but lie, steal, cheat and murder innocent people...and yet they claim the "right to exist"? And the rest of the world turns a blind eye. Doesn't this tell you that they control political opinion as well as cornering the market on evil itself?
It boggles the mind to think that these few (less than 1% of the world population) repulsive vermin have that much power.

I'm running out of adjectives here. I am in awe of the hubris of this military encampment inside of Palestine, and the tentacles that they have spread globally. I don't know how else to say "PAY FUCKING ATTENTION!" a world that allows this kind of inhumanity to continue unabated.

You see this crap every damned day. Lies, deceit, more lies. And "they" are ALWAYS at the bottom of it all. How far can they go before they are stopped? Do you think that all-of-a-sudden they are going acquire a conscience, and say "what were we thinking?". How plain does it have to be that, like that spoiled child, they are begging to be curbed.

Sometimes people amaze me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Buddha and The Jews...

The wife likes to watch PBS every once in a while, so she'll record a program and watch it after dinner...preferably without me in the room.

Last night I came downstairs and she was watching a documentary on Buddhism and the life of the Buddha. Kind of innocuous, I suppose...on the surface. So I wander in and sit down to spend a few minutes looking at the tube because Buddhism interests me. I met the Dalai Lama a few years ago.

It wasn't through some pilgrimage that I had pl
anned or anything. And I didn't just happen to run across him at a mall.

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center. They were holding a "chantra" against the war. I says "ok". So, during a break in the prayers( I LOVE the throat-singing, which is mainly why I went in the first place) held in a huge air-conditioned tent, I go outside to stand in line right behind His Holiness, at the porta-potty. I know, I know...not a very ceremonious location to meet the top man in the entire Buddhist religion. Kinda like meeting the Pope in a whore-house. But it certainly afforded a very "human" backdrop to the meeting.

He was an affable fellow. So was his brother who was standing on line next to us. They both smiled and laughed a lot. I liked that.

Anyway, I am watching this documentary, and every minute or so the film goes to a talking head to explain what we just saw, because we don't have enough intelligence to figure that out. They even went to the extreme of subtitling the Dalai Lama, when he speaks English perfectly well. I have always said that PBS is for those with I.Q's ABOVE 100...but not to exceed 110 or so...and regular network tv is for the rest.

First, a wester
n-looking woman starts talking about the all-enthralling importance of the Buddha...and I happen to notice her name posted below her head...and you guessed it...a jewish one. Ok. No biggie. After all, they own the network. The next jabbering face we see is an effeminate gentleman with tiny glasses, a huge nose and curly dark hair, explaining some shit in the whiniest, most annoying voice imaginable. Of course the named flashed below his huge mug, was cohen or epstein or some such ashkanazi moniker.

I am quickly reminded of why, firstly, I don't ever watch television(what the hell could these western jews possibly tell me about Buddhism that a Tibetan couldn't impart with MUCH more authority?), AND secondly, why I never watch television around the wife.
Almost involuntarily, I raised a rather rude invective along the lines I mentioned, and was told in no uncertain terms to hush.

She, of course understands my point of view about jewish ownership of the media, but she was applying a "filter", to enjoy what she had tuned in to see, as one has to do in such instances. Regardless of the subject matter, what you are going to see in the MSM in amerika, is from a hebrew POV. Or you are going to have to endure them, whether you like it or not, as the authorities on all subjects, while genuine authority is minimalized or excluded altogether.

It's such a shame, really. Not that the program in question was in anyway slanted...just kind of McBuddhism. If you want to learn about anything in this day and age, you have to use the ancient technology of "reading". We have this potentially wonderful teaching tool in television and it is totally wasted. Wasted by the jews that own it, programming to the lowest common denominator to make a fucking dollar. It breaks the heart.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mike, Alex and the Battle Within...

A lot has been written recently about whom to trust out here. I don't get it, I guess. It's as if all these people are looking for a "leader" of sorts. Of course no one is going to stay on that pedestal of leadership long...and maybe that's a good thing.

