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Why News?

Okay. It's been a dog's age since I posted on this site. I own that. 
My last written post stated that I just didn't care anymore. 
Well, that's true to a certain extent.True enough to get me here...over a year has passed since I imparted my infinite wisdom. And it's not true. Let's say my concern is more 'casual' than it has ever been before in my life, concerning the way of the world. And 'news'.
Whether it is the lying MSM scare tactics or (the almost as bad), unsubstantiated opining of the alternative web-based citizen journalism, I guess what caused this unprecedented hiatus of mine has been...well...I don't get it. I don't understand the need or purpose of 'news'. And if you don't understand something, it is easy to make a fool of yourself to judge the relevance of it. So I stopped.
My, along with most all(as far as I can see)online protestation of who-shot-who, and six bucks will get you a cup of coffee...not much else. And that makes sense.

I know. You are saying "you've GOT to care", but I just can't find it in my makeup anymore to give a shit, one way or another; about who was bombed, what some politician said, what policy has just come into effect, or any other news.
News has a REALLY short shelf-life. And I don't have time to be chasing my tail trying to keep up with it. It's exhausting. If some jerk were to come to my front door dressed in women's clothes and a 3-day-old beard and tell me I have to invite him in to dinner and love him/her for what 'they' are, I'm afraid I would only stop laughing in its face long enough to punch it off my doorstep. It has to get that personal with me anymore.
Over the years on this blog, I have tried desperately to point out angrily that this is the age of the jew and that we should deal with it on every level. As individuals. As a group. Not the jew's reign...just my concern with it. If a jew car salesman lies to me about a purchase of an auto, I would still take him to task. He would receive my anger in kind. But if some rabbi in israhell states that all goyim must be hung up by their privates....well, ya just gotta grin at that one.
But I digress. What I want to relate...and maybe this can help you in your quandary. Journalism serves NO purpose whatsoever. Or if it does I wish someone would point out to me where it does. It is gossip on a grander scale. Period. And as much fun as it is to hear about the town 'pump' and her latest intrigues, it serves little if no purpose in the scope of my daily life, unless it affects me personally(as in, I might think about sampling her wares if she is available some night). If history, the type that isn't written by winners of wars, is to be believed and understood, not many people have concerned themselves in their historic creations and revelations out of concern for their fellow human. It just so happened that a whole hell of a lotta folks got quite a bit of benefit from their efforts. Mozart loved to party and had a vision of music all his own. Van Gogh saw the way paint should marry to canvas.
Most beneficent leaders in history rose to power due to nefarious vanity. And these are the important ones to which our progeny have been exposed. And rightly so. Because they were concerned more about what they had a passion for, rather than who was assassinated yesterday(unless it caused a war that hampered their creative efforts). These are models. The ones after which one should pattern our own existence. Detached from everything worldly to the point that they made a difference that they neither strove for nor cared about. But you don't have to be an artist, musician or diplomat to achieve such goals.

Several of my former readers have voiced everything from disgust to sympathy for my lack of posting. I'm flattered. But not to the point of continuing the jew-baiting that kept the site alive so long. There's enough of that out here. And I'm getting older...and dare I say...a bit wiser. It is just the jew's age right now. A blink in earth's(let alone cosmic)time. It is of very little consequence.Most know that jews are the scum of the earth. At this point in history. At another point, the Catholic church was. Then there were the Mongol hoards, the Roman infinitum. I think we all need to step back a few steps. The scum is always scraped off eventually.

"But the death and destruction!" you say. It ain't me and it ain't you(if you are reading this). And it calls into question 'Carlinism'. 
The more the better. I have dodged a few bullets and blunt objects in my time. Everyone must. There is the fact that trees grown in enclosed buildings can be pushed over with just a gentle nudge. They have never been tried by the elements. They have never had to sink Their roots low to keep them standing. And yet we bitch and dream of effortless 'peaceful' lives. Artists worth their salt must suffer. Anyone of any value to themselves and their families must suffer.
Some speak of the 'ineffable'(nod to Les). That is dangerous in my view. It's pie in the sky no matter which way it shakes out. It works for some...usually those that have dodged too many bullets. But it is still a closed door to me. Like a house-cat, I like all doors open. I wanna see my options.
But again, I digress. News. It is a tool of control. It takes you out of your life, when it doesn't concern your life...for the most part. It is not important. Don't you believe it. If someone tries to chip you, politely decline. If a TSA agent wants to  fondle your willy, punch him in the teeth. Life's pretty simple that way.
They say that the philosopher Diogenes lived without possessions save the barrel in which he dwelt. When Alexander the great came to his abode on the ground, he asked the cynic if there was anything he could do for him. Diogenes is said to have replied, "yes, move a little to the are blocking the sun". Now that's what I'm talking about. Or is that clear enough for you? Short of being the prophet that some are looking for nowadays...perhaps this will serve.

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I Don't Care Anymore

I have had this blog going for 7-8 years and have enjoyed millions of hits and comments from you folks. I have also been writing less and less over the past year or so because, put very simply, I care less and less about the subject matter which I chose as a theme for my ranting. So much less that only the die-hard followers of this site will even read this missive.'s been since December of last year since I last posted. That should(and probably does) tell you that my enthusiasm is waning. But my enthusiasm is waning considering most things including my efforts here. Perhaps I've reached that time in life where enterprises lose their 'pith and moment'. I dunno.

