Tuesday, December 29, 2009


When Kurt Vonnegut hitchhiked his way from Camp Atterbury, home to Indianapolis, having just been mustered out of the second world war...what was on his mind?

Was he thin
king about the fire-storm that he survived in Dresden, war in general or did he realize that the mental notes he had made about these events would turn into a best-seller? When he penned "Slaughter-House Five", did he realize the importance of having been the sole journalist on the scene of the Dresden massacre would win, then lose importance in the Amerikan view of the "good war"?

When it was celebrated as the great war novel, it was quickly shoved into that genus of "leftist" efforts and appreciated only for it's excellence as a novel... with it's historical proportions being tsk...tsk-ed by all reviewers and hence to literary history.

Was he, like his protagonist Billy Pilgrim, naive and unaware of the importance of such a journalistic, not novel observation? I think not. Like he said many times..."Hi-Ho".

I think he was ambivalent about his experiences in the war and his keen mind that judged them. He simply gave up in the face of publishers and well-wishers, the idea that WE were the "AXIS" after all. Who else could be capable of horrific mass-murder on a scale such as Dresden...a city destroyed with no military objective other
than terrorism? To take such observations to their logical conclusion might have brought this journalist/novelist's career to an early end. I can't say I blame him for throwing a "sucker-punch" and leaving it at that.

But it says much about the "winner" status. The winners write the history, they say. We are living that even now. With god-only-knows how many holohoax museums from Auschwitz to Alaska...the lies are forever present...formulating the next "good war".

Monday, December 28, 2009

The jewish maze, The Lust Boat and Where is the Money?

I have listened and read a lot about the economy recently
as have we all. From scathing interviews with clueless economists to angry(not really) congresscreatures about
unbridled profit mongering and bonuses in the the wall street banks. But in all of this bru-ha-ha(with ephasis on the ha ha), everyone stops at the point in the money maze, where a normal person would ask "WHERE is the money?"
It can't just disappear.

There are famous hedge-mazes all over the world
and they are fun. I have been in a few and like a house of mirrors in a county fair, the feeling of mild panic is a minor thrill along with the cotton-candy your are eating as you make your way through the puzzle. But, as I have been in the midst of these mazes, it always occurs to me that if I had a high vantage point to
see the trails as a whole, it would be simple to negotiate my way to the center of the equation.

I have found, as many out here have, that from that vantage point of anti-semitism, anti-zionism, or just anti-asshole...whatever you wish to call it, one can see much more of the maze and it's twists and turns for what they are, and where they lead.

Bernie(the scammer) and his imminent death and closed-coffin funeral/flight to Tel-Aviv should tell the common person that he along with other thieving zionists are following the moolah to where they all feel that it will do the most good...to israeli coffers. What are they planning for all this US taxpayer money they have stolen and shipped there through various jewish scams? That's anybody's guess, but I am sure it has something to do with another "dirty little war". The answer to that one crucial question would provide a hi
gher vantage point to the maze, if anyone would just ask it. "WHERE IS THE DAMNED MONEY?"...but no one does. Not Bill Moyers, not Alex Jones not We Are Change...no one. They keep leading us up this path or down that one to no avail. Hmmm...and we are stuck in the maze. No one wants to tell you to follow the cash.

Little dead ends in the maze can distract and delay us. Even the best of us. Was JFK on the "lust boat" with these honeys during the democratic convention before his election? Was this the photo in the drawer that his handlers threatened/promised him the oval office chair with? Who knows...and more importantly...who cares. Get your vantage point. Watch the jooze in power and follow the money.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dark Passage...it's YOUR Fault

"We're all afraid of only three things. Embarrassment, pain and death..."

That line from Dark Passage, delivered by the evil back-alley surgeon to Bogie in the 1947 film-noire
classic "Dark Passage" hit me like a ton of bricks when I first saw it. I thought "is that true?" I plotted through all the myriad of fears that seem to plague mankind...and he was right. What an epiphany.