By "out here" , I mean the alternative blogosphere, if there is such a thing. Let's call them frustrated journalists, or writers that see their mission as alerting their readers to the evil in the world. Which is a noble cause indeed. However...evil is a subjective term, more or less. I mean we all understand that killing, subjugating and generally harming other humans, for profit of some sort or other, is an evil thing. These are absolutes. But there are graduations in all moralities.

Whom you choose to believe is entirely up to you, but is seems to me that if you collect facts, make a judgment on an issue, say the economy, or war or zionism or whatever, it shouldn't matter a wit, what anyone else posts concerning the topic. Either you agree with them or you don't. If you don't agree, that's fine. Say so. But all these personal attacks are counterproductive, and in-fighting never got anything in "I don't care WHO started it, put your clothes BACK on and get OFF the ceiling fan!!".

For my part, as should be obvious, I see the jewish hand in most of the problems of the, yesterday and in the foreseeable future. Some don't agree. That's ok too. I will do my best to prove my position, and until someone can provide a valid response that amounts to more than throwing up their hands and saying I am ridiculous, or calling me an anti-semite, I will continue to believe this. I will assess such invective as resignation, and a victory of sorts. I will also publish my opinions for all to consider. You don't have to agree with me.

I do not agree with most of what Mike Rivero stands for. I have exchanged many emails with him, to the point of fully understanding his positions on the topics that interest me. Since I understand and disagree with him, I don't read his blog. That's all. Nothing really personal about it. I don't think he is the "devil incarnate" because he doesn't agree with me. Same with Alex Jones, Henry Makow, Noam Chomsky, Peter Shiff and Paul Drockton.

I don't think any of them are agents of evil...but then again, I don't think about them at all. If they don't align with my way of thinking about something, I move on. There are bigger fish to fry, so to speak. I know what they do, for various reasons...usually money or vanity...and I don't really care. They are not making decisions that harm people. They are not the jews in power. I would rather concentrate on exposing truly dangerous assholes in D.C. and occupied Palestine, than to quibble over preening butt-wipes that don't really effect anyone. If these "dis-info agents" collect a following, then it is probably of the stripe that cannot think for themselves anyway. So it doesn't really matter. If they have "an agenda" that is counterproductive, it will show. Call them on it (without name-calling) then move on. They will wither in importance.

I think that the "thrust" of the blogosphere IS anti-jewish. This too is a good thing. I am merely adding my voice. I read Les Visible, The French Connection, WUFYS (and even Judicial-Inc for an extreme view), to get opinions and uncensored news items to reflect on. The key word in that phrase is "reflect". I make up my OWN mind. I do not "Trust" anyone to do my thinking for me (if you don't trust, you cannot be betrayed)...and I don't think, considering the weight of the subjects we discuss out here, that anyone should. It is too important to maintain focus and independent and objective thinking.

So, yes...I believe that the Riveros and the Jones' do a disservice to us all out here, and I will call them on it from time to time... but I am not about to take it personally. No one is going to "tell " me what to think. Not yet anyway. Until they do, I am not interested in the opinions of those with another agenda.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Trip to Make-Believe Land...

Along the same vein as the post below, I can probably be sued for publishing the image at the right for some jewish infringement thingy. Oh well. Shit happens.

Every once in awhile I like to stop by one of the MSM's sites to see them in their death struggle. It's heartening to witness the death of evil. And their audience is disappearing. Not a moment too soon for me...but
let's take a trip to "Ma
ke-Believe-Land" and try a little lucid analysis of what CNN(which I am sure is just a text-y flashy version of their TV broadcasting) is telling us today:

1. You Suck.
This seems to be an all-encompassing message-behind-the-message, prevalent in all of their "news" reportage. You suck if you don't agree that these stories are the ONLY important ones...and you suck if you aren't up on the latest trends...whatever WE say they are....and so on and so on. The message coming through loud and clear is "we care for you, if you believe in us" (where have I heard that before?)...otherwise you suck.