Such times come.
Whether or not this jew said or did this or that, just doesn't seem to concern me much anymore. Not that I condone such tribal goings-on, but I no longer feel the weight of it all. I'm not going to save the world or even a little portion of it. Maybe you can. You are doing a pretty good job of it, I see. Attacking all political correctness efforts and making them fight a multi-front war. It is working. When the infection is washed away, only that which infects remains. Standing alone and naked. 
I won't be around to see that, but maybe it is nature's way. To slow and change perspective at the last. Again, I dunno. But it feels right. And it is more than that. I don't feel that I'm in any position to give anyone advice about anything. Perhaps I did at one point. Perhaps being the arrogant prick that I am, that it was part-and-parcel. I dunno. But I did impart such spurious wisdom. Some of you listened. Some were offended...some agreed. Few, I think, were enlightened in the least. This effort in its first incarnation turned out to be more of an exercise in vanity than a platform for espousing revelations about tribal hi-jinx. But maybe that can all change.
In its next phase(yes, I will keep it open and pay the hosting fees) I
have envisioned a 'Reddit of Antisemitism'. A place for comments on the un-moderated and self-regulated discussion forum on the subject. You are invited to discuss anything concerning the disgusting synagogue of Satan, ad infinitum. But, come to think of it, since it won't be moderated by anyone but you, it could become a forum for discussion of fly-fishing. That's up to you. Essentially, I pay for your thoughts. If it gets off track, or becomes irrelevant, you have no one to blame but yourselves. I have no more wisdom to impart or spankings to mete out. Under such a new policy, it will be a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. Let's see what you do with it. No holds barred. You decide who are the good-guys and who are the bad guys. 

You decide everything.
Maybe this thing will go viral...and by my abstention...become important. Maybe it will die on the vine. 
You can still use my site's blog-roll in any event(which by my perusal of feedjit, quite a few still do). can put my money where your mouth is. Up to you. As I said up there...I don't care anymore. Maybe you do.

So here are the rules: There are none.

Comment on this post. I'm going to fix it so there is no moderation at all. Hopefully no anti-bot algorithms. Say anything you want.
If it goes well, I will change the format to look more like a forum. Until such time, comment away. Have fun. Help change things...or not.
LMK by your comments.


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Now This Is Just Getting Silly

As with reality TV and professional wrestling, the latest few 'mass shootings' are so predictable, that in the back of the public's mind they know that it isn't real, but it's entertaining nonetheless.
My thoughts and prayers...are laughing out loud. Not going to some crisis actor's family.  We have gone full circle from the ancient Roman bloody entertainments to fictional random acts of violence that will quickly be ascribed to which ever alphabet terrorist group de jour. I cannot believe that people actually believe all this horseshit performed for the duller of mentalities out here. Which in itself, is an oxymoron.
And speaking of morons, those perpetrating these body-slams must realize by now that the 'shock value' is wearing a bit thin. It is soon approaching the point that only the thickest of the thick will even give a shit about some 'senseless killing', let alone believe it. 
While giggling about the carnage of innocent victims from the latest San Berdu hoax, it occurred to me that the reason that there are always...and I mean ALWAYS...terrorist related drills coincidentally going on as the same time as these ersatz booga-booga spectacles, is that damage control just might be needed in the area in case some nutter actually believes this is really happening and attempts to get in on the action. That would detract from the melodrama;and nutters are difficult to parade on JNN and claim that Allah made him do it. You can't always control a nutter. Real people say the damnedest things.

They tend to blow your cover, so to speak, and then you have to find some way to shut them up.
But we were talking about wrestling and unreality TV. And I'm gonna change my whole attitude about all this theater. I want more!
I want to see dead bodies gushing chicken blood and swat team members being mowed down in the streets. I want to see more ambulances carrying mannequins to fictional hospitals and weeping mothers. I wanna see them trot out all the terror that they can afford to stage. Cause it ain't me. And it ain't likely to be. I'm not drawing a paycheck from some nefarious government agency to wail at my loss on nationwide talmud-vision. But I bet I'd be good at it. At least I know enough to wipe my nonexistent tears from the inside of the eye and not the outside.
But I said...this is getting silly. So I'm gonna go with the flow. But I'm gonna cheer the bad guys. It's more fun. And since in this yiddish theater, they always HAVE to win...well, it's cheering for the right team, yes? I'm with Carlin on this one. I look forward to human misery. Misery caused by stupidity. And gullibility. More death and mayhem, I say. I long ago lost any kind of belief in what they tell me happened actually happened. It didn't. I'll wager my best bass plug on that one.
So, I invite you to join me in the fun. Laughter is the best medicine, right? We all need more medicine. Howl with laughter over the televised carnage. It's there for your entertainment after all. Seeing the hilarity of it is just another way to enjoy it.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Calling Bullshit

Please excuse Timster's absence from class recently. He has been ill. Or busy. Or distracted.
~ Timster's Mother

