Friday, January 15, 2010

Clearing the Air...Again

This crap is non-stop...and it's getting worse. It smells. Not of the sulfur of Satan...but of a derailing effort. And it seems to be working.

It's pretty simple. Don't watch this THIS one.

While zionists shoot children in their heads, and banksters and their congress-whores divert your hard-earned money to that little middle-eastern shit-hole, they have you chasing horned devils straight out of a bad 50's movie.
It would be hilarious, if I didn't see so many people falling for it.

You couldn't fill a 7-11 with all the real Satan worshipers in the world. And who cares anyway? No matter who people worship, the outcome is the same...slavery, violence and death.

Devil or Angel?

My thoughts on religion should be clear by now, but let's review them. As far as I am concerned if you worship ANYTHING or ANYONE you have lost your focus. Mennonites could be worshiping a pitchfork wielding red guy for all I know or care. Gods , goddesses and demons are all the same. Violent, vengeful and demanding of worship. Of course their followers will make them what they want them to be, contrary to their own scriptural personalities (kinda easy when they don't exist in the first place). The Prince of Peace. That one is usually good for a hearty laugh from me. Have you READ the new testament? This guy wasn't peaceful....and an EGO....oh my.
Anyway, the point is that it doesn't matter if you participated in the Holy Crusades or dropping white phosphorus on women and children... it is wrong and you are wrong. End of story. This much I know of life. The only worthwhile pursuit in life is the pursuit of knowledge...not bronze-age superstitions.

I wrote to Henry Makow, the father of the Illuminati b.s. movement, with my review of his jewish mis-direction methods. He wrote me back with the MOTHER of all yiddish invectives and I will paraphrase it here..."why must you constantly excuse the guilty and punish the innocent". This, because I had the audacity to challenge his theories and state the fact that it isn't booga-booga satanists bombing the children of Gaza, or Ponzi-scheming this country and the world down the toilet.

Aw...the poor innocent jews. I never actually met a "poor" jew...but they seem to love that myth...and use it.


veritas6464 said...

Hey,..Yoo, hows' it goin? I have yet to find an 'About me', you have no communicable I.D. no 'nick' etc. Yoo will have to doo. The first time I came to your blog, I was disappointed to find some ramble about baby-boomer schmaltz. I'm a boomer, who gives a fuck? Anyhoo, I stuck with the drive-bys and dirt! Very good work, very interesting, informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work, your Blog is one of the few that is important to the cause. I look forward to your

love light & peace!


timster said...

Yeah...sorry about the boomer shit. Thanks for the encouragement.

william exsminger said...

We are all palestinians now.Maybe its the natural order of things.Maybe creatures from outer space will land and treat humans the way humans treat animals.It sounds far-fetched but thats exactly whats happening.Humans are programmed to act out whats been acted out on them.The first step to defuse this default position is to recognise and name the pattern so can catch the thoughts that lead to acting out and consciously detach from them emotionally as something that will disintegrate you morally if you go along with it.Like being a prison guard or tsa agent,slaughter house worker,cubicle worker,even a fucking park ranger.At this point anything you do that feeds this zionist beast will help it devour you.One half of the population will gladly incarcerate the other half if the zionist tell them to.Look who profits from private concentration camps in this country and around the world.And they get paid by the head count just like cattle.The bullshit greatest generation that fought wwtoo were schmucks that worshipped authority and did what they were told.Just like us.Its my job to be inhuman in order to feed the beast that is eating you out of house and home through the consfication of your substance and vitality.And when they are done with you you will join the untold millions of others in a pile of burning carcasses.Thats called genocide.The chemicals that make your sons gay are their for that reason because they wont reproduce.The radiation that shred your DNA at airport naked scanners are there for the same reason.Not to protect you but to kill you.

timster said...

I like that..."we are all Palestinians now". It fits.