As I have stated here before, I live for old movies. They show us the psyche of the times, the emerging amorality of the jooze that ran(and still do) the studio movie-machine AND they were entertaining.

The good doctor hit the nail on the head...he knew, as the powers-that-be know now that we will do most anything as a society and as individuals to avoid the big three. Fear of death is obvious. It rules our most rudimentary behaviour and is ingrained in the aptly named "self-preservation" instinct. It is basic. Fear of pain takes on a host of sub-catagories..from dentists to grief to a fist-fight, we will do a lot to avoid or postpone such events.

But fear of embarrassment, there is where they have us.Our leaders certainly use the power of our fears of death and pain, however....as I have mapped all the fears in our lives, I find that fear of embarrassment is the most powerful of them all. Bear with me here. As innocuous as they may seem, the fears of seeming stupid, uncaring, callous, politically incorrect or generally different from the rest of the herd, exert an horrific influence on us all. Negative control of that influence of "group-think" can produce the behaviour that we see in the world today. When we give this sensitive fear-of-embarrassment phenomenon over to MSNBC and their ilk, we have given them the reins of our lives.

So what do we do when we choose to reason things out for ourselves and come up with different conclusions than the groups to which we ostensibly belong...like family, work and community? We find groups that are more like us to join and not only pool our like-minded views, but to ease that "fear" of embarrassment.

Over the years, I have become and "embarrassment" and a subject of raised eyebrows to my family and communities. "Here he goes again about the jews", or 9/11 or politics in general (we all look for converts) Certainly, that causes me some embarrassment, but I find solace knowing that I have another community here in which my opinions are taken with more interest. No one in her family really wants to hear about how your Aunt Hattie did pearl-one knit-two, except her knitting group. Same thing. We all find our groups that understand and empathize with us. I can't say I care much for knitting, but human suffering is important to me. Perhaps too important.

It's YOUR fault!
When bygone memes are demonized...burning of fossil fuels to get to work, thinking homosexuality is a bit disgusting, thinking that Muslims are just people with a different religion and the like(you all know the "political-correctness" drill),
we readily accept blame for having been so insensitive as to have held these practices in any esteem before the talking heads told us no-no. We as the herd are blamed for everything imaginable by our leaders and their media while they remain above reproach. Fine. But there comes a point...a critical mass in which the fear of embarrassment is going to come within sight of the fear of pain and death. When that moment happens in the human herd, as in lower animals there will be a temporary period of chaos, splitting into groups and a "dark passage" into a different age....a sort of New World Order.

I, for one, am ALL in favor of a new world order...as long as the order is changed from the bottom-up. Change to a world that works to repress these basic fears, not exploit them.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Integrity, the Goat and Revolt...

My mother liked to tell the story of her mother and the goat.

Her family were farmers and as she told it, her mother once tied a goat that she wanted to sell to a for-sale sign in the front of the house. A woman stopped by and asked my Grandmother how much she wanted for the animal and also asked her "what's the matter with it?" She told the woman "five dollars, and there's nothing wrong with it". As the woman began examining the beast she asked again "are you sure there's nothing wrong with it?" Grandma answered. "Lady, when I die someday and I get to the pearly-gates, I don't want a goat blocking my way in".
I remember distinctly, asking what she meant by that, the first time I heard it as a child because my mother answered with a phrase that she repeated to me over the years and has stayed with me: "If you have nothing else, have the courage of your convictions"

Notwithstanding the religious reference... Integrity...there is a hell of a philosophy there. If you were to dangle any kind of religion before me, you wouldn't get a nibble. But this life as some sort of test?...I'll bite on that one. It has something to do with free will. When can't you afford to live as your conscience tells you? And how far will you go to assure the entrance into your own personal heaven? I look at people like Rachel Corrie and Fredrick Toben and so many others that in these troubled times have the courage of their convictions and are afraid of no retribution for acting on their views. Those that face imprisonment and death itself for what they know is right should humble us all.