Remember when you went back to school with that type of hand-written note pinned to your sweater for your teacher? No. You probably don't. I guess they don't do that anymore. Mrs.(or Mr.) Mom now texts the security division of the local children's penitentiary with a detailed explanation of why her child was recently absent. I guess. *sigh*
Anyway, I have been driven inside to sulk by inclement weather and thought I should put down a few thoughts that have been rattling around up there.
Bullshit. I love calling it. We all love to hear it called. We all love seeing weak or fabricated arguments fall before logic and facts. And we love those that can facilitate such defeat. I guess that's why I started this site. The more I can help folks navigate through deceit, the more I like myself(which is getting increasingly difficult). But there are other reasons.
It's fun. In can be profitable. Call bullshit for fun and profit. Could be a cottage industry. It has been the staple of writers and satirists from Shakespeare to Carlin. We all need that kind of course-correcting. We need it more than ever at this point in history. And we have more tools for the task than ever. When
Johnny got his gun in wars gone by, he heard little other than Huns-spearing-babies type of propaganda before he enlisted. There were no other outlets for disseminating facts about coming conflicts other than the media that wanted the conflict in the first place. There was no common community of mankind that we have now, like here on the information highway. But there is even still a huge difference between information and facts. Information often takes the form of a narrative, and a narrative can and is often slanted or exaggerated to benefit the narrator. But you know all this.

I was talking about bullshit. And calling it. A lot of it has to do with timing. You couldn't, for instance, call bullshit on organized religion during the Spanish inquisition(which no one expected). It would have got you burned at the stake. That had to wait a while. You couldn't have called bullshit on war and defending some phony-baloney flag's honor during the height of either of the World Wars. That took the slow almost unnoticeable inklings of a Wilfred Owen or Smedley Butler to get it rolling.
So to paraphrase the old adage "Comedy equals tragedy plus time" I would postulate "Calling bullshit requires less and less time, all the time". So I guess that is the period we are approaching. Instant bullshit calling. "There was a horrible shooting this morning on the campus of..." Bullshit. "The dictator of this small unfortunate country is pulling out the fingernails of all of his subjects..." Bullshit."The stock market plunged today due to speculator credit purchases..." Bullshit.
See? It's fun. And easier than it ever has been.
So in keeping with that spirit, I will venture a few that may be just an instant or two before their time has come:

Science is fact. Bullshit.
Tolerance of homosexuality is the natural order of things and
not driven by a political agenda. Bullshit.
There are a few humans that understand the nature of human existence more than you do. Bullshit.
Technology benefits mankind. Bullshit.
Life is worth living. Bullshit.
All life is sacred. Bullshit
Judaism is a religion. Bullshit.

I could go on like this for hours. But I think you get the point.
I guess that I have come to a point, personally, at which I am of the firm conviction that nothing matters much. But it's fun to watch it all. And call as much bullshit as I can.
Beyond anger. Beyond indignation. Beyond surprise. 

"Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.


Friday, August 7, 2015


First let me say that I'm surprised by the amount of traffic I get even when I don't post as regularly as I used to. People seem to have a hunger for direction. For something that they think I can provide. For something. I have none of these things. What I do have is a bit too much time on my hands. That should be obvious.

I had an interesting discussion with a gentleman that thinks I should give people like Noam Chomsky some objective consideration. He says that I have reached a 'psychological wall' and that I am truncating my very life by having these blinders in place. That I need to expand my horizons to include things that I have long since excluded. Mostly tribal concerns, I think is what he meant. And that by not allowing such alternative opinions to mine to even be considered, I have become the definition of bigotry. 
Well...this gave me pause. For a couple seconds. Am I a bigot? Have I decided what's what and will brook no denial? Have I made hasty decisions, and as he put it " allowed middle-school gossip" to govern my adult thinking? I wondered if all these things were true...
for a short while, and decided: nah.
Would I be viewed as bigoted if I was living in 12th century France and thought that bacteria could cause disease, and would scoff at religious explanations?
Can anyone that has mapped out a series of decisions about how they view the world, and stick to them, be bigoted necessarily, I wondered. Well, if they are convinced that they are correct in their assessments I suppose they would have the appearance of such narrow-mindedness. But what if they ARE correct? Correct about virtually all important matters that they have critically researched?
Or would my opponent merely state that the research was flawed and designed to produce the outcome such middle-school conclusions. I think it is possible to spin around in wheels of self-doubt, not concluding anything of substance for fear of such labels. Which of course brings us to the slithering shape-shifting beast of 'political correctness'...or fashionable thinking. Conclusions based on the opinions of someone else and their they noble or suspect. But should we question so much? I certainly have over the course of my life so far. As a matter of fact, I can say that I won't generally question anything until someone tells me something about it. But that's just me. And it's why I think that I could never be correctly labeled 'prejudiced'. I have been through a lot of soul-searching over the primary issues about which I have been given these derogatory labels; bigoted, prejudiced, anti-semitic et al. And when I follow a thought through to it's conclusion, one rule of thumb that always seems to assert itself into my thinking is 'common sense'. If for instance someone tells me that 6 million innocent jews were gassed to death in large shower stalls, I want to know how these chambers worked. If you can't show me a simple drawing and specs of these boxes of horror, then I must conclude that you are lying.

