Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pointing Fingers at the Illumi-naughty...

I wrote a small piece recently, the point of which, I think bears repeating.

There's an old saying that I will paraphrase here, and that is: First look at who is pointing the finger...then, look where he is pointing.
I understand that in these troubled times
everyone is looking for reasons and perps of this world of shit that we have gotten ourselves into. The internet has been a great help in rooting out those responsible, I agree. But it was only a matter of time before the powers that be, understood this and planted their own "dissenters" to distract. Ferreting out the shills and distractions can be a 24/7 endeavor in itself. That is part of their solution to avoid having the light of justice shown upon them. The other part is the content of the shill's patter. I have a 3-part rule that I apply to everything I read on the alternative side of the web.

1. If the author of a news article or op-ed piece is jewish(which I will look up.It's amazing how easy that is)....shit can.
2. If there is mention made is such articles of the Illuminati, the Freemasons or any other benign or non-existent cult...shit can.
3. If the author uses "talking points", which become obvious after a bit of reading...shit can.

It's just that simple.
The reason for these rules, if you will read my posts, is that I feel that most if not all of the world's problems can be traced
to that small tribe of Khazarian descendents that were reared with the flawed notion that they are better than their fellow humans. One may say that this is prejudice. I agree. It is the only one I allow myself. By these rules, I am pre-judging people of a certain I didn't always. I read and read and read... only recently have I said, enough. I have heard what they have to say...I disagree. End of discussion. From Noam Chomsky to Amy Goodman to Henry Makow...they all have the same agenda. And that is to distract from the horrors of judaism and israel and to point fingers at someone else. Some are political or financial, while others concentrate on the purely sociological. But they all promise you one thing: They are on your side. When Henry Makow tells you of the horrors of satan-worshippers and their child molesting rings, or how the illuminati is destroying the femininity of the amerikan don't walk to the nearest exit. He is a jew pretending to have a morality with which you can identify. If Chomsky says in reference to Washington D.C., that someone should "burn that chicken-shit town to the ground", in his next breath he will be an apologist for zionism. It's all the same jewish party line and shell-game tactics. Don't fall for it and call them on it!

To control dissent, you must lead it...


Persephone_42 said...

So much for the allure of a "romantic notion" as a Secret Society and its mystery. Damn. Guess the Illumi-naughty just make for a good Story, huh? So much for a secret symbol ... or national treasure.

timster said...

Yep. Hebrew theatrics...