Monday, January 25, 2010

Inflatable Gods*

Wilhelm Marr's book "The Victory of Judaism Over Germanism" was written in 1879. I have linked the PDF over on the left.

This work has been systematically banned ever since it's first publication. But it's premise is still with us today.

If you don't feel like wading through a lot of archaic references and politics of the time, let me sum up the sentiments of the piece for you.
Marr worked as a journalist in Germany, and as well dabbled in social politics and philosophy. Although this work here is simple and to the point, it amazes the reader today by it's observations and prophetic nature.
He begins with, what I consider to be a false premise, and that is that jews somehow have a "natural talent" inherent in their bloodline for economic craftiness. This he posits, along with an equally natural hatred for anything gentile, is what causes the mischief that he saw in his 19th century Germany. Then he goes on to say that the reason they have so much hatred for anything non-jewish, is because of the repression that they have always suffered under the hands of the goyim. Well, you can't have it both ways...but I'll forgive him that.
However, his prescient blueprint for jewish political and economic domination is astounding. He predicts not only the "event" of the Russian revolution of 1917, but more importantly, what would cause it. Now, excuse me....I have studied world history quite a bit. I am not an authority by any means, but without understanding the jewish political mind, I don't feel that anyone could have foretold that event and it's causes from 1879.

"Jewish, resilient, fly-by-night attitude will plunge Russia into a
revolution like the world might never have seen before. Social nihilism and
abstract individualism will be conjured up in such a way, that the only half
civilized Czarist Empire will be unable to resist."

This man was not Nostradamus. He didn't "see" the future...he understood it. Understood it as a plan that was only logical to those Germans of the time that were being censored in their own country by(another forecast of the future) the then jewish-owned press.
The language and the style of the piece could have been lifted from "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Marr could have written that too. Although I am sure that as in every age, journalists tend to write in the style of the times. But the intent is there.

This work is a resignation to the jewry that he felt had conquered his Germany and also a warning to the future of the evils which befell them.
He understood the jewish drive to dominate, but of course underestimated the German resistance to it in later years, before both world wars. His descriptions of jewry's take over of the press, entertainment and banking in those times amazes anyone that looks around today and sees the same situation in the western world, or "Occident" as he termed it.
He also foretold the modern situation with israel and the inability to criticize it or the zionist movement.

"Just try to comment upon Jewish rituals and statutes. You will find
that not even the Pope is more infallible and unimpeachable. To comment
upon their rituals is “hatred”, but if the Jew takes it upon himself to pronounce
the last word in our religious and state affairs, then it is quite a
different matter."

He also makes a comment about something that has occurred to me many times. To rid a society of the scourge of judaism and it's destructive nature, when it has become so ingrained would be quite a task. Because a culture would have to return to a morality and hence a lifestyle known only BEFORE such an influence was brought upon them. Social order normally doesn't move backward in time....

"A sudden reversal is impossible if only for the reason that the entire
social structure, formed by Judaization, would collapse and no concept
exists to take its place and turn it into reality."

There are many more points he makes that mirror current affairs, and I can see why this book has been banned.

*Homage to Chris Clarke's "Incendiary Blog Post" The title has NOTHING to do with the post...;)


foofritz said...

good day, came by your blog via a comment.
thanks for rediscovering the old book, that from today was prophetic. If we still had the old social relations, as they used to be, a reversal wouldn't seem so far away. But today, times to me seem unreal and that has to to with the age of the media, Tv and movies, that isn't even hidden that it has to do with Zionist and Jewish influence.
In the course of years myself had to find out conly lately, the extent of falsification of our history, and that at the time of Wilhelm Marr no one would have believed to become possible. Our parents and grandparents all were interested in history, and read books about - but in our time I find no other words to describe the situation than as a sort of nightmare, it's unreal. The only things certain are still nature and memories of people I used to know as point of reference.
anyway thanks for the research, found the book in German, easier to read for me-
regards, foofritz

timster said...

Your welcome.