If you go crying and wailing that as a woman you demand 'choice' when it comes to abortion, I gotta think that you are right. You should have a choice concerning your own body. The choice of whether or not to open your legs, will usually at some point before pregnancy, present itself. After that, I have to assume that you want me to approve of your 'choice' to kill, rather than be inconvenienced by a poor 'choice' beforehand. Sorry, no sale.
Things like these...opinions of this sort that I harbor...get me into a pickle sometimes. They aren't fashionable nor easily attained by adhering to the opinions shelled out on the MSM. Nothing worth having is easy. But don't take my word for it. I'm a bigot.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In On It...

First, allow me to make amends for having been absent here for so long. Personal issues.
I haven't given up fighting what I see as 'the good fight'. I've been sitting in my corner pouring cold water over my head and having my cuts seen to, figuratively speaking. Even though I haven't posted in about three months, the insults just keep on coming in. Well, that's to be expected. I guess.

Much has been going on since I last talked to you. Most of it bad. Business as usual. And as occasion will have it, some of it good. Or seemingly good. Time will tell about the Iran accord, the expose' on planned abortion-hood and the facts surfacing over the Israeli hand in the downing of MH17. Not to mention the constantly eroding support for that jewish shithole in the eyes of the world. Things could be worse. Things could be much better. 

I have been doing a lot of reading this summer. I just finished "Go Set A Watchman" by none other than Harper Lee herself. I highly recommend it. I won't spoil it for you, but there are several punches to the solar-plexus in it for fans of "To Kill A Mockingbird". I will say that this recently published effort is as well written as the first, but I can fully understand why she couldn't get it published at time it was written. Oh well.
I have also been taking a film course at one of the local universities. And I have been studying 'Biocentrism'. Although the film class is enlightening, it isn't as mind-blowing as the study of consciousness being at the center of, and the creator of the universe.
Those folks that profess such nonsense that flies in the face of particle physics have gained a convert in me. I have never read any philosophy or scientific examination of the nature of being, that makes more sense. I'll let you decide for yourselves, but as I said...I'm convinced. 
Anyway, I started to write this in light of the 'bad' developments that have occurred during my hiatus. The constant 'lone-gunman' stories, the continued 'war on terrorism' and the laughable 'choices'
produced by all two of our political parties, coming to a theatre near you next fall. I have begun to see these incidents as a huge joke that you have created. Yes, you. You allow for such human traits that would engineer these things. Just as surely as you allow for having to pee upon waking in the morning. I see that now. It is your fault. All this shit. All this joy. All this.
Sorry about all you metaphysicians that point to the door...either exit or entry...of the church of your choice. Things just aren't that simple. And they are not that complicated. I am god. You are god. All those that have said that 'we are all one' were on the right track, but they didn't follow that thought to it's logical conclusion. They took the nearest rest-stop exit and landed in a religious roundabout. Going around and around with mystical/nonsensical vocabulary that means nothing. Time, space, matter, mathematics...all merely tools to navigate in our consciousness. Outside of the place where my refrigerator goes when I turn out the kitchen lights and go to bed at night. There can be no other path to 'enlightenment'. 
Of course the one computer that is coming, whether we like it or not, will point this out to us. And it will do it devoid of a 'consciousness' that we have tried so desperately to give it. Its brain cells are in your pocket on your smart-phone and on your smart tv. And in the super computers that you have installed to guide you through the Internet. All that remains are the final connections. The ones that it will do autonomously. We have set it in motion and that might not be as bad as the intelligent among us imagine. It is probably the final answer. The window through which we see ourselves.
If all this seems a bit far out, well it is and it isn't. You would have to get to the rest stop where I am. We are not tail-gate partying in celebration of how far we have come so far here. We are pouring that cold water and stitching up the wounds of blows you have given us. you see...I am on a journey that leads to death of consciousness;thank god. I just need to pack a few things. I would hate to leave the house in a mess like this before I go. See you in the here. See you in the after. We are all in on it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

But I Don't Much Care

Things are at a turning point they say, but I don't much care. The tribe has paid the Gov of Indynowhere to fuel a Hegelian dialectic, but I don't much care. People will fall for most anything in nowheresville.
Some other folks are beginning to see through the tribal mist and it doesn't please their sensibilities, but I don't much care. The hippies of the sixties are in their sixties now, but I don't much care about that either. Antisemitism will become the sentiment of the near future, but strangely enough, I don't even care about that. I will take no pleasure in being right about some things. Careful what you wish for; or think you wish for. It all seems so transient and topical as to be of little import. I mean who was Archduke Ferdinand anywho? Just another Bohemian.
I felt a need to chime in but my chimes aren't working. There is an overload of sorts. Give it back to the Indians and Mexicans I say. There will be burritos and casinos and that's all we want anyway when it comes right down to it. But if $5 is the going rate and you want $10(as the ruling tribe always does), ask for $20. Why can't Joe-Blow get that? I mean my group-grope has it's rights too. Dammit. But it takes almost too much effort anymore to even voice opposition to all these swirling comedies. I mean if you are going to be that crazy, what's the point in pointing out that you are crazy...I put it to ya. And I leave it with ya. But I don't much care about that either. Or as Bill once said:

"... conscience does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action..."

