Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rachel, Rahm and 9-come-11...

There has been a lot going on recently, and I have been busy with spring break and reliving 1969 with Jimi.

Rachel Corrie's civil suit is about to start...Rahm Emanual is naked... Dylan Avery is out to "
short-change" the truther movement...and NOW they are listening to Kay Griggs.
What more could one ask for?

Rachel Corrie's civil sui
t is about to be heard in occupied Palestine...and I wish her parents well. Although I would expect that out of that den of thieves, the last thing you are going to leave with is justice.

That jumped-up little sparrow fart...Rahm Emanual is apparently threate
ning members of congress in his birthday suit. You can't make this stuff up. This little shit believes he is god-almighty by all accounts...but I don't remember voting for him?

Kay Griggs' interview about insider goodies in the upper echelon
s of the pentagon, done years ago and a favorite of mine for quite a while, has been dusted off an edited down so that we can all see what a hebe-hell-hole the office of near-eastern affairs really is. Good. It seems her "tail-hook" revelations in the original interview weren't newsworthy enough...but at least she is getting some joo-toob time now.

Dylan Avery just "shut down" a MSN interviewer with his jewish savvy and struck a blow for 9/11 truth...or at least "9/11 diversion" from that shitty little terrorist nest that actually got the whole thing accomplished...oh dear. The whole "truther" movement seems to be filling up like a dumpster with cockroaches. I remember when the 60's cultural revolution was hijacked by these vermin like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman and all of a sudden the whole movement became irrelevant. Hmmm...
Ya think this is history repeating itself?

This all seems like some sort of bad French absurdest play where someone is waiting for someone else. No apparent point...but, I'm still waiting...with my popcorn and a flyswatter.

What a week!


Jo said...

Just wondering if you're aware that your you-tube inclusions are often posted over the text of your blog rendering parts unreadable?? Is it just me?
Otherwise I enjoy what I am able to read-thanks.

Timster said...

No. It's not just you. In France, I am told...they even censor all my text and what is visible are only pictures and the vids.
I think it may be my server/browser combination. This might help. Try reducing text size with the old "control-minus" key combination.
Thank you for reading my efforts and the heads-up on the formatting.