Sunday, January 24, 2010


Why do I always expect more than directors nowadays seem to be able to give?

If you haven't seen your money, and if your bored some I mean REALLY bored, and it's finally made it to HBO or somewhere cheap...nah...not even then. You have seen it before...a million times.

I should have known that the director of Alien 2(jarheads in space) and Titanic, isn't mentally capable of putting something on film that isn't centered around that tired old "good vs evil and...the cavalry will come and save the day and the very last moment" shit. I mean haven't we gotten beyond all that crap? Please? Anyone?

"Pay the rent" Pay the rent"..." but I can't pay the rent" "I'll pay the rent!"...oh brother.

This movie would have been perfect with just one cut. The last two hours. The animation idea was fabulous...real jaw-dropper for about the first 15 minutes of TOTAL screen saturation. Then my popcorn became more entertaining.
The whole idea of the symbiotic relationship between the plants, the planet and the people was a GREAT idea. Sigourney Weaver even set you up for something OTHER than just another movie with, like 7 hours(well, it seemed that long) of CG battle. But it was not to be. It could have been maybe the symbiosis did not allow the entities within it to be harmed and we could have concentrated on something a bit more thought provoking than violence? Nothing cerebral about this one folks. Munch your popcorn and cheer the good guys...YEAH! I do like Cameron's placement of the jew-like character in charge of the bad guys...but...I kept thinking about the money and effort I often do with blockbusters like this. Do people really like this mundane junk? Aren't they tired of movies that they can predict, down to almost the next line? Are there NO screenwriters left in this world?

Oh...nevermind. I just read the top two highest grossing movies of all time. Titanic...and this turd.

Maybe if I had seen it 3-D...yeah that's was probably a completely different story line. One that was as interesting as it that wasn't as predictable as the price of the popcorn and drinks. .....$12.25

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