Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Democracy and the New Improved Communitarianism...

There are some ideas that should be forgotten. They weren't very good in the first place, and like a bad movie don't need to be revisited. Democracy and Communitarianism are two of these.

The first, democracy, is a failed concept. It presupposes that after "electing"(there hasn't been an honest election in this country since the late 19th century) people to public office, they will magically represent the will of their constituent
s. As if they knew each other intimately and the voters could trust those elected implicitly to act exactly as they would in every action of government. Firstly, only lovers know each other that well. And there are no formal contracts between voters and politicians to provide any kind of recourse to the voter, when the elected officials decide to start taking cash under the table to act on behalf of special interest groups and not in the interest of those that put them there. Secondly, because graft is such an uncontrollable business, elected office attracts the greedy and the seedy types that corrupt the system almost continuously.

This happened in Rome, and it is happening now in most all nations that are controlled by jewish money, and the jewish understanding that there is money and power to be made before during and after such a ridiculous system of government fails. They sell "democracy" by claiming that is the only form of government that truly gives the people a voice in how there particular countries are run. Bullshit.
Or they sell it at the business end of a gun. Either way, they are going to get their way... your money...your power...and your country.

The founding fathers of the U.S. understood this completely. They saw the dangers of the mob-rule of democracy and made much effort to lay this society out as a Constitutional Republic. One with State's Rights(remember that little thing called the civil war? That's when state's rights got buried) and limited federal power. The idea was that if we wrote all the rules down in advance and everyone agreed on them, they would become law and each person in the country had the individua
l freedoms that they provided. Period.

These observations of mine are not new, but they are criticized and censored. The powers that be LOVE democracy for obvious reasons. It's the most easily subverted form of government out there. It is designed for corruption. And jews push it 24/7.
Now they have a new(cough cough) design of it to sell.

Communitarianism. This is actually a 19th century bad idea, that states that citizens in a democracy should find a "balance" between what they see as their rights versus the rights of the community.

OMG...is this straight out of the Talmud or what? Right up the old yiddish alley. It reads like the last chapters of Doctor Zhivago. Jews tried this in Russia after they murdered the Czar and his family. I think it was called something different then...can't think of the word right now...but maybe you can?


Persephone_42 said...

YES! We ARE a republic. And why do so many look so quizzically when you say it?
Much is reminiscent of Rand's essays I revisited recently ... (Yes, again.) Peculiar. Who wudda thunk it?
It is all such a complex plot ... Study its habits ... [Like HSTs big snake in the sky ... mesmerizing ... deadly] ... And the trail ... a toxic-coated Candyland ... its all dipped in the sweet allure ... lethally-romantic notion of ... oh, what's that word I'm looking for ... ???

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Oooh! Ooooh! That's IT!