Saturday, March 27, 2010


Do NOT read the contents of this page under ANY circumstances! It is nothing but hatred, pure and simple! Nothing that has been said here makes any sense or should be considered seriously by the mentally competent. Do not disseminate, copy or comment on this drivel. I have, until recently, suffered from a rare form of paranoid schizophrenia that has yet to be named, and it has caused me to post unthinking and hurtful comments here for which I am not really responsible. To all that I have offended, my attorneys will humbly apologize, within the framework of a due legal process.

After having read the posts on this page over and over again, I came to realize that not only do they not make sense, they are rooted in a true neurological disorder. I have fallen ill, and up to this point cannot control my actions. I know this. I am seeking help. I have for the past six months or so, lashed out uncontrollably at innocent people of a certain faith with unbridled prejudice, and for this I am genuinely sorry. Mia Culpa.

My ravings about jews must come to and end, and soon. My illness has caused me to see conspiratory motives from these poor maligned folks in the most innocent of actions. As if they have not suffered enough. I have seen the "jewish hand" in everything that is evil in our world. I cannot fathom how I got to this point.

I am ill. I see this now.
I have gained perspective and am going to mend my ways.

I will begin with sensitivity training so that I can place myself in the position of the people that I have maligned so harshly in the past. Then I intend to begin a comprehensive drug program that will ease the anger I often feel against this culture that, if I were to see it clearly, are as innocent as new-born babes, in all things.

I shudder in shame as I contemplate the irreversible damage that I must have laid upon G_d's Chosen. I will burn in hell. Of this I am sure. I can only hope against hope that not very many people have read the contents of this blog. And that those that have, and no-doubt seen my illness for what it is, will not remember me as the jerk that I have been. I am so ashamed.

I have contacted the ADL, the SPLC, B'nai Brith and my local Synagogue to see if there isn't some sort of "de-progamming" to which I can submit that will make me want to watch TV again, or turn a blind eye to all that I see as hebrew-influenced garbage. They have promised to try and help me until there is a drug on the market to combat this horrible illness. And they say it won't cost that much.

But they did advise me, as I will you now, that it won't be an "overnight" cure. I will feel the urges to slander the yiddish and will probably, as I lapse back into this hateful disease from time-to-time, write more hate-filled articles. For this, I apologize in advance. Please do not read them! Take no notice that I will be occasionally giving into the compulsion to blame Palestinian deaths, Hollywood puke or television mind control, on those that are a light unto the world. Disregard this blindness.

Thank you.


chuckyman said...

Rest assured my friend as you are not sick. You have a rare case of a newly discovered syndrome called khazarphobia. It is a perfectly natural reaction to the presence of a very toxic parasite with overtures of porphyria. The common blood-sucking jew.

I suggest surrounding yourself with crucifixes. It does you no good but it merrily pisses them off.


Mystic Beaver said...

Timster,......asking the masters of hate how to get rid of hate? Hmmmm, maybe you're confused, I never saw anything to do with real hatred on your site. hehehehe

Timster said...

I was born hasn't gotten any better.
I like the Crucifix idea...but isn't that for vampi....oh...I get it...blood sucking....haha.