Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm getting a lot of this. "What the hell do you have against the jews?"...or "What are you, some kind of a white supremacist?...or "You should ask your doctor if Paxil is right for you".

I saw a joo-toob vid a while back...wish I could find the link for you...but the gist of
it was this guy was apologizing(with tongue planted firmly in cheek) about how he just woke up one morning to discover he hated jews. According to his apology, it appeared to be some sort of chronic ailment that had no rhyme or reason and had taken hold of his psyche...out of the blue. It was VERY clever.

No...I am not any of the following:

Neo-nazi(whatever the hell that is)
White(or anything) Supremacist
Klan member
Muslim extremist
IDF shill
Illuminati member

Nor do I have any politica
l aspirations...

Sorry to disappoint.

Actually, I am a pretty normal guy. I can get fired up over a few things that you probably have noticed...but enough about me...that subject bores me to tears.

I took a few classes in anthropology in college, so I understand that we as humans/animals are of the herding sort. And as the lovely little bower-bird lives to festoon his nest for a potential mate, in competition with the rest of the males, so are we in competition. For attention, for love...for shiny things to impress.

Some folks, I reckon, don't fight this silly DNA instruction from ages past very effectively. They let it overwhelm them and teach it to their young. Most people can subdue these urges and concentrate on a bit more important thin
gs, like family, friends, education and the pursuit of the finer things in life. And we teach these concepts to OUR young.

Those that are slavishly in pursuit of things material and the one-up-ness mentality(let's call them jews) have drawn many in the west into their game. Consumerism, wars, oppression...all for one thing. To get to the top of the heap. This is what I take exception to. If you are going to strive to lead...and the herd will always seek a leader...then you better come up with something better than driving us headlong into our own destruction so that you can construct your bower. There are a few of us that have stopped running to keep up with you, and yes we are screaming. Screaming at the rest of the herd to change to leaders that don't sacrifice the safety of the herd for their own warped creature comforts and egos.

And NO, I won
't ease up as long as their is anything I can accomplish against this filthy hedonistic and racist cult. I, and you should have, had enough. Yes, it will come to blows, I'm sure.

I have never killed, or even intentionally injured another human or animal
in my life...and I hope I never do. Nor do I wish to SEE anyone so injured. Although I wouldn't mind seeing a butcher like Tzipi Livni hung up by her lips...either pair. And I don't think I would do much to stop it. But this is not about me. This is about the world of which I will not be a part. A world in which my kids and grand-kids will have to live. I'll be damned if I will let this shit continue, if I can help stop it. Life is too precious to give it away to a few preening Ashkenazim.


william exsminger said...

I love the line from True Romance when his big black thug associate says of Christian Slater "he must have thought it was white boy day"and Gary Oldman says " aint white boy day".And then I sarted thinking about a book by Wimot Robertson back in the 80s called The Disposessed Marority about the racial demographics of US.In any society the dis-posessed are villainized as a precursor to genocide.When it comes to kazarian russians nobody villainizes better which is why they are on the top of the heap.Everywhere this happens the natives wind up in piles of carcasses from Germany to Cambodia and Yemen.America is next in line for the collective treatment of rape mutilation and death.Willing thugs are a dime a dozen and they print the money.No this aint white-boy day.

veritas6464 said...

Well said, three cheers for the Timster! Hip hip, hooray, hip hip, hooray, hip hip, hooray! Tell the yids and their shills to go fuck'emselves! 911 was an israel job!

Oi! yids, check this out...



veritas6464 said...

Unless of course they are staggered....what the fuck is going on?

is that me?