Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who Am this Age of the Jew?

Several of my readers have asked me this question in various ways.

I guess out here in virtual-land, that DOES APPEAR to make a difference...since it is so difficult to tell the "AC's from the DC's" as FST used to put it. There are so many shills and dis-info agents and sub-classes of each. Hell, I could be one. Although, if I am one of those plants to make claims of internet anti-semitism valid, I'm still waiting on my check from the ADL.

I guess you'll just have to trust me. Trust that the path I try to lead you down isn't fettered with arcane symbolism that spirals into oblivion and far away from the subject at hand. So simply know me by my direction.

For my part, the only true mission out here is chipping away at the wall of judaism. As I have posited before, we are living in the midst of The Age of the Jew. Their dominance in the world is unequaled by anything in history. Quite an accomplishment, when you realize that per capita, they are less than one percent of the planet's population. And they would deserve kudos for this...if they had something wholesome in mind for when they attained this position. I use the word "wholesome".

This is a word at which we kids, we freaks of the 60's, cringed. To us it meant the 50's. It wasn't our trip. Well, that's excusable, I guess...since it was a word that was then synonymous with materialism. But let's ask old Mr. Webster for a real definition.

Webster defines wholesome as :

1 : promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit
2 : promoting health of body
3 a : sound in body, mind, or morals b : having the simple health or vigor of normal domesticity

Hmmm. Well, that can't be right. Everything we were about then...the communes, the simple life, normal domesticity versus materialism and commercialism....this is all to be found in this definition. Ok. Then we were mistaken...or mislead. Well, in either case...I'm all for it. Wholesome.

There are a lot of people out here that LOVE to envision the NWO and how the jews are going to take over the world and we will all go to hell in a handbag. Duh. We are there. This is it. This world is what they planned, folks...look around you. This is their plan...and their dream world...what they have always envisioned. Oh, there are adjustments to be made obviously...this war...that police state...this censorship. But effectively they have attained the ultimate high ground. They have their jews-only state that every one of their butchers and scammers and pedophiles can run and hide in, and cash pipelines to finance it. They have their pervasive pornography, their homosexuality and generally the destruction of western values...right on your tv! Plus they invented political correctness to cover it all....but...

As my mother used to say "it's like pounding sand in a rat-hole". It's starting to come apart and no matter how much sand -or money - they pound into the cracks, they just won't be able to keep it together. Too many people in this world. People that have had enough. People that just maybe want to attain a
"Wholesome" balance in the world. I'm for that.

I'm just a guy...could be black, Asian, white....doesn't really matter. They know who I am...and if they want to shut me up...they know where to reach me. But then again, they have got a lot of "shutting up" to be accomplished. There are a LOT of us.

Until then.......


We are the poor said...

You are being censored by blogger.. Your written comments are overlapped by the videos.. as seen from France..

timster said...

I'm being censored in France? I was thinking more FBI...not gendarme...

veritas6464 said...

Hey mate, I don't even get (can't see)your posts until they are at least 24 hours old!

Viva CHE!


timster said...

I must be stepping on the right toes, huh?