Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stalking the Wild-Eyed Jewish Sychophant

Our trek begins in the hunt for the WEJS in one of their natural habitats. This particular specimen comes from the swampy climes of Dade County, Florida. Although this beast is usually shy by nature, shunning close inspection, if baited correctly, they will stand up on their hind feet and spew their venom and shrill shrieks will fill the air. In this footage below, we find the hunter waving the Goldstone report over one of their holes in Congress. As if planned, the creature screeches and hisses at everyone in the vicinity, letting slip it's home territory.
These vermin can also be found in the steamy hills of Brentwood California, old buildings in downtown Chicago and as captured here in their main breeding grounds on a hill in Washington, DC.
They were first introduced into this country in 1948 in error by the now infamous naturalist "Give- 'em-hell-Harry Truman". Since then the infestation has grown and fed to astounding proportions.


eugene said...

Please keep showing it for what it is.

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Timster said...

Thanks. I will., yes and yes.