I have noticed an edge in the landscape of the alternative news and opinion pages. That edge is becoming more and more distinct as we see the world for what it actually is, and share our visions. That edge is revolution. Few if any have yet to call us over it. But I fear it is not the civil revolution that we all preach and hope against hope will defeat the powers of those in charge at this moment in history. It is the violent one. I am reminded of the scene from "V" in which the head of the police when asked what he thinks will happen next, replies that someone will "make a mistake". Too many people out there like that movie...and for angry reasons. If it happens that way, for whatever reasons...food riots...bank riots...we can only hope that it isn't taken down to that violent level of the oppressors themselves and that the goat of our convictions is not forsaken.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Feel Good...

I don't give to charity, as a rule. I stopped doing that-if I ever did, I don't remember-a long time ago when I knew this guy that was literally on his last meal. He had nowhere to turn and knew he was destined soon to move into a cardboard villa overlooking the river. This friend imparted to me some time later, I'm sure because of embarrassment, that in desperation, he had gone to the huge United Way building downtown in hopes of some help. Feeling out of place in the resplendent lobby, and fishing for a way to ask the receptionist for some sort of assistance, she alleviated the awkwardness of the moment by speaking first. "Sir, you will have to leave".
When he asked if this wasn't a charitable organization where he could perhaps get a meal or a place to sleep for a few nights till he got work, she told him in no uncertain terms that they didn't do that sort of thing in that building...and again to "please leave".

Of course I did everything I could to help and he eventually got back on his feet, but the memory of that humiliation he endured always stuck in my head. I have been "charity-shy" ever since.

Today I went down to the store to get peanuts for the squirrels. On the way I passed a woman in her mid-30's that was a dead-ringer for one of those photo-essay subjects of the first Great Depression. She was shabbily dressed, standing in the cold and holding a cardboard sign that I didn't even read...I knew what it said by looking at her. I got the peanuts, but all the while in the store, the image of her worry-worn face bothered me. Perhaps it was supposed to. Anyway, on the way home, I purposely went around through parking lots and down a side street to come up to her corner again and rolled down the window to push a ten at her. She god-blessed me and all, but then I noticed her eyes. They looked as if they had been weeping for years. Not redness. Not puffy. But the saddest eyes I have ever seen in person. It shook me by the shoulders as I drove off.

Did I feel better as you are supposed to when helping those less fortunate? I suppose, in a sad way.
Was she as she appeared? Did she just need another drink? Was it a scam? I dunno, but I guess that doesn't matter. Whatever she was...maybe the ten helped. I know her eyes will haunt me into humility for a long time to come.

It's starting to snow again. Merry Christmas every one...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old Guys and Change for the Worse...

I try. I really do try not to be like my parents were, about change.

I was reminded a while ago that my ravings were reminiscent of the "you young whippersnappers!" of yesteryear. I remember those reactions to our generation. I remember dismissing them. I remember thinking..."oh dude, you are soooo old...you just don't get it".

When I recently heard that kind of observation about me from someone my age...I stopped dead in my tracks...and had to think about that one for a while. Am I that transparent? Have I fallen prey to my age and have now become..here it comes..."resistant to change"? That phrase, as anyone that has been employed in the last 20 years can tell you, is the ultimate anathema to those struggling to maintain political correctness(and their job). It's a stinging slap in the face. It hurts.....and more importantly...it works. A manager can use those three little words to get just about anything they want done. It's micro-management at it's best. No one wants to be accused of it. No one wants to be assessed as clinging to the past or the tried-and-true. It's comparable to being called anti-semitic....and just about as valid.

Having been accused of that one too many times in my business career, it occurred to me to retort in a meeting once..."no, I am not resistant to a change for the better, I would welcome it"...and that seems to have filtered into my views of the world as a whole. When an off-hand comment of this caliber is hurled my way, I find myself applying that meter to the issue...is it a change for the better?