2. Buy these products.
From their reviews and meaningless drivel about the latest and greatest tech-shit, we get a new method to momentarily escape our basic suckyness...BUY them. And tell us what you think(but it better agree with our OFFICIAL jewish pundit's review. If suck).

3. Race struggle is forever.
They let you know that people are different and that you really shouldn't like that. You should stand up for you rights guaranteed by the color of your skin...etc...and fight anyone that oppooses those inherent rights. Keep struggling. Keep warring. If you don' guessed suck

There is inevitably at least one story
about if they make up a HUGE portion of the world. Some holohoax survivor teaching gentile kiddies about how they were miraculously saved by frogs, or how the bad-old-worl
d won't let jews build houses on Palestinian land or some rabbi's advice for the love-lorn. But the basic message is israhell can do no wrong and all jews are essentially gods. Believe this or you suck.

5. Celebrity is IMPORTANT.
Every tiny bit of information about some blond bimbo or some tattooed dru
ggie that happened to have recently graced the silver screen or the jew-toob, should be the most important thing in YOUR life right now. War and greed should take a back seat to the goings-on of whomever they choose to spotlight in their obsessive promotion of celebrity. The more disgusting, the better. If you don't subscribe to all this salacious suck.

6. We know best.
NEVER question our pundits, doctors, columnists or reporters. T
hey get it right EVERY time! No dissent is recognized. No opinions that vary will be printed. Blah blah blah. Don't believe that? suck.

7. Mom.

Some "mom" abused her kids. She is usually a Christian.
She is usually stupid and they have a mpeg showing just HOW stupid and Christian they are....and how MUCH they suck.

8. Muslims (and Christians) are inherently bad people. They suck.

They make no bones about this. So if you believe that, then by omission you can have only one conclusion about the remaining Abrahamic religion. Reference number 4.

So, to sum up:

You Suck
Buy these products
Race Struggle is Forever
Celebrity is Important
We Know Best
Mom Sucks
Muslims(and Christians) Suck

Any 10-year-old child that cannot see through this ridiculous cornucopia of garbage must be mentally challenged.

Oh, I GET it! THAT'S why they are dying!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A suggestion...

The symbol to the left is a "copyleft". It is a play on the word "copyright" which as you know brings with it the concepts of "intellectual property", lawsuits and that whole slippery slope of ideas.

In this day and age of money-grubbing taught to us by the judaic...
this symbol placed on a piece of work, by the creator grants free reign for anyone to copy, alter and use his creation for the good of whomever wishes to use it. It is an actual "legal" symbol, and I think should be used MUCH more freely.

the idea of copyleft is to grant subjective libre freedom to users of otherwise copyrighted material.

I am not presumptuous enough to believe that anything I write or create on this site, is in any way shape or form, artistic. However, I hereby grant anyone to use anything here for any purpose they see fit. The symbol will remain clearly visible on my front page from now on.

I think all of us out here (save the Mikey Riveros and the Alex Jones' types that are - you guessed it-in it for a buck) the blogoshpere/alternative new-site arena should take to using this symbol on their pages to let everyone know that we have more noble purposes for our work than snitching for zionists or making a damned dollar.

I copy some ideas, images and news items from time-to-time, off of other valid alternative sites and later always worry whether I am about to be sued. Aren't we above all that?

I am ALL in favor of giving credit where credit is due, and always do, to the best of my abilities. However, this concept of copyleft protects us all in our common goals, I believe....AND it might be a bit of a litmus-test to apply to those sites that refuse to adhere to it's principles.

I think it is time for all of us out here to share the info and thinking that we have with one another freely, in a concerted effort to fight the same crowd that came up with the "copyRIGHT" idea.

Just a suggestion. Let me know what you think.

good advice...