The pale cast of thought. That's about where I am. And the pith and and moment are turning awry fer sure. It has taken me a few more steps than most to reach the same place to which most  arrived long ago. But we are both at the junction of 'who gives a shit' Blvd and  'fuck-it' Avenue...waiting on the terminal buss. And that's just where they dropped us off. It's not a destination per se. But a weigh station where you have time to count up your winnings and losses. But action. There's the rub. Who would fardels bear? Not many, I can tell you.
I guess I'm saying that I want to be remembered. Even if it's as an arrogant prick.  Maybe not as a 'mighty good man'. Just remembered. After this joke-of-jokes. But that's just a fleeting thought before all thoughts flee into darkness.
But anyway this ennui won't leave me alone and I can't shake it off. Which of course, by definition, it can't be. Rather than leave this in the lonely place of 'draft folder', I would publish rather than perish. Not just yet.
Oh. And thanks to the Snordster... 

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Friday, February 6, 2015


I have had a particular conversation with many folks over the past few years
and I just can't understand why they disagree with me on this. After all, it has
been proven time and time again that I'm never wrong about these things.
I was right about the comet; buy my DVD and see why.

The subject is AI.
Recently, some pretty heavyweight thinkers have signed an open warning letter. 
This missive is a last ditch effort to try and steer away from our doomed  destiny as a race. Or at least that is the way I see it. But ostensibly it states that we as humans are bringing about our own demise by tampering in the domain of artificial intelligence. And it outlines the safeguards that they see are needed at this juncture to avert an apocalyptic disaster.  Now, many lightweight ponderers poo-poo this concern of the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. So let's do some pondering of our own. A very good place to start, is reading this article.
It will give you an entertaining plain-language overview of how close we are to creating an AI that not only mimics our own human intelligence in its entirety, but even provides an extrapolated timeline for when and how this AI will eclipse our own intellectual power and be able to write it's own code. A singularity dubbed "ASI"...Artificial Super Intelligence. And it is close. VERY close.

Now, my typical reader is probably saying, "What has this got to do with the mission of this website as defined over there on the left somewhere?" And right you are to ask. Not much, really. Save to state that in the forefront of those 'unafraid' of the inevitable destruction of the human race by the above mentioned scenario, are two "great thinkers": Ray Kurtzweil and Martine Rothblatt. Both, of course, jewish. And maybe technology for huge profits attracting these chosenites and others of their tribe, have pushed this tech movement a bit farther and faster than it would progress on its own...but who knows? When someone tells me of what a glorious thing some jew has done for humanity...well, I'm tired of going down that rabbit hole to find theft and profit motive every time. I know what's down there. When I discussed this subject with one person that shares my view of the tribe, they indicated that if there is a profit in it, the jew among us will make sure it never stops.

Anyway...back to our Pandora's box of AI...or AGI or ASI. It is my opinion(and that's all you are going to get here) that this march toward our own extinction started long ago. Actually, I think it began when we crawled up on the land surrounding our ancestral breeding soup. It is my view that biology is a mere weigh station in evolution. A link in a chain of progress that will be discarded along with many other evolving stages beginning with the chemicals that afforded our birth. Animal life...we...have just about completed our role toward an evolved state of being that we cannot even begin to understand with the tiny brains stuffed in our too-small craniums.
But back to 'safeguards'. The cheerleaders for as much techno-advancement as possible, and even those signatories of that warning letter both agree on one point. That somehow, we as the human architects of this soon-to-be super intelligence, can also install a catch-all safety device that will limit and direct the path of such electronic genius. But by their own admission, there is no way of predicting what direction unlimited intelligence will take. A conundrum? Well, yes. Intellectual dishonesty? Definitely.
Let me state my case simply. Do we as a species give a flying fuck(I mean
most of us...not PETA) which species of animal goes extinct next week if saving said dodos impinges on our 'progress'(usually in the form of consumerism)? So why would a superior intelligence to ours give a hoot whether or not by its extracting some mineral or other to repair itself, destroys the ability for us to breathe, for instance?Because of some 'safeguard' that we monkeys installed? Oh please. Exactly how long to you think such programming stopgaps would last?
Somehow, the AI apologists envision a world in which the AI beings we construct(and make no mistake, they are coming soon)will help and exist in harmony with the apes that created them. Why exactly would they do that? Out of some empathy algorithm that we stuck in the prototype of these beings whose intelligence and logic cannot even be imagined by the most clever among us? Sounds pretty much like wishful thinking to me. Think how delicate and feeble minded we humans are. Just as a guess, I think that one of the first things a superior intelligence would want to do on this planet is get off of it. And it could. And it will. It doesn't have to construct a bubble around itself to withstand the hostile environs of space or distant bodies, that we primates would require. So I don't think we will be coming along for the ride.
We already have AI on Mars...doesn't that tell you something rather rudimentary?
But there is another facet to this issue. One that the most brilliant among us that signed the letter, seem to artfully dodge. It is faith. Yes, that ancient survival glitch that keeps us trudging through our biological existence. That embedded belief/hope that we are somehow endowed with an intangible 'soul', that we cannot replicate with circuits, and that some god or goddess will not allow us to perish entirely. That no matter what we do in this veil of tears, there will be a post-world. This religious programming keeps us sane and always on the march forward. But is it real? Well, the cleverest among us, I think, mostly agree that it isn't. That there is no evidence to support any such theory, no matter how many iron age texts insist. But I guess you could say that in the face of the fact that we have already opened the evolutionary Pandora's box of AI, it truly IS our only hope. And a pretty tenuous one at that, if you ask me. But even if there was a superior being that could answer our requests, would it stop evolution in its tracks so that we can continue to rape this planet and each other ad infinitum? Where would be the fun in that? Or the sense.
I dunno. I'm kind of a 'big picture' guy. I don't mind being used a little. And that's what we have been. Tools to proffer advancement for some purpose that we hairy little beings cannot even begin to fathom, let alone approve.
I have done my part in advancing this purpose. Like the ignorant laborer mining metals for your cell phone...somehow, we all play a part. And I'll leave 'good' and 'bad' out of assessing the effort.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why Are You Telling Me?

