Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Techo-Fear, or Things to Come?


chuckyman said...

Look around you when you are in a crowded public place. Most are lost in their own world – listening to mp3 players, playing game consoles or playing with mobiles. Once we lose social interaction we will no longer live in a cohesive society. At that point our days are surely numbered

Here in Scotland there are still lots of nutters trying to catch eye contact before striking up a conversation – I seem to attract them like a magnet. On examination, does that make me one of the nutters?

On a separate note, eventually we’ll be lucky if the machines will keep us as pets.

Timster said...

Very interesting obs. Being a pet might not be that bad. My dog gets EVERYTHING she wants and lives in luxury!

coletteonice said...

yep chuckyman..you are now part of the nutter club..just don the tweed trews tied up with string and you are away ...muttering madly of course.

chuckyman said...

LOL Cheers Coletteonice.

I was starting to think that it was just me :+)