Monday, December 28, 2009

The jewish maze, The Lust Boat and Where is the Money?

I have listened and read a lot about the economy recently
as have we all. From scathing interviews with clueless economists to angry(not really) congresscreatures about
unbridled profit mongering and bonuses in the the wall street banks. But in all of this bru-ha-ha(with ephasis on the ha ha), everyone stops at the point in the money maze, where a normal person would ask "WHERE is the money?"
It can't just disappear.

There are famous hedge-mazes all over the world
and they are fun. I have been in a few and like a house of mirrors in a county fair, the feeling of mild panic is a minor thrill along with the cotton-candy your are eating as you make your way through the puzzle. But, as I have been in the midst of these mazes, it always occurs to me that if I had a high vantage point to
see the trails as a whole, it would be simple to negotiate my way to the center of the equation.

I have found, as many out here have, that from that vantage point of anti-semitism, anti-zionism, or just anti-asshole...whatever you wish to call it, one can see much more of the maze and it's twists and turns for what they are, and where they lead.

Bernie(the scammer) and his imminent death and closed-coffin funeral/flight to Tel-Aviv should tell the common person that he along with other thieving zionists are following the moolah to where they all feel that it will do the most israeli coffers. What are they planning for all this US taxpayer money they have stolen and shipped there through various jewish scams? That's anybody's guess, but I am sure it has something to do with another "dirty little war". The answer to that one crucial question would provide a hi
gher vantage point to the maze, if anyone would just ask it. "WHERE IS THE DAMNED MONEY?"...but no one does. Not Bill Moyers, not Alex Jones not We Are one. They keep leading us up this path or down that one to no avail. Hmmm...and we are stuck in the maze. No one wants to tell you to follow the cash.

Little dead ends in the maze can distract and delay us. Even the best of us. Was JFK on the "lust boat" with these honeys during the democratic convention before his election? Was this the photo in the drawer that his handlers threatened/promised him the oval office chair with? Who knows...and more importantly...who cares. Get your vantage point. Watch the jooze in power and follow the money.

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