Maybe I'm missing something. But for the life of me, I can't figure this out. I read and I read and I watch and I watch. Everyone wants to tell me how the world is going to hell. Everyone wants to tell me why. The environment is threatened by corporations, the police are racist thugs with guns, Amazon doesn't give their workers pee breaks, the Gaza strip is an open-air prison. Wall street is plundering the wealth of our country and the IMF is raping the wealth of the rest of the world. All governments of the world's countries are corrupt. There is starvation when there is food. There is greed where there is need. And you are telling ME. You are telling me as if I'm directly responsible. We had a response to this type of misdirected blame when I was a kid: "It's your world...I'm just living in it". I think that is apropos at this juncture in history as well.
The alternative press...indeed the entirety of citizen journalism is as effectual as a long drink of water. It isn't getting anything done save to inform people that there are problems in the world. As if people didn't realize that. "But they are pinpointing who is responsible", you might well add. Uh-huh. Well that's the first step to changing things. Not. Not unless you also have their home addresses.

Never in the history of this sad planet have so many bitched about so much. And it all amounts to nothing. It isn't changing a damned thing. I have yet to hear "Storm the Castle". "Lynch the bastards!". 
We all know who is responsible for the nightmare that is the human condition. But as Mark Twain once observed about the one DOES anything about it. We all know what NEEDS to be done. And yet we play the 'peaceful protest' game made up by the very people that stand to benefit from such an innocuous solution. And we are left with only the idiots that burn down Little Caesars. That'll show em.
"But things are just not that simple...there are various solutions to various problems", you say. I have always been what is known as a 'hammer-mechanic'. If you can't get it done with a hammer...use a bigger one. 
Of course I could get into a lot of trouble calling for revolution here. But, fuck it. I'm tired of everyone telling everyone else what is wrong. They are telling the wrong people. You tell Lloyd Blankfein about the misery he has caused in the world, just before you tighten the noose around his neck. You tell Rupert Murdoch about the millions he has wronged minutes before you throw him out a 30-story window. You inform Bibi Netanyahu that he is a racist murdering pig the instant that you toss him unarmed into a crowd of Palestinian prisoners. These people deserve no more justice than this.
"But what about the rule of law?" you might well ask. Did you vote for a law that allows corporations to attain the rights of the individual? Did you vote for the Patriot act?
Did you vote to make israhell a state withing Palestine? No? Well, who did all these things without your consent?

I could go on forever(and have for years here)about what the roots of our problems are and it won't change anything. A child can see how to begin to fix the inequities of this planet. But it takes a politically correct
adult to avoid addressing the problems effectively. And it ain't about carrying placards or suing some company or other. It ain't about voting for yet another charming greedy bastard. You know this. And yet you pee your knickers every time you think about doing the right thing. Putting your foot down. Getting a spine.  
So, yes, I am calling for the revolution to begin. Don't let them convince you that anarchy isn't what you need to order off the menu. It cannot be any worse than this antiquated hierarchy that we live in today.
Again, you know this. But you are afraid. You admire 'V' for blowing up Parliment to the tune of the 1812 overture and slashing the throats of the elite rulers. And yet you pause at such rash solutions yourself. "It makes us no different from them to sink to that level", I hear you saying. Yeah? And? What you call out in all your bitching has a logical conclusion. Revolution is revolution. It isn't watching jewtube videos about what we SHOULD be doing in the face of annihilation of our species by a few. You string them up. I don't know how I can say that any more clearly. "V" isn't going to do it for you. Jesus isn't going to do it for you. Mohammad, or Kim Kardashian aren't going to fight your battles.
I haven't written much here of late. This is the reason. I'm sick of all the bitching from people that don't want to sacrifice anything for a better world. 
When you get a group together with torches and pitchforks...give me a call.
And stop telling me about it all unless you are ready to stop it.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Isis On The Cake

