Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nine Baptists and Slight of Hand...


The recent MSN story about the nine Baptists charged with kidnapping Haitian just that: a story.

Do these look like evil kidnappers to you? And what purpose would they have for such an endeavor? To feed and house children was, I'm sure, their first and only concern.

This is just another jewish slight of hand, to divert attention from the israeli backed "relief" hospital that was set up in Haiti before anyone else had a chance to provide real aid to the victims. They were in and out like thieves in the night and no one is really sure what the hell they did there...although it's a pretty good guess that this story is probably what actually happened. So before this real story went viral, they had to do some fast manipulation. Unlike yiddish surgeons harvesting the organs of Haitian children and tossing their bodies aside like so many Palestinians, these Baptist workers more than likely had truly humanitarian goals in mind. Baptists HAVE a morality that includes concern about ALL mankind. Jews do not. You have to remember that.
I am sure that a hebrew word or two in the ears of Haitian officials got the ball rolling on this diversionary tactic. You can always tell when the jewish-owned media wants the public to believe something...the innuendo...the opining...the moral outrage BS. If they report anything that outrages their "morality",  you can bet your grandmother's new silk hat, that there is a REAL story that they are not reporting. And it would probably sicken you to hear it.

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