You might say "better" is subjective, but I say that there is a universal common-sense morality that can place "better" in perspective. Peace is better than war. Understanding is better than bigotry and blind hatred...and so on.

Back in the '60's, we "freaks"(NO we were not damned "hippies"), of course did not see eye-to-eye with our parents. But we DID connect with our Grandparents. That always puzzled me. Why could our folks not see what was clear to theirs? It dawned on me years later that our parents were caught up in the "change for change sake" of the post-war era and our Grandparents knew better...as did we. Our parent's generation was sold something that was not a change for the better. They were sold a shiny used car that couldn't actually run and get them where they wanted to go. It was so obvious to us kids, that it just seemed to be "common sense" that materialism was a very BAD mistake. We reveled in our peaceful wisdom which was against the grain. It was fun and fun-loving. It provided us with a rebellion and, before it was spoiled by the establishment's provocateurs (the abbie hoffmans , jerry rubins and yippies) and distorted by the money-media, we lived in a dream world of our ancestors. We truly believed that we could defeat the powers that be, by wishing them peace. Little did we know that peace was the last thing they wanted.

Our parents were ripe for "change". They had endured the Great Depression as children and a devastating world-war as adults...any change had to be for the better...right? Well, we are reaping the horrible effects of THAT "change" even now. Our "change" was purchased and locked away. Was all this engineered from the top down? Of course, but that's a different post.

I can tell how old the moderators and writers of the web's alternative sites are. The shadow of that by-gone era of wanting change for the better and not just change...lingers on with us "old guys".

Friday, December 18, 2009

The New World Order...and a Bean Supper

Illumi-what-us? Oh please. Freemasonry plotting a new world order? HAHAHA... I'm sorry...and I know this is going to lose me a lot of readers...but.

"I" was asked to join the Masons not
long ago...ME. One of the come-ons besides a fancy gold de-coder ring was a free pass to the annual bean supper up in Hooterville. Yes, I live in the Mud-west of Amerika. This particular lodge was probably unaware that their order was planning a world-wide military take over to enslave the folks down at the Masonic Bingo Hall very soon. Damn...and they seemed like such nice old guys too!...tsk, tsk...who'da thunk?

I have noticed that all the megaphone screamers(Alex you know who you are) have now combined these mostly farmers and their little-boy secret club, with an ancient silly cult from, what? ...the iron age? Now the two are in league to rule us all! No. R-e-a-l-l-y! The Illumi-whatsus and Jim down at the feed store!

It would seem that the Freemasons have a long history of terrorizing millions and the Illumi-who-who, well, there's no telling just what THEY'RE gonna get up to. Like that camp where they all go and sacrafice a bottle of gin or two every summer, to their pagan god...I forget his name..(and after a fifth of gin, I'll wager even his followers do too).

Why is it that seemingly intelligent people fall for this load of clap-trap while yiddish ponzi-schemers are stealing them blind and bankrupting the nation? While Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed from their own land and two major wars are killing and displacing millions...for israel... they follow a paid loudmouth over a cliff chasing some booga-booga cult. As the zionists say themselves..."we will wage war by deception".

Folks!!!! They...the zionist jews...the REAL evil club... are right there in your face! They hold the mortgage on your house, they control what you think of as news and entertainment and they don't give a shit about you! They pay off congress and Alex Jones and Mike Rivero and Amy Freakin-Goodman! And they DON'T have secret handshakes. What they DO have is an indoctrinated body of insanely greedy and power-hungry racist assholes. They murder people every day and the alternative news blogs are telling you the illumi-no-nos are secretly sacrificing goats!

Well...at least with the Freemasons...you will get a bean supper out of the deal. Hi-Ho.

Sometimes people amaze me...

"US President Barack Obama has signed the foreign aid budget law for 2010 which includes the granting of $2.775 billion in security aid to Israel."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I am here because

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." William Shakespeare

Click picture for Rachel's 5th grade speech...

