Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Best Laid Plans....

Ok. Take a goooood hard look at the "army" that our brave boys just "took down". I mean REALLY look at them. Have you ever seen more likely candidates for a laughing academy? Hell, the cumulative IQ must be 80 at least. These folks resemble the night shift at that company in your town that hires the mentally handicapped to build pallets. But this "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" gang(there's McMurphy at the bottom/right)...PLANNED to attack the police, and bring down the nation in the name of Christ...or the anti-Christ...or something like that.

Well....I PLAN to win the lottery.

Thank heaven the FBI took them down before...hell, I dunno...they shipped a booby- trapped load of pallets or something.

If the MSM can paint a picture of dissent like this, using a canvas of Christianity and broad strokes of absurdity...successfully, then all I have to say is close the damned casket. This country has suffered total brain death. I wouldn't be frightened of this crew if I met them in a 7-11. And yet we are supposed to shiver in our boots over this type of "extremist
right" element in the good ole u. s. of a. Methinks someone is protesting too much.

Where in HELL does this shit come from? The slithering snakes of the "hate group monitors" ...the SPLC, the ADL, and all their hebrew funded "think tanks"...you know who I am talking about. They f
eed this "news" to law-enforcement and their incestuous cousins in the media...and we get our daily ration of booga-booga . This time it is un-American Christians, or child-molesting Catholics. Gosh, is that a giveaway. Last time it was kidnapping Baptists. Before that it was bigamist Mormons. Yada-yada...you get the picture. Jews are NEVER the bad guys...hmmm...kinda like in the movies, huh?

Sometimes people amaze me.

There IS going to be militarized revolution. And it's going to be AGAINST a certain "hate group". This revolution won't be advertising for recruits on a web-site and they won't be fundamentalist Christian idiots. There will be no pundit coverage on television. That's what the "hate-group monitors" REALLY fear. And well they should.


chuckyman said...

It is the usual innuendo to blacken the name of resistance or patriot groups that have not been openly co-opted (hint tea party). They can’t pull a biggie like Oklahoma and blame it on the militias this time – they have bigger fish to fry and are saving the false flag for them.

I have just read an article from Kurt Nimmo. If you look at the clothes they are wearing in the mug shots. Only one is not wearing a prison uniform. Guess what his role was? Who writes their scripts – Sesame street?

On a final note, SPLC have been heavily involved in the atrocities committed at Wako, Randy Weaver and the shady events at Elohim City. They are a mossad front.


Timster said...

Holy Hell! You aren't an informant are you?....hahaha...
Yeah, duh. McMurphy there doesn't fit the profile obviously. How stupid do they think we are?
Thomas William Piatek?...hmmm..is that a jewish name?

chuckyman said...

I aint admittin’ nuthin’

My huge house and my German muscle car were left to me by my wee dear grannie – honest . Bwa ha ha ha LMAO

Sorry Timster just had time slip into an alternative universe. Where’s my tin-foil hat