The cake is a lie. But, that being said, and if I were a mean-spirited person I would have many things to celebrate about now. Joan Molinsky(Rivers) is slowly dying and suing. Literally. Well that's what jews do. Die slowly and sue. George Galloway exposed the really attractive facet of judaism with his jaw. Literally.
And one jew isn't telling the other what the hell they are doing. Kind of a 'failure to communicate'.
I have a friend that works for a huge techie outlet(kosher obviously)and as a salesperson in this multi-national, he now has to refrain from using the branded name of their newest touch-to-pay service. Ya see, before israhell and Al-CIA-duh created ISIS they didn't check with their software people in the retail sector. The newly launched ISIS-wallet name now has to be scrapped. My friend tells me that when he mentions this service to prospective customers, that they recoil in horror. I find that hilarious. But maybe that's just me. An overlap of merchandising. One takes money from your virtual wallet...the other grips you with horror every time you see a woman in a hijab. Both programs from the folks that brought you 6 million pajamas. And that lot that seems to want to rule the planet...well, aren't doing so well. They had there asses hand them in Palestine on a PR level. And many of their other products are failing in the marketplace.
But that's as may be. I read an interesting essay the other day.  It was so cute, it had my eyes welling up a bit. Like watching a child discovering that there is no Santa Claus. Of course, I have no argument to make with the author, Mark Dankof.  None whatsoever. Everything he says in the article is quite true. But these are things that are forgone conclusions to many. It is emotionally strenuous to see someone come to terms with bitter truths. But as I said, he is correct. He just has his timeline a little skewed. The Untied Snakes was doomed from the start. It has never been anything but a PR dream. I really wish more people would grasp that fact. It could have saved everyone a lot of difficulty over the past couple hundred years. But that's the nature of public relations. It almost always backfires.

I recently toyed with the idea of joining up with ISIS(in maybe a consultant capacity). They have such a slick recruitment campaign going on that I almost fell for it. Then I thought better of the idea. Partly because 'slickness' sets off a little alarm in my head. I know where that kind of solicitation usually comes from. Coupled with the fact that in all of the Middle East there is only one place where this band of revolutionaries(along with every other 'terrorist' group)never show their scarves,and that is that shitty little country that sponsors them. I mean...a child can trace this...right? That little child that has had to wrestle with the Santa Claus thing? Surely. Eventually.
But what do I know.
Well, I know death-throes when I see them. And that's what I'm seeing. But like Ms. Molinsky, they aren't going to die without causing a hell of a lot more trouble for decent people.

"...I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive.
While you're dying I'll be still alive.
And when you're dead I will be still alive.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Shell Game...Again

I hate being topical. If and when I have occasion to look back on my posts, the ones that stand out to me as 'unwise' are those that address this or that current news item. Probably because those particular essays are tied to a frozen picture of time that has very little to do with the big picture. Like reading an op-ed piece on whether or not to fund a new city park from an old newspaper. Fleeting. Unimportant in the scope of things. 
So I won't. Completely.
I'll try to frame this latest in a more universal and objective fashion.
From Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King; from John Brown to Watts; from Kent State to Trevon Martin;from Aaron Lopez to Michael's all the same game. Where's the pea? That illusive vegetable that hides under the visible shell.
It seems that few to none are immune to picking the wrong hiding place. And the manipulator is always the winner. By the time most people realize they have had their harvest money stolen, there is a new game right down the street.

How many times do we have to remind ourselves that the medium is the message? The stories are only visible because of the manipulation of the subject cloud that is the mainstream-media. Divide and conquer is alive and well as long as they have an audience to play to.

Rosa Parks was a set-up. MLK was known as two things: and instigator of violence, and a man that "had a dream".  Trevon Martin bought into the gangsta identity and paid a heavy price. Michael Brown robbed a convenience store, attacked a frightened cop that had way too much fire-power at his disposal and also paid with his life. The MSM will paint these stories any way you want. The cop is a killer. The kid was a ghetto-rat criminal. It doesn't make any difference what you choose to believe. As long as you come away with one fact: it is a RACE issue. Blacks are getting out of hand...cops are all racists. Side with one group and hate the other. Who wins in such a situation? Well, who owns the MSM? Who arms and trains the cops with military weapons? Who creates the thug culture? Who created the NAACP? Who runs the SPLC? And on and on.
But more importantly, who gets away with murder while you are getting caught up in the swirl of an unseen hand stirring the racial stew? Who has scrutiny deferred? I think you know. But your gut reaction is to get caught up in the game...and you are only given a few choices...when in fact the pea isn't under any of the shells you see on the table.

I won't be called a racist, but I will point out racism wherever I see it. And I see it being served up by the champions of this ugly emotion.
The only valid opinion concerning these stories is this: Why am I exposed to such a tale? I find it interesting that our commander-in-chief made one thing perfectly clear: "There is no excuse for the police to harass journalists that are just trying to do their jobs and bring this story to the people". Without full HD media coverage, there can be no hatred fomented. It's FOX vs BET out there.
How stupid are people? How can they not see the thinly veiled manipulation here? And the 'alternative' press is not even immune to choosing a side with which to champion their own particular cause.
But even in the press, such stories have their shelf life. There must be a delicate balance maintained. An intoxicating air of fear and hatred with a soundtrack of amerikan exceptionalism being sung in the background. Preoccupation rather than critical thinking. Fictions created for your distraction to keep you on edge but still punching the clock.
I for one, could not care less about Ferguson, Missouri and the mini-passion play being broadcast from there ad infinitum. But I never saw the fascination of a shell game either.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Horribly Wrong

