Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Cookie Jar...

I hear a LOT about how israel is our only friend in the middle-east. A LOT. I just don't get it. Saying something constantly does not make it true.
I also hear a LOT about how the jewish people are so much more intelligent than the rest of humanity. How their army is the most "moral" of all the world's forces and how they are the only "democracy" in the middle-east.
If I would make a laundry list of the WORST attributes that a country could have...Being a friend of the US and a "democracy", would be the leading ones.

If the zionists of israel are actually jewish...possesing all this intelligence and moral character...then why do they keep getting caught at everything they do?

From Bernie Made-off, to the latest mossad assassination caught on film, the hand in the cookie jar keeps coming back to "the light among nations". Like a simpering spoiled child, they deny everything...then apologize to no end, then the next week, they are at it again. (see cute little dimples killing Palestinian children)

I am reminded, over the past few years, of the story of the little boy that isn't sorry at all that he snitched a cookie from the jar, but VERY sorry that he got caught.

I would like to know also exactly WHAT makes this terrorist cult our only FRIEND in the M/E? WHAT have they done for us? Every politician says it so it must be true...but they seem to stop short on that statement. Short of telling us what this wonderful friend has contributed to our relationship. Are we supposed to know? Did I miss something? I KNOW what we do for them...that is common knowledge, which reminds me...I need to get my taxes filed soon.

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