I Had a Friend...

Many people have asked me over the years, why I have so much vitriol for all things jewish.

There are three reasons. Firstly, I hate bullies. I feel that we have all been bullied enough by this tribe. I have only disdain for anyone that pushes their point of view with money, influence, lies and violence. Therein describes the history of this disgusting cult. The examples of this sordid behavior can be found anywhere by anyone that wishes to verify it. It has been non-stop for a few hundred years all over the planet, and though much effort has been expended by this band of miscreants to conceal jewish dealings throughout history, it is thinly veiled.

Secondly, I can't stand lies. I never could. Don't try to deceive me, it insults my intelligence...especially when the deceptions are so easily revealed for what they are.

Lastly, when I was a teenager I had a friend, much older than myself, that had lived an exceptionally eventful life...far beyond the common-place experiences I had under my belt at such a young age. He was German and had lived through some hellish times as a child during the first years of the second world war. About the time when I knew this man is when jews in America were just beginning to market their "holocaust" stories. Naturally having been cursed with a social conscience myself, I turned to him for first-hand accounts of this hidden history of devastation that had been visited upon the innocent jews in the war.

He was entirely forth-coming about his childhood memories and this is the gist of what he said: "we didn't know". When I showed him the coffee-table books of all the "death-camp" photos he said "how do you know all those bodies are jewish ones?" and "these bodies looked starved to me...not gassed or injured."
His Mother had enlisted him in the Hitler Jungend and he had faded pictures of himself in his little uniform and told me how much it was like our boy-scouts and how fun it was.

"..And they say that all this horror was going on in Germany and Poland right under our noses?" he asked me. Over the next few years in our conversations, and as he became more and more skeptical about the whole holocaust movement, he told me that he too had lost a loved one in one of the "labor camps" during the war...his father.
He told me that his father had been arrested in Berlin early-on in the war and that at first his father's letters home were almost daily. Then they dwindled to nothing and he and his Mother were eventually notified that he had died of a disease that was rampant in that particular camp. The camp was Bergen-Belsen.

In the last real conversation we had about this subject, he told me this: " There's one thing you have to understand about us jews...we can be very hurtfully deceitful when we want to be"...and "don't believe everything you read about this...I was there, my father died there...I don't believe any of this really happened the way they say."

This made a huge impression on me then..and has remained thus in this age of the "holohoax" religion/cash-cow. He was a gentle soul and a good friend. Everything he told me has been borne out over the years in my study of the subject.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't Take Nothin From Nobody..and The Value of Old Movies

Way back when....before they invented the holohoax...say pre-1960's, American movies, on the whole, were a joy to watch. They entertained, they made us laugh, they made us think and they made sense. Our films were America thumbing it's nose at the world. Their content was uniquely American and driven by box-office, which was driven by the country's conscience. The world knew where we were coming from, by going down to their movie house on a Saturday evening and beholding what we valued above all.

Jews own hollyweird.

Everyone knows it. They always have, and unfortunately will continue to run it far into the future. Before the 60's, and "shoa-business" though,(when these owners slowly began dictating to audiences what would draw the biggest box-office profits) hollyweird was a slave to common decency. We had established the Hayes code, but more often than not, the market itself drove the content of cinema. Every big movie had characters that you could like, or at least empathize with. Every one(with few exceptions) had a discernible plot and a morality consistent with middle America. Most all movies were of the "feel-good" genera. Of course there were exceptions...but the above were the rules. There were countless references to jews being nothing less than "saintly"...like commercials for the sponsors,... but these references, like so many magazine ads could be easily discarded while concentrating on the point of the films.
I miss these movies. I miss being truly entertained. Even though I wasn't alive during the heyday of these films, I can revel in the long forgotten "one-ness" of those times as preserved on celluloid. Before we became addicted to the filthy and self-indulgent slice-of-life garbage...before we were so easily entertained by glitzy no-content wastes of the medium...we enjoyed a celebration of life on film. Now we can only look back in fondness or seek truly entertaining cinema from other countries where the amoral judaic influence is not so pervasive.