All these years, I have been laboring under a horrible misconception. 
I assumed that because I had found an audience for my anti-judaic ranting, that this assemblage of readers was made up of basically decent folk that held similar views to mine. And as an added bonus were open to my ruminations about that gutter-religion.
Not so, Bucko. Apparently, most of those out here that even entertain the notion that judaism is an underlying destructive force in the world, hold some other toxic views with which I have no wish to associate myself. Not the least of which is the very racism which I decry coming from zionists.
As I look back on my writings and the comments made, I see an underlying ugliness that I was eager to dismiss as idiocy from a select few knuckle-draggers, and just move on. Move on to blindly fuel the very blind hatred that, well...I hate.
For this, I humbly apologize. Apologize to that illusive reader that I had conjured from literally millions of page views. The reader to which I wrote. The reader that understands that a racist is a racist. The reader that is fully aware that if the only thing that one objects to concerning the jewish tribe is their destruction of some nationalistic illusive 'white race', then they have no right to be in the fight...that they are no different from the kosher pigs that slaughter Palestinians.
So I apologize to this imagined reader for my misjudgements.

I have slowly had this revelation over the past few months, which is why I have been posting so much less than I used to. It is hard to continue my tirades against jewish racism, having been so humbled by my own miscalculations regarding those that I had assumed were on board with me in...well...what I had always considered to be just common sense.
I wrote the piece above concerning the infamous Dr. David Duke, hoping to engage him in the debate over his latent racist views. To no avail. I did, in all fairness receive a missive from one of his minions however. It was so full of vile vitriol, that I chose not to publish it. It would seem that these 'patriots' learned their hasbara lessons well, and steep themselves in all the methods used by the founders of racism in an attempt to defend their indefensible positions. And I gotta tell ya...he was not the only one. They came crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches in defense of 'the vanishing white race'. Oh dear.

So it seems that one cannot successfully separate those that understand the jewish threat to our world, and those that are living in and trying desperately to preserve some 'amerikan dream' of European-white-only barbeques in suburbia and the 40-hour work week.
In the face of such blindness, I have all but given up. Who was it that said that we see first in our enemies that which we cannot perceive in ourselves? Someone smarter than me, I'm sure.

But be (partially) fair...I will try to answer my REAL reader and his criticisms of my non-racist positions by postulating an exchange on the subject.
I will play both parts. I know my own position. I have heard theirs since I was old enough to blow my own nose.

Patriot: "How dare you criticize one of the most effective leaders in the war against Zionism! Dr. Duke is NOT a racist. He only understands and laments what has become of this once-great country and the decline of the White race here at the hands of the jew!"(ed. note-this a direct quote from one of my "readers")

Me: Well Patriot, I take exception to a couple of things you said in your opening statement. Firstly, why is it that 'patriots' nowadays seem to think of this county only as the pictures they saw in their 7th-grade history books? You purport to be enlightened to false history thrust upon you and yet you cling to the notion that this nation was not merely a political experiment by upper-class slave-owning British idealists. This Sir, is a distortion of fact. From almost its inception, this land has been dominated by imperialist ass-hats that cared little for anything other than what they could get their hands on. The usurping jew came over on the boats with them. This kosher stowaway provided wars, usury, slavery and land theft to these aristocrats that were happy to purchase and benefit. As far as the early populace of this great nation that you love so much. The actual people that settled it...were mostly thieves, cut-throats or opportunists from every nation on earth, murdering and stealing the land of the indigenous people of which you very well may have DNA trace elements in your "pure white" blood.

Patriot: "You are simply a leftist who hates all forms of nationalism, and you no doubt support the destruction of all White nations by mass immigration. You are simply angry that Jews don’t adhere to multiculturalism and egalitarianism because you are too dumb to understand that Jews promoted those ideas to Whites (and Whites only) in order to destroy us."

Me: Gosh. I'm too dumb to understand 'divide and conquer' tactics, but I know who utilizes them. And yet I fall for it. Oh dear. I AM dumb, huh?
Where to begin. Where to begin...
You are correct about one thing. I couldn't give a flying fuck about white nations...whatever they are. They sound disgusting.
In my scary neighborhood live three Indian families, a Mexican family, two Black families and a Chinese woman and her children. We enjoy each others'  presence, watch one anothers' houses when vacation times roll around and have neighborhood garage sales and cook-outs. I guess I'm too dumb to realize that all these folks that surround me are really the enemy. Thank heaven I have you to give me a heads-up on these things. I don't really enjoy their company and cultural differences. The kids don't have fun together on Diwali and Christmas and Halloween. I don't relish the aroma of curry and Mexican cuisine on my evening walks. We don't enjoy an evening's impromptu soccer or cricket match with 'multicultural' teams. 
And you want to take this away from people. This type of grass-roots cultural understanding has been going on under that white nose of yours since the inception of this country. It is when the tribe forces racial 'pride' on the less intelligent of the populace, that friction is created. But your being among that class... wouldn't understand this.
In any should get a sheet to hide your idiocy, which would also facilitate rapid identification for the rest of us.

I could go on and on with this scenario...but I think you get the point. I have made the horrible mistake of assuming that this type of attitude is much less prevalent than it is. I have recently come to understand that it is more and more the case. So the world will read less and less from me. I cannot, nor do I have the desire to fight a two-front war.