Monday, January 18, 2010

Sheep Sleeping or Cat napping...

A lot has been said out here about people being sheep, and about how they are asleep and need to awaken.

I disagree. People are not asleep.

True, we are a gregarious, herding species by our ancient biology. We can at times appear not to be paying attention to the world around us as a whole. However, we also possess an intelligence to ward off self-destructive behaviour...and something else just as ancient. What those seeking "world domination" invariably miscalculate in their plans and always will, is that we protect our young. That is about as basically animal, as it gets. A wise man once observed that "wars are always fought by children".

No matter how hard they try (and sometimes enjoy marginal success in) turning our youth to their warped ethos, they will fail on the whole. They will fail because we the parents are here to, and will, protect them.

People out here have to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, we are six BILLION...with a "B",and counting. And like
the Saratoga, it takes many, many miles to adjust it's direction in the slightest.

I was witness to one of those turns.

the eary 60's the Viet Nam war was droning on, making money for the burgeoning jewish neo-cons...the Henry Kissingers and such...without much ado from the amerikan pubic. We had an all-volunteer army then as well. Our armed forces sucked up the dregs of the ghettos and the sons of "patriots". But when they started ramping up the war as a REAL money-maker with all the brouhaha about commie threat and domino theory...they reinstated conscription. All of a sudden the sons and daughters of decent people were getting shipped across the world to fight a war for zionist profit and being shipped home in boxes. The proverbial shit hit the fan. We were thrown out of our cabin beds from the sharp turn that this country made. All of a sudden even the journalist whores couldn't spin the tailspin that we were in. It got PERSONAL. The parents of that time were no different than those now. We, as then, would reflexively step in front of a gun aimed at our children. It will come to this again. If it's not the draft again, it will be something as obvious, and more importantly will make it "personal". From then on, the jews in charge, having tipped their hand too much....well, I wouldn't want to have a name ending in "berg" or "stein".

If a cat runs your it "nap". That is us. The people. Notice his ears twitch with every sound. He is resting, but not at all unaware of his surroundings. Many a rat has paid the price of assuming that a napping cat isn't watching
and waiting. Get too close...too personal... and you are supper. It's going to be like that, I am confident.

What I think we as the TRUE
journalists in the world now, need to do is get the ship ready for a sharp turn. We can only man the till and the engines, and as Captain Ron said..."I just steer the boat Boss, I don't really navigate".

The ship will turn. Believe me. Which way and to what port, I can't predict. But
it will not be a pleasant journey for some people that have recently grown accustomed to pleasure cruises.


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