So of course, my advice is not to take it. Don't patronize that with which you do not agree. There are plenty of old films available...look elsewhere for entertainment and the affirmation of your morality and let hollyweird drown in their profits...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cognitive Dissonance Part Two, or The Debilitating Disease "Social Conscience"

A friend read my latest entry here and asked the inevitable question.."what the hell does that mean?"
Being perhaps too lazy to look it up, he was confused. The phrase means: an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two differing ideas simultaneously.

Aren't we all there? To a degree? I mean we look at the world today(I won't attempt here to describe the horrors of the world as it has become) and shake our heads...then go to work, eat, sleep...take care of our kids and generally just try to get along. We don't like what we see and fewer and fewer events that happen around us inspire anything more than disgust...and an uneasy feeling of disparity. Do some of us think "Well, yeah...things generally suck, and perhaps the way I'm living is contributing to it"? But there you are. As Kurt Vonnegut used to say: "Hi-Ho".

I was born with a terminal affliction...a social conscience. I envy those without this congenital malady. No one in my family had it. I don't think it's hereditary. The only thing that seems to temporarily ease the pain of this condition is hammering on these little keys. I wish I didn't have to. I wish I could just go about my business...if I had any...blissfully unaware of the world around me...not caring that I see them unloading pods from the back of a truck downtown on a sunny Saturday morning.

When most people will tsk..tsk such goings on, my disease compels me to run through the streets screaming "DON'T YOU PEOPLE SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

Anyway...getting back to the confusing phrase. I like the words "uncomfortable feeling". An apt description. It seems those of us with a S/C don't EVER seem to be comfortable with the dichotomy of opposing feelings we hold. We, in our perhaps warped perceptions, feel that NO one should. And there is the rub. As an alcoholic doesn't understand why everyone doesn't feel moved to drink themselves into a coma, those with a S/C don't understand how the rest of the world can live with themselves while injustice and atrocity abound.

But I am going to change. I'm going on the wagon. I am going to try to understand how those around me live more "comfortably" with their cognitive dissonance, and do my best to emulate them.

Just go to sleep she says...it doesn't hurt.

Photo of Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter In "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fundamental Prejudice... or is Hate OK?

On the sad anniversary of the death of John Lennon...author of such great tunes as "Baby your a rich fag jew", the following is dedicated.

Several people visiting my page have commented that they see it as just another hate-filled,
anti-semitic rant blog like thousands out there with nothing new to add and nothing positive to contribute.

Well, I would have to disagree with the last part of that observation, but let's examine the first part.

I agree that I harbor a great deal of hatred toward the "ass-clowns" of this world. The fact that so many of these folks happen to be jewish is not a coincidence. Yes, when I hear or read that someone in the media is the offspring of "holocaust survivors", or find that someone has changed their name from say, Zimmerman to Dylan or
Leibowitz to Stewart...they are automatically on my bad side. I am not going to listen to them. Very little, if anything can rectify that. I don't think I have missed much by following this policy. Maybe this is because of my age...or maybe I have just had enough....or both.

I believe that many decades into the future, if history is ever taught objectively, that the last 50 to 75 years will be known as "the age of the jew". I don't know how this age will turn out finally, but I can see the way it's going. For my part, they have had their say. I don't care to listen to anymore lies. I don't feel compelled to take part in their disgusting entertainment, or hear their skewed arguments regarding anything. I have heard it for as long as I can remember. As they would say....enough already.

I could tell you that only three zionist conglomerates own virtually every media company in the US, and that jews control the economy of most of the world's countries, but you probably already know that. What I will say is that they have had their chance and they blew it. If this is what they were working toward...this world of shit...then I would say it's time to move on.
I could also tell you that organized jewry has been kicked out of the countries of the world 109 times. People, they weren't banished for just standing around being jews. There were reasons, and if you just look around you today, you will see them. "The most persecuted people in the history of the world", they say. I agree. Although it seems everyone that makes that statement, mis-pronounces and misspells that word...it's "prosecuted", not persecuted... BIG difference.

Is this jewish "culture" and the traits of which I speak, inherited? Of course not...it's taught. When I was growing up with and around the homes of jewish kids it was obvious to me. There were jews and there were goyim. Never the twain shall meet. They were separate and unequal...and that was taught in their homes...never assimilate, but dominate. It is pervasive in kosher homes. The air of superiority in this phony-ass religion is disgusting at best, and is passed down from generation to generation.

Are there good jews? Of course. Jews are people(and as Bugs said: "you know what stinkers THEY can be")...no better and no worse than anyone else. As with most problems of the world, it is how people are raised and what they are taught that makes them what they are.

So, yes I have a fundamental prejudice against the adherents to that ancient filthy cult, perhaps even more so than any other religion of the world. All religion sucks. Judaism wrote the book on it. I believe there is nothing wrong with this kind of "hatred" and here's hoping for 110.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ground Rules.
This will serve as a set of steadfast reference points to which my readers may want to return from time to time to clarify
any confusion brought about by my ravings. Look at these rules of engagement as a baseline set of explanations, as those that you might wish
"modern artists" would write down and hand out as you enter their gallery...."When I use a huge blob of orange
paint, it means suffering...when I make squiggly lines over a an old photograph it means my brother-in-law has big feet..." Things like that.
So as opposed to the concept of "what do YOU think it means?", these tenets will help to fully explain the basis from which my opinions
spring. So if some of my allusions seem initially unclear...refer back to these instructions

1. I am a self-confessed anti-semite. Or, I should say I have been labeled such....because I do not recognize israel as anything more than a terrorist camp
inside a country that was once called Palestine. I am fed to the teeth with the jewish culture as it pervades all forms of media in this hell-hole of a country
in which I live. I am repulsed by most things amerikan and I blame the jewish culture for this. If you as a reader are not disgusted on a
daily basis...you are not paying attention. I reject the whole notion of the "holocaust". It didn't happen, and I like most people with the ability
for critical thought, am hella tired of the 24/7 out-pouring of propaganda and lies trying to prop up this dark jewish fairy tale.

2. Democracy is a scam.
This country is NOT a GOD DAMNED democracy! We are and always have been a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUPLIC! Say it with me: "I pledge allegiance
to the flag of the united snakes of amerika and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands". Our founders warned us about becoming a democracy....anyone remember the Roman Empire? Democracy
is the rule of the mob....a mob that can be as easily swayed by scum-sucking politics as sheep can be herded by a mongrel. A republic is the rule of LAW as written in a CONSTITUTION! Any questions?

3. ALL religion is a scam.

4. ALL war is a scam

5. ALL monetary systems are scams...we don't need them.

6. My dog's face looks exactly like Buster Keaton.

7. I mourn the loss of John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Rachel Corrie...constantly.

8. I use dot-dot-dot, dashes, quotation marks and sentence fragments A LOT. I think this is probably homage to past english teachers that always told me not to....or I see the written word as visually as e.e. cummings.

9. I expect this blog, when fully disseminated...to change the world as we know it....because...

10. I am god. And everyone and everything contained within the reality of this little planet is merely the creation of my rather vivid imagination.

That about covers the ground rules...so if you have any doubt about where I am coming from...refer back to these edicts....and your confusion will melt
away as butter on toast.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Let this serve as a warning. As this site continues, it will contain mild computer-generated violence, strong anti-semitism, caffeine-induced ranting and flaming, praise for the politically incorrect, no-holds-barred filth and a little fun thrown in. The fun will be stolen vids...music mostly. I take full responsibility for the content